UK cops enforce sharia, arrest EDL leaders for charity walk near mosque (video)

Things are deteriorating rapidly in England. via Met Police Enforce Sharia Law As EDL Leaders Charged For Charity Walk

via EDL leaders charged in march case –

Two leaders of far-right group the English Defence League have been charged with obstructing police after allegedly trying to defy a ban on marching to the scene of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby via a major mosque.

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday and was bailed to return on September 11. His co-leader Kevin Carroll was also charged after answering police bail and will appear in court on the same day.

The pair were arrested on suspicion of obstructing officers outside Aldgate East Tube station in east London on June 29.

They were attempting to stage what they claimed was a charity walk to Woolwich Barracks in south east London via the East London Mosque, in breach of police restrictions put in place to avoid “serious public disorder and serious disruption to the life of the community”.

The force said it had offered two alternative routes that avoided Tower Hamlets, home to the mosque, and had warned that anyone who tried to march to Woolwich would face arrest.

As well as planning to lay flowers in memory of Fusilier Rigby in Woolwich on Armed Forces Day, Robinson and Carroll said they were also walking to raise money for a young girl who has neuroblastoma, a cancer that develops from nerve cells. In a video posted on YouTube, the pair, both wearing T-shirts featuring a photo of a young girl, can be seen arguing with police as they are arrested. Robinson, also wearing Union Flag shorts, tells officers: “You are enforcing Sharia law.”

Related: Lord Tebbit: ‘No Evidence’ EDL Are Far-Right. Plenty of evidence in the video whose side the cops are on.

9 thoughts on “UK cops enforce sharia, arrest EDL leaders for charity walk near mosque (video)

  1. let’s all appease the muzzies; too bad they cannot and refuse to assimilate.

    there is no freedom for non-muslims where muzzies are considered always before the majority.


  2. England appears to be lost; a British soldier is hacked to death on a London street and it raises barely a whimper, muslim rape gangs operate almost with impunity, any attempt to push back against the madness is met by the police—the English police, who are always on the side of the muslims. (as the police are here in Canada)

    Any movement by sane people to stop the Islamic madness is always labelled racist, ‘extreme right wing’, hooligan etc., and even people who could reasonably be expected to fight against this islamization of Britain are curiously silent, and I include almost all the politicians, the legal system and the police.

    As I’ve stated before, the Brits. might just as well form a delegation and march to the Finsbury Park mosque and say to the muslim savages: “We give in, you rule us now”. No? Well if they don’t intend to succumb, when do they intend to make a stand for sanity and England?

  3. England is lost! The Barbarians took over. Londostan is a mess, a once cultural center of the world, now a garbage dump of a bad multicultural experiment.

  4. Police harassment. I wonder if in England they are allowed legal council & weather the cops are ever held accountable?

  5. So let me understand. A man was assaulted in front of the police and the assaulted man gets arrested. So the Muslims own the streets and average citizens cannot walk there or face arrest. Any American who plans a trip to the UK should cancel. No American money should go to Europe. See the USA instead.

      • The ‘Boss’ and I have cancelled a trip to England. How can anyone feel safe in a country where, if you have any kind of ‘run in’ with muslims, the police will always back them, as will the courts.

  6. i was amazed at the police to ask him was he assaulted yes or no ?? they were watching it happen that was kinda sick to me to think they had to ask him that, even im shocked

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