Pope bows down to Islam

via Pope breaks with protocol by bowing to Queen Rania of Jordan – Telegraph.

As head of state at the Vatican, not to mention the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion catholics, protocol requires visitors to bow to him when they meet him at the Holy See.

But Francis, who has made the forgetting of formalities a trademark of his papacy, bowed when he met a smiling Rania as she visited the Vatican with her husband King Abdullah II on Thursday.

“Up until the 19th century visitors would kiss the pope’s shoes, and the tradition is still that all visitors, women included, bow to him, but Francis behaves as he did before he became pope and is not interested in protocol,” a senior Vatican official told The Daily Telegraph.

To further the discussion below: Melkite Catholic Patriarch in speech to synod: “We Are the Church of Islam”.


67 thoughts on “Pope bows down to Islam

  1. OMG!…he must have attended the same “charm school” as the faux POTUS did. they seem to be all up into this bowing thing. what fools these mortals be.

  2. My thought when I first saw pic. “Eww I don’t want any man to bow down to me, awkward.” My teen pointed out the hijab saying he was bowing to Islam too.

    The only bowing I do is to Jesus of the bible.

  3. He is trying to be holy and to prove some pathetic point instead of leading the church in a truthful, and honest, manner. He is more interested in him being looked upon as being ‘humble’ – of course, while the cameras are on him. At least he didn’t kiss the crapran, but I do think these guys want to be listed as Saints by the Church after they die and so what they do is distort traits like humility to get what they want.

  4. She is MOSLEM. Since mohammad had his god allah tell the unsuspecting they are the best of people, this is the result. I see another side. Saint Francis, which is the pope’s namesake, was very humble especially the least of God’s creatures. This does not for a minute suggest he has changed the Catholic church stand on human rights-which by the way-moslems do not adhere to or recognize.

  5. In Roman Catholicism the Pope’s position is as ‘The Vicar of Christ’, or Christ’s presence on Earth. Not that I agree with that, but this move is symbolic of Christ Himself, and at the very least, the Church, bowing before Islam.

    Adding insult to injury, Islam will look at this as an even a more cowardly submission because not only did the Pope bow to Islam, but to a woman, a status only just above that of the infidel polytheist himself.

  6. Many in the Church are not happy with Francis; he plays this humility routine too much and make it seem as if all of his predecessors were in the wrong. I am disgusted with the fact that he has not forthrightly spoken out about the persecutions of Christians in Islamic countries. Yes, in a symbolic sense, he Is kowtowing to Islam. Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth, head of the Church of England, doing the same!
    Well intentioned as Francis may be, he lacks other necessary traits for leadership and disregards his position.

  7. This is how GREAT ISLAM is every one else has to bow down to it. PERIOD.
    you all have to submitt to it as well.

    You can be what ever you want, the choice is yours, no compulsion in islam, but at the end you get the fruit of your choice. ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY wants you to be muslem you obey or refuse, your choice. Now the call has reached you, no excuse that you did not know about islam. I did my part in spreading the word will you do your part in saving your self from hellfire ?!

    • How about me doing my part and telling you to STFU and shove it up your ass, your make believe sky god’s ass, and the desiccated remains of your porcine prophet’s ass too!

      There, I did my part denouncing the “moHAMmadian” cult of “pigslam” for what it truly is, a lie sizzling in bacon grease. Now all that remains is for me to burn a qu’ran.

      Blasphemy is my middle name when it comes to “pigslam.” What are you going to do about it?

    • I am so sorry that you have been misled and lied to; The Word of God said that there was but one way to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and that was through Him, and that whosover should belIeve on Him shal not perish but have everlasting life. I would rather die than submit to Islam!

