Minnesota: A glimpse of Little Mogadishu (video)

Thanks in large part to Bill Clinton. via Iron Burka

Who would imagine that young men from this community would be disappearing to wage jihad in foreign lands?

14 thoughts on “Minnesota: A glimpse of Little Mogadishu (video)

    • Of course welfare is and has supported them for as much as the past ten years and their high birthrates and even multiple wives as sharia gives the muslim men 4 wives. A 19 year old went Jihad for Isis and was killed there –he left behind 9 young American children for social security SSi and welfare to support all of their lives.

      • The last time I checked on birth rates it was Non-Muslims 2 children per family Muslim families 8 children same for Canada and if they have multiple wives like in parts of Europe the rates climb to 15 and higher, It doesn’t take a mathematician to see the future of America. After almost 1400 years of Islamic history as a guide one would have to be brain-dead to support these Fascist, Racist, Maniacs. There is a valid reason why Islamic countries are Hell-Holes, it’s their religion and they aim to force it on the whole world. When the Shaw of Iran was overthrown the leading Ayatollah came forward with a three step plan that he said must happen in order for a world caliphate: 1 Kill all the Jews 2 Take Jerusalem. 3. Wipeout Christianity by any means necessary. Iran is now the most dangerous nation in the world because now they manufacture nuclear weapons and their Apocalyptic belief and the role they believe they must play. In other words they will make nuclear weapons of mass destruction not as a deterrent but to start WW3, thanks to the anti-American Muslim the fools put in the White Mosque aka White House.

    • They are living off your hard earned taxes paid out by local and federal dollars . This is exactly how they teach others how to drag down the system, ( like how lions bring down wildsbeast, gang over load until it is to weak to resist ) This is exactly the plan, and to move people into voting districts to over load the voter population . The de-o-rats think they are smart to use them, but they are so stupid that they like the wildabeast doesn’t know it’s being eaten alive, they are in total shock.

  1. re: “Who would imagine that young men from this community would be disappearing to wage jihad in foreign lands?”

    The very best we can hope for is that they’ll be slaughtered and not be able to return. The worse thing that could happen is that they do return, with all of their new found knowledge and attitudes.

  2. Perhaps they will go to the million camel march, upcoming in Washington on 9/11, and we can show them a good old Texas turkey shoot.

  3. it is amazing how stupid our leaders are to think islam is a peaceful group. even if one thinks the majority of muslims are ok, no muslim group is doing anything to rein in the islam terrorists. as they say all muslims aren’t terrorists but ALL terrorists are muslims.

    familiarize yourself with the teachings of islam as we should know the real truth behind the enemy and be prepared to handle the issue of islam wanting our country. that will never happen.

  4. this is so sick, this government is against our constitution and are living in the land of the free, we protect them because they are loo lazy to fight for their own nations and now we have a government..Islamic.. in or nation in sanctuary cities.. we need to get rid of them cause they will populate our nation.

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