Canada: Muslim group that funded terrorist Hamas suspends operations

How to dramatically slow down the jihad? Follow the money, then shut off the money supply. Then shut the mosques where the fund raising occurs. via Relief organization that allegedly supported Hamas suspends operations after CIBC closes bank accounts | National Post.

A humanitarian relief organization that lost its charity status two years ago over its alleged support for Hamas said Monday it was suspending operations after the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce won court approval to close its accounts.

The CIBC gave notice in May that it intended to stop providing banking services to the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy — Canada. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice upheld that decision, which went into effect on Monday.

Without a bank, the Toronto-based relief group, which spent $9-million on charitable activities in 2009, said it could no longer transfer money abroad for programs that include the support of orphans in the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Sudan.

“IRFAN-Canada is choosing not to accept donations at this time because they are unable to transmit funds to the intended destinations,” the group’s lawyer, Naseer Syed, told the National Post. “Therefore, without donations, they will be forced to suspend their humanitarian relief programs.”

Formed in 1998, IRFAN-Canada was mostly active in the Muslim world but it ran afoul of federal regulators, who revoked its charity status in 2011. The Canada Revenue Agency said an audit had determined the group was an “integral part” of an international fundraising effort that supported Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group.

Our analysis of the audit information has led the CRA to believe that IRFAN-Canada provides support to Hamas

“Our analysis of the audit information has led the CRA to believe that IRFAN-Canada provides support to Hamas,” the Charities Branch wrote. “Our findings indicate that IRFAN-Canada provided over $14.6-million in resources to operating partners that were run by officials of Hamas, openly supported and provided funding to Hamas, or have been listed by various jurisdictions because of their support for Hamas or other terrorist entities.”

In addition, the CRA said it had found IRFAN-Canada videos at the group’s Mississauga office that “demonize Israel, characterize the Arab-Israeli conflict as a religious war, appeal for all Arab and Muslim nations to join in the struggle against Israel and glorify martyrdom.”

Terror support groups are running for cover in Canada:

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2 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim group that funded terrorist Hamas suspends operations

  1. hope our country takes some hints from Canada; follow the money and those making the donations also should be ostracized.

  2. Now that Canada caught the HAMAS LOVERS and there so called charity being run out of a MOSQUE, bring in the BULL DOZERS and DESTROY THE MUSLIM FORT OF MISCHIVE! THEN BOOT THE IMAM OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOR ATTEMPTING TO THE OVER THROW OF THE GOVT..

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