    • Well Abdul, if (b)arack (h)ussein (o)bama is any indication, then perhaps Pope Francis is deferring to islam, and showing a fine example of abject weakness, demonstrating dhimmitude, if you will. What is of paramount significance here is who he bowed to, namely the consort of a Hashemite king, who is a direct descendant of the prophet Muhammad. Granted, King Abdullah II is, ethnically speaking, only half Arab, and half Anglo-Saxon, (his mother was English) but the fact remains, he is a descendant of Muhammad, and while I applaud the Pope’s humility by his following of Christ’s example of the servant nature of leadership, he is still the Pope, and therefore of paramount importance and dignity. As leader of the Church, he shouldn’t be placing Christianity in a position of inferiority relative to islam. That only reinforces the further persecution of Christians in muslim countries. Protocol demands he speak out on their behalf from a position of moral, spiritual authority, clarity, and in a dignified manner, respectful of the office he holds.

  8. Did one of you think of him just beeing a gentleman ? He is the pope jesus gave us-like it or not- I am thankful and all you christian should bow your head.

    • Not all Christians are Catholic, nor do they all recognize Papal authority. To many of them, whether Protestant, or Orthodox, it was the College of Cardinals who selected the Pope, not Jesus. Papal infallibility is only a 19th Century construct designed to compensate the Papacy for the political loss of Rome and the Papal States during the unification of Italy as a kingdom under the House of Savoy.

    • Beg to differ, Jesus did not give this MAN to anyone and I shall bow to NO MAN or religion, only to my Lord Jesus Christ. This Catholic man is bowing to Islam by doing this. Pathetic.

    • Perhaps you are correct. For all we know, that may have been his thoughts in the matter, and it is not necessarily the end of the world, but with (o)bama’s infamous bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, when looked at as the President being the elected representative of the sovereignity of the American people, he essentially subordinated us corporately as inferior to the “Guardian of the holy places of Mecca and Medina. An act of blatant dhimmitude that does nothing but stoke the collective cultural egos of muslims worldwide, which incidentally, enables them in myriad ways to test the waters, push the envelope so to speak.

    • I think there is substance in what you write. As a person constantly aware of his surroundings and the signals his actions take, I am confident the Pope takes all this into consideration.

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  10. I can understand him bowing to a woman, does he do it to all women or this is this just a photo op to criticize? I cannot fathom as to why he has not been outspoken about the burning of Churches and the massacres of Christians

  11. Only God you should bow down to,i am not sure its the gesture of humility here ,only the pope knows ,if hes just bowing to a woman ,who happens to be a queen,or just a woman.There are other ways of showing humility is by your deeds,this doesnt look like that.

  12. I see these comments as typical southern fried religion Bible Thumping. What the pope did here was a good thing! He showed he was a gentleman. Also maybe it will ease some tensions between Muslims and Christians. So far this guy is walking the walk, and talking the talk. I like him!

    • Southern fried agnostic here, and all empirical evidence points to 999 to 1 odds against your rosy assessment of easing tensions between Christians and muslims by the present course the current (o)bama regime is pursuing. My money says the Assad regime didn’t gas it’s own people, the MB supported rebels did and (o)bama et al knows it full well and is complicit in the conspiracy to involve us in another Middle Eastern war. There is no compromise possible with radical islamists, because they’re right and everybody else is wrong, dead wrong…..literally if they get their way in the matter, just like the Christians in Syria and Egypt are learning, so take your appeasing mentality to another forum please. As we Southern Fried types would be inclined say, “that dog won’t hunt.”

    • Ease tensions between muslims and Christians? What are you smoking, muslims are on a roll world wide with all the cowardly western dhimmis coming out of the woodwork.

      Although an atheist, I cheered for this man, and he may turn out to be a very good Pope, (as far as Popes go) but no one in authority anywhere should bow to ANY muslim; they are the most backward, primal sub-humans on the planet, and have contributed nothing to humankind.

      Don’t believe me? Name one single, solitary, positive thing brought to the west by the invading hordes of muslim filth, because I see only chaos, rape, murder, ‘honour’ killings, beatings and insurrection.

  13. and just what the hell does the pope here have to do with Obama and politics? Nothing! You guys want to lump Obama in with the pope? LOL.. Two different “dogs in the hunt”.

    • The Pope and Queen Rania’s meeting matters little in the scheme of things. She is no islamist. Nor are either of them hell-bent towards dragging us into a war at the service of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Please try to stay focused on real issues that impact the lives of millions. (o)bama failed in Egypt, and if he gets his way in Syria, he will fail there as well.

