Georgia: “Compromise” reached after Feds intimidate city that denied mosque expansion

Is it really a compromise when the community overwhelmingly does not want the expansion, when the city ruled against it and a court upheld the ruling only to have Obama/Holder step in (likely after being contacted by Muslims) and force the mosque on residents?


via Compromise reached on Rucker Road mosque

The City of Alpharetta and the Islamic Center of North Fulton have reached a compromise in their three year battle. This story was first reported by WSB-TV’s Mike Petchenik but thus far has not been covered by local media.

ICNF 2013 front elevationThe ICNF operates a small mosque on Rucker Road in Alpharetta. In the Spring of 2010 they petitioned the city to expand their facility. Local opposition was immense, overflowing public meetings. Neighbors claimed that ICNF broke a promise made years earlier to not expand. Alpharetta’s Council unanimously rejected the mosque’s request.

ICNF sued the city, going straight to federal district court. This court ruled in favor of the city in a summary judgement. The case was then appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Department of Justice took an interest in the case, as did the Jewish Anti-Defamation League who sided with the ICNF.

Arguments were heard in February and the two sides were sent to mediation this Spring. A compromise appears to have been reached from that mediation. The result comes in the form of a second request from the ICNF sent to Alpharetta’s Community Development Department. This proposal calls for a facility smaller than the one sought in 2010. It will measure in at 7,900 square feet (down from 15,000 square feet) and would contain their mosque and community hall. The buildings will feature brick construction rather than the more modern look of the 2010 plan.

Alpharetta’s Planning Commission will hold a rare executive session this week, presumably to discuss this matter. It will then be voted on by this group followed by City Council.

The City Council should follow their zoning regulations and the will of the people, not cave in to Muslims who wield the DOJ like an Islamic scimitar in their legal jihad.

A little tidbit from our previous post:

The Islamic Center of North Fulton has been on Rucker road for 12 years. Since people began worshiping there, the membership has grown from 25 to 600. At the heart of the matter is expansion and growth of the center. In the beginning, the center said they had no intent to expand past 25 members.

And the original vote was unanimous:

The Alpharetta City Council voted 6-0 in May 2010 to reject plans by the center to tear down its 2,500-square-foot worship house and construct two buildings: a 1,900-square-foot multipurpose facility and a 12,000-square-foot, two-story structure to serve as its main building. Council members said they were concerned that the worship center was backing out of previous agreements not to expand, made before Alpharetta annexed the property from Fulton County in 2005.

Previous posts on Alpharetta here and all of Georgia at the link below.

18 thoughts on “Georgia: “Compromise” reached after Feds intimidate city that denied mosque expansion

    • I am completely fed up with these 2 criminals doing what they want while our Congress allows our Country to be destroyed. We have to unite and Do Something.

  1. You’d think the DOJ would have more pressing matters than forcing a mosque that no one wants on small town USA. The people of this community should try and fight this tooth and nail. We do not need anymore “Islamic centers” in the US. “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

    • They can fix this… where ever the Muslims plan to build, bury a pig with great fanfare! Once the pig is in the ground, the site will be declared unsustainable for building a mosque. The ground will be too unholy to build on. Try it, it actually works…

  2. “Operation Wild Boar” Round up all the wild boars in Georgia and put a big round pen around the building with those nice big boars
    with those nice big tusks and huge sharp scissor teeth. It’s the perfect solution :-))))))))))

    • A new thought to stop the Islamic invasion the world over is this: all followers of Islam from all over the globe should return to the Prophets Mohammed’s origin which would be Saudi Arabia. From there all the sects of Islam can hash out their internal interpretations of Islam and sharia law without the world becoming involved thus saving humanity the suffering that Islam brings upon the world.
      Islam: the religion of peace that has never had or never will know peace even if they should create a one world religion. With all the infighting between sects, 73 total it could take thousands of years to end the infighting before one becomes the last one standing.

  3. Alpharetta is common here as a mosque was added in Forsyth County just north of Alpharetta. This was done without people’s approval but the County Commissioners agreeing to it as we saw what Alpharetta is going through. It will expand I am sure of it and and area is increasing with Muslims. Lets face it – build it and they will come. Obama, the great Taqiyya himself, is behind the mass influx.

    • It’s such a shame Jeff and so many folks don’t realize and don’t care what is happening to a gem of a suburban/rural area.

  4. how did it get from 25 to 600????? remember they can have 4 wives and they can produce like rabbits not to mention the ones that are getting waived through the immigration system thanks to oahole. how would he like these camel jockeys in his backyard waking him up 5 times a day????? the muzzies always get what they want because Obama will never tell them no an anything they want even if it is against the majority. whatever happened to the majority rules law???

  5. They can build whatever they want. If it stays built is an entirely different story. Does the DOJ outrank Homeland Security? With all these illegals walking into the US like they own the place, it stands to reason the Islamic terrorists are walking in as well. Definition of stupid? The idiots that think they are not here in the US plotting their next 9/11! Good luck to the American people!

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