Ohio State Univ Muslim Student Association President arrested in Egypt

Will he be deported from Egypt and allowed to re-enter the U.S.? via Egypt arrests US citizen son of Brotherhood figure | THE DAILY STAR.

CAIRO: Security officials say the son of an outspoken Muslim Brotherhood figure has been detained.

Mohamed Soltan’s family says he is a U.S. citizen and does not know his whereabouts. An active supporter of the Islamist group online, the 25-year-old had posted pictures of his arm after it was shot when security forces cleared out two Brotherhood sit-ins Aug. 14.

The Ohio State University graduate is the son of outspoken Muslim Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan. He was detained Monday along with four other men in the office of the pro-Brotherhood Rassd Network News service, according to security officials who spoke anonymously in line with regulations and released the information to The Associated Press late that same night.

Police said the group had plans to spread violence by inciting splits among the ranks of the army and police.

More via Puffho: U.S. Citizen Mohamed Soltan, Son Of Muslim Brotherhood Figure, Arrested In Egypt

Among those detained Monday was 25-year-old U.S. citizen Mohamed Soltan, the son of outspoken Brotherhood figure Salah Soltan, family and security officials said.

Soltan, a graduate of Ohio State University, was active online in support of the Brotherhood and had posted a picture of his arm after he was shot during the security raid on the sit-ins two weeks ago. His father is wanted by police on charges he incited violence during speeches.

Police said the group was in possession of plans to spread chaos and violence in the country by inciting splits among the ranks of the army and police and through acts of civil disobedience. Police officials said they confiscated a Thuraya satellite phone, six mobile phones, three laptops and a camera from the group.

UPDATE from a Facebook page set up for the Brotherhood kin:

Mohamed and his friends were located in Tora prison and officially interrogated last night… Mohamed and his friends are facing these charges:

• Broadcasting false news of the internal situation that disturbs public security.
• Broadcasting false news abroad that harms national security.
• Joining a banned organization.

Mohamed and his friends denied these accusations, no lawyer was present.

@CausingFitna has documented Soltan’s Muslim Brotherhood ties and affinity for Hamas:

Below you will see a recent picture of Dr. Salah Sultan, The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Mohammed Sultan, a Ohio State University grad, and former President of the Muslim Students Association at OSU.


A closer look at Mohamed Sultan’s twitter feed may give some insight into the Ohio MSA and how his father raised him.

mohammed-sultan-ikwan-makes-islam-in-westMohamed Sultan is a Citizen of Ohio, which the last time I checked was in the UNITED STATES…… any questions?


This is without a doubt open praise of HAMAS. The so-called LION in the picture above is none other than Khaled Mashal, a Palestinian political leader. Mashal has been the main leader of the Palestinian organization Hamas since 2004.

Last week, the brother of a Florida Muslim Brotherhood leader was shot and killed in Egypt. More at Obituary for a Beloved Egyptian Terror Supporter.

Background on the Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA here.

Update: Egyptian Arrest Warrant Issued For Salah Sultan

9 thoughts on “Ohio State Univ Muslim Student Association President arrested in Egypt

  1. Out here at UC Irvine, the campus has been pretty deserted this summer. It should get interesting when the fall quarter starts. Another reminder of the nature of the MSA chapters around the country.

    • So the guy in orange is an employee of the department of homeland security? Wow. I am white & I never had any family members who owned slaves & my aunt marched for civil rights. I do not feel the love from this guy.

  2. These radicals are going to be given carte blanche in the US if we elect any democrats. They’ve infiltrated the Democratic party, which explains the goofy mania the Democrats have now for Islamic apologia.

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