Muslim Brotherhood in Syria tweets MB in US (CAIR)

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria (where the Ikhwan opened their first office last week) has a Twitter account @IkhwansyriaEn. And yesterday they tweeted some news from their American branch, CAIR.

via Twitter / IkhwansyriaEn: An appeal by CAIR to the ….


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Now why would the Muslim Brotherhood whom we’re told has no presence in the U.S. and no links to any Muslim group in the U.S. tweet a random pr stunt by CAIR? Is there so little going on in Syria they have time to monitor CAIR press releases? Or are they one and the same organization?

5 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood in Syria tweets MB in US (CAIR)

  1. Like Egypt we must oust the MuslimHood, CAIR, MSA, iOC all the rest of them. we must include all mosques, and Islamo anything.
    If we do not follow Egypt’s lead Sharia Islam will rule We The People. We will then need a blood bath to hopefully end it just like Egypt is trying now.
    Thank you Barry Hussein Soetero.

  2. To say that not all muslims are RADICAL is a MISSTATEMENT AT ITS BEST. If a number of PEACEFULL MUSLIMS see that the RADICAL MUSLIMS are increasing fast then the peacefull ones will JOIN THE RADICALS so as to save their ASS from being called APOSTATES AND BUTCHERED! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THESE PHONY SLIMY UNHUMANS!

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