      • Yes Randy, you are correct that Jordan’s queen is no Islamist, and Jordan’s royal family are the least of our concerns when it comes to the grand Jihad, and they will be key in containing the Syrian problem, as well as the MB.

        However, the true Islamist’s look for things like this to use in the propaganda war to show how “Christianity” is losing out and being subjugated by Islam. The doctrine of the Vatican proclaim the Pope as the “Vicar of Christ”. Appearances are reality in the propaganda war, and it will serve to recruit, rally, and encourage the jihadis.

        • That is a most realistic assessment of the reality of the Middle East. One that the bobbleheads of the media can never seem to get right, but then again, they are agenda-driven. For that matter, neither do enough of our politicians. Yes, appearances are reality in the propaganda war, and quite effective in the shame-based, muslim cultures of the Middle East. Something the guilt-based culture of the West would be wise to realize, especially projectionistic leftists, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to get up to speed on islam 101, lol.

  14. I’m not religious. But gee.. I always thought it was the pope’s job to promote peace and mercy! (unlike ppl of this page clearly) Well all you good folks taught me a lesson. “Screw that guy! He’s a traitor and a pussy!” You guys are rabid dogs hiding behind the bible. I’m not saying Islam isn’t a problem. But Jesus Christ! It’s a good pope here for once so far. Can’t the pope even get a break from you people? Not once was I even talking about Obama until you brought him up talking politics instead of this photo itself here! The pope did his job as a man promoting peace and mercy. Are people still going to kill and go to war? Hell yes! That’s on politics, leaders, and armies. Not the pope!

    • The Papacy is both spiritual and temporal, which means political. It has always been so ever since it’s foundation in late antique Rome, and especially since it was granted legal recognition by the Roman Emperor Constantine. This is not a criticism of the Church or the Papacy on my part. On the contrary, the Church did perhaps more than any other institution to save Western Civilization from complete breakdown in the western portions of the Roman Empire after Roman rule collapsed there in the 6th Century by keeping learning alive and by providing the successor Germanic kingdoms with competent civil servants.

      You seem to have a naïve grasp of history. I suggest you study and find out just how many Popes have actually urged war, some even leading armies in combat before you come here making all manner of uninformed assumptions, accusations and wild conjecture with no basis in fact.

      Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one, only some smell worse than others.

  15. In recent history, what pope has urged war and formed armies? I’m talking about now. Our lifetime. We know what happened generations ago. Hey, I’m sure you remember that whole Crusade stuff as a history buff? We all do. That was a thing once. You’re looking for far more meaning and connections of a picture that really isn’t there. If you’ve followed this pope so far, he bows to EVERYONE including the sick and the poor. Everyone bows to the Queen of England. Generally I don’t hear people having problems with it when it comes to her. But it’s clear they do with this queen because of her religion and where she is from. Simple as that. Just admit it. No rambling about history or other stuff you want to throw in off topic. Just admit, it’s because she’s Muslim and he’s Catholic. To you and to the Islam radicals, a simple gesture looks like a gentleman’s act is actually the Catholic/Christian world submitting to Islam. Thank God this pope doesn’t seem to care what radicals like you think.

    • “Thank God this pope doesn’t seem to care what radicals like you think.” Oh, so I’m a radical now, huh? Next are we going to bloviate on moral equivalence, comparing “radical Christians,” never mind the fact that I’m not a Christian, with radical islamists as if we’re cut from the same cloth? Then get with it and find the statistics on Christian acts of terror, bombings, beheadings and the like, you know, violent acts, then compare those with over 20,000 acts of Islamic terror just since 9-11-2001 alone. Then if you feel inclined to dredge up stuff from the distant past, such as the Crusades or the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisition in order to bolster your statistics, then please remember your own words, “In recent history, what pope has urged war and formed armies?”

      Now why do you feel the need to “expose” me as some kind of radical hater of islam? It’s obvious that I hate islam, and I damned well advertise it! This blogsite isn’t called “Creeping Sharia” for nothing. Now in the scheme of things, the Pope bowing to Queen Rania just isn’t all that big a deal to me, but the appearance