Illinois: Police call off anti-terror training after terror-linked Muslim group complains


via Local police training on terrorism canceled amid concerns from Muslim group – Chicago Tribune.

Police training officials have called off a local anti-terrorism class for officers after protests from a Muslim civil liberties group called the course’s instructor “notorious(ly) anti-Muslim.”

Officers from various local departments had been scheduled to attend instructor Sam Kharoba’s class, “Islamic Awareness as a Counter-Terrorist Strategy,” Monday at Lombard Village Hall. But late last week the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called for the training’s cancellation.

The course was scratched Friday after the head of the state’s police training agency asked the local training agency, North East Multi-Regional Training, not to use the instructor until the state evaluates his curriculum. According to the local organization’s director, Phil Brankin, the executive director of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, Kevin McClain, said the trainer would not be used statewide until the inquiry concludes. McClain could not be reached.

The Muslim civil liberties group said in a news release that Kharoba’s training materials are “riddled with inaccuracies, sweeping generalizations and stereotypes.” The group cited Kharoba’s training materials, arguing that he portrays Islam as inherently violent.

Kharoba could not be reached for comment. The instructor has attracted controversy in the past. Last year, CAIR and other Muslim groups asked Florida law enforcement officials to stop hiring him to teach.

On the North East Multi-Regional Training group’s website, Kharoba is described as a Jordanian-born “nationally-recognized presenter … noted for his knowledge in Arabic name construction, symbols and colors” who has conducted training for more than 13,000 law enforcement officials. The course, according to the site, aims to provide “insight into the mindset of Islamic militants” and teach ways to “differentiate between moderate and radical persons.”

Brankin said he had examined Kharoba’s work and believed his conclusions were based on credible research, even if CAIR finds his message offensive. Brankin added that he recently invited CAIR to develop and offer its own training through his agency.

“I’m confident that (the state agency’s) review will find nothing wrong with the curriculum or the instructor,” he said.

20 thoughts on “Illinois: Police call off anti-terror training after terror-linked Muslim group complains

  1. LOL, a muslim civil rights group! The same muslim civil rights group who stood on steps of Austin TX Capital said: “If you are a practicing muslim you are ABOVE American Laws” or Omar Ahmad Co-Founder of CAIR, formerly of disgraced & shut down IAP said: Islam is not in America to be equal but to become Dominant. The quran, muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America and islam the only accepted religion on earth”. Guess CAIR’s flexing it’s “Dominate” muscles in Illinois?


  3. Wow, the tail is wagging the dog. Just change the name to the united states of muslim America. The good Old America is gone. Keep bringing ragheads in. There is now a mosque near you that wants your head in a platter

  4. An old song came into my mind. ” Whatever Lola wants Lola gets ” . Just substitute Lola For Islam . Who is I charge here? Is it still our country? Do we still have rights to defend us and our constitution ? Is this an executive order? It is like a very bad dream! A nightmare! Let us all wake up from these nightmares, and take back our country!

  5. This has been going on for a couple of years, they started in NYC where there is heavy surveillance of Islamists as you may expect; Ray Kelly & Bloomberg would not; nor would the state of FL. where Islamists went from one town to another requesting they, too, stop terrorist training. I do know the city of West Palm Beach would not; they were claiming ‘it was against their religion’ – what do the various police departments training procedures have to do with Islam? Nothing. But Islamist get a lot of mileage from the claim that it is against their religion. (Like mohammad knew one day we would have terrorist training and many, many other contemporary things that ‘offend them’). Liars to the core. Everything offends them and they really need to suck it up or go home. …preferably go home.
    I can believe Illinois fell for this crap – Rahm Emmanual is grooming the state for an influx of Islamists and, of course, Obama is from Ill. Pack of fleas, all of them.

  6. f their cult; no law enforcement in America should be told to stop islam terrorist information being given law enforcers; we have to be very familiar with the enemy in order to slay the bastards.

  7. hope a lot of terrorists move next door to obamas in Chicago or wherever they live. fortunately he passed lifetime secret service protection for himself. think how much that will cost the taxpayers. his greatest threat is from the Americans who supported him as they see through his lies and scandals. the muzzies would be happy to live next door as islam terrorist supporters are in his back pocket; otherwise, why has he gotten jobs for so many mb supporters in our government who are undermining everything that is American? wake up folks.

  8. Y’All,
    It does us no good to just bitch in this forum, And certainly not when we SHOUT like hamfib or use crude and rude language. Let’s be factual rather than look like stupid rednecks.
    We have to help people wake up to the threat rather than accuse us of being a “fringe redneck” group to be ignored.
    Letting off steam is fine sometimes, but not as a matter of course.
    The need is to approach local governments and to show them the errors of their ways. One way to do that is to join and support “ACT! for America” and their cause as well as Pamela Geller and others. To do this we have to sound like reasonable – not crude – and knowledgeable people.
    After all, we still do believe in democracy and in the “melting pot,” right?

      • Question:
        Does CS approve of all this rudeness, and do you believe it to actually work, or do you have other reasons unbeknownst to me??

        • DeSveede…much of this is people letting off steam – I’ve done it many times. It’s been 4 + years of Obama incessantly putting his Islamists (and other groups) above Americans and telling us (including the Armed Forces) what we can and cannot do; we’re saturated with the man-his ignorance, stupidity and gall while he’s leading us down the path of destruction. What people say is not necessarily going to have any affect other than they will feel better having said it…..eventually Big Brother will be in the ‘comments’ section of all web letters and we won’t be able to say much of anything…..that’s when our manners will improve.

        • Do you think referring to people as rednecks makes you less rude?

          Stop wasting everyone’s time and detracting from the topics at hand.

  9. Are you aware of the source of ‘red necks’? It’s interesting – during and after the Great Depression there were no jobs and places that were poor to begin with were absolutely destitute. Men who had never had to, tried their hand at farming (entire communities trying to stay alive). The many hours spent in the burning sun, toiling away, turned their unprotected necks red – ergo, the term. I don’t know who turned it into a derogatory term unless they were referring to Appalachia where people could not afford educations and everyone worked in the field..& being pitiably poor is nothing for others to laugh at.

  10. Take a look at Revelation 13, and I think the second Beastie correlates pretty well the the ex-US of A. Started like a lamb, but ends up like a dragon. I think the ‘mark-of-the-Beast’ is symbolic in what you think and what you do. Do you pray five times a day? Do you kill ‘infidels?’

    My plan is to witness that Jesus is the Son of God and they can slit my throat quickly.

  11. Getting back to the article…. It astounds me that any law enforcement agency would not be informed about CAIR or any similar Islamist group run by the Brotherhood. That’s like Al Capone telling the FBI they don’t want to be seen in a bad light just because they’re Italian. I think any level headed person can differentiate the Mob from Italian people. Why would this law enforcement agency stop a program that clearly gives vital information to the people who need it most by an expert in his field simply because CAIR is objecting? It makes no sense. Why are so many groups so scared to hurt CAIR’s sensibilities?

  12. This is the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time. They do the dirty, evil deeds and then say it is unfair to train our police on dealing with it. This country is gone, they won

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