Colorado: American Library Association teaching librarians how to push Islam

via Gilpin Library Footnotes | The Mountain-Ear

Larry Grieco, Librarian

Gilpin County

Having just returned from a two-day workshop on our new “Let’s Talk About It: Muslim Journeys theme, Literary Reflections,” I’m enthusiastic about getting the word out, as well as introducing you to the five books in the series. Dr. Nancy Ciccone, chair of the English Department at the University of Colorado, Denver, and I are working together for the third time on a “Let’s Talk about It” series.

Nancy and I didn’t have to travel far, this time — just to the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver — to hear project scholars develop the content, and coordinators from the American Library Association recommend effective ways to implement the project. We joined more than 75 representatives from other libraries around the country who received this “Let’s Talk About It” grant, many of whom were accompanied by their local scholars.

The series here at the Gilpin County Library will be offered beginning January 11, 2014, with the first book, “The Arabian Nights,” as the topic of discussion. This book is also known as “The Thousand and One Nights,” and was compiled during the Abbasid caliphate (750-1258), “regarded as one of the glorious periods of Muslim civilization because of its significant contributions to scientific knowledge, cultural arts, engineering and architecture, and general intellectual innovation.”

The fourth session in the “Let’s Talk About It” series, to be presented on Feb. 22, is “Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood,” written by Fatima Mernissi. This is a coming-of-age memoir “depicting traditional life in a harem in Fez (Morocco)…which explores the social boundaries that become fault lines in the debates over the borders between childhood and adulthood, public and private, and male and female.”

What every young American girl needs to learn about – life in a Muslim harem .

The propaganda is being pushed in more than 800 taxpayer funded libraries across the United States.

Find one in your town and go have some fun.

11 thoughts on “Colorado: American Library Association teaching librarians how to push Islam

  1. Are they going to teach the Sharia laws maiming , beheadings, mutilating , stoning, and honor killing as part of the curiculum.
    Of course there are plenty videos of beheadings etc to show. Are they going to teach Democracy , free speech to these barbarians? Whose idea was it anyway? Maybe he should be stoned!

  2. We need to start a call and slam campaign. Anyone pushing Islam gets their phone lines locked and busy with complaints and exposed
    in Internet media. I am so sick of this crap.

  3. what is the point of this? i dont remember libraries conspiring to push book agendas before. as libraries are municipally funded. doesnt this cross the church/state ethic? or are liberal minds so simple we have to now define all those laws to include mosque/state also now? the real clue where this is coming from was in this simple phrase, “libraries around the country who received this “Let’s Talk About It” grant”. there you go, its OBAMA’S AGENDA. any reason judaism, christianity, hinduism and other minor religions arent included in this? why not make it about world religions? stop pandering to those who think subtle points are made by flying planes into office buildings and gassing villages.

  4. Clearly stated, anybody who talks about ISLAM being a PEACEFULL RELIGION need to be HARASSED TO THE FULLEST! ISLAM, an IDEOLOGY NOT A RELIGION, has to be stopped like the CRUSADERS DID YEARS AGO. Islam is the DEATH of the world!


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