Arizona: Three arrested in state’s largest-ever food stamp fraud op

No word on where this family is from or their immigration status but their passports were confiscated.


via Three arrested in state’s largest-ever food stamp fraud enterprise – Phoenix Crime |

PHOENIX – On Aug. 29, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne announced the arrests of Kameel Sweiss, 51, Ameer Sweis, 22, and Faday Sweiss, 33, all of whom worked at K&S convenience store at 6116 N. 27th Ave. in Phoenix for illegally conducting an enterprise, fraudulent schemes and artifices, money laundering, unlawful use of food stamps and computer tampering.

Phoenix Police Department SWAT units executed search warrants at the K&S convenience store and the Sweiss’ Peoria home at 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 28.

Evidence seized in the raid included $32,876 in cash, $550,480 in cash held in a private bank vault, bank records, extraneous food stamp cards, business ledgers and three vehicles.

Horne stated, “This business was stealing taxpayer money by allowing a person with a food stamp card to purchase something small, such as bag of chips, and then overcharge that card to make a fraudulent profit. This seizure is the largest in our state’s history with regard to food stamp fraud and should serve as a strong warning to those who continue to engage in these kinds of illegal actions.”

The interagency group, called “Strike Force: Quest,” was a coordinated undercover operation involving the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Phoenix Police Department, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Inspector General and the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

The Arizona Department of Revenue took part in the search of K&S convenience store in an ongoing and separate investigation.

All three defendants made their initial appearance before a judge at 8 p.m. on Wednesday and were each ordered held on $100,000 bond.

Additionally, all three were required to surrender their passports as a condition of release.

The judge added a stipulation that should the defendants post bond, they will be required to wear an ankle monitor.

We may need a new category to track Arab and Muslim, often immigrant, food stamp fraud rings. Big ones. 

Just a few recent examples:

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Many more at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

15 thoughts on “Arizona: Three arrested in state’s largest-ever food stamp fraud op

    • @Marg, Thanks for comment. You explained exactly what their attitude is. No doubt about it. CS’s other links of muslim laundring & fraud below this story proves this point even further.


  2. This is the order of things to come in the wake of Islamic creeping towards the U.S. Now there are hardly 2% of the population of US is Islamic. Imagine what they would do when it becomes 20%. Restrain them by all means, lest we will regret when things become beyond control. Remember, Islam has no general moral law,except those dictated in the Koran and Sira (traditions of the Prophet). I said 20% limite, because as soon as they reach 20% true color of Islam will manifest by way of rape and kidnappping women, and attacking non-Islamic women to get control. Just read the History of Islam to find out the veracity of this statement, especially the History of India, and far eastern countries like Indonesia, how Islam spread destroying the indegenous faiths. Hopefully the attitude will change with the spread of education and economic position, especially beginning from women,
    who are already feeling the inequality existing in the Islamic society and silently trying to come out of it.

  3. Check all businesses that are owned or operated directly or indirectly by Muslims. The Koran allows you to cheat , lies. And even murder infidels if it is for Islam .

  4. They don’t look Arabic. I live in Dearborn Heights, MI (largest Arab area in US) so I see the everyday. These guys look Corsican or Sardinian. Maybe Milanese.

  5. IGNORANT, IGNORANT AMERICANS. These men were born and raised in the United States and happen to be Catholic! Stop blaming your governments ignorance and unidealistic, unorganized system on your oblivious fear of Muslims and the Islam community. No one has anything better to do than blame a certain race or religion for what they have done, versus the INDIVIDUAL’S personal actions. Religion is not a motive; personality, pride, environment, morals, circumstances, mind-process, and a lot of reasons we will never understand is. Now continue claiming “equality” America, you’re all doing very well representing yourselves. By blaming Muslims in general, you are all broadcasting your fear of Muslims. Why are you afraid? You’re giving Muslims the upper-hand in these types of situations, FYI. White people never commit crimes, right? Just anyone else who isn’t White. Duh.

  6. just their names are a “giveaway” I’ve never heard of non-muslims named ameer & kameel. they do look to be of european blood but many of them do. they don’t all look swarthy, dark & arabic.

    • Those are not Muslim names. They are Arabic names; there is a difference. Kameel means “perfection” and Ameer means “Prince.” Get your facts straight before you assume. Natural-born, Christian citizens is what they are, NOT Muslim.

      • Surendraullal,
        You have a very good point. Most people here do not understand that.

        From all I have heard from you, you are an apologist for islam. The fact that you live in Dearborn speaks louder than words.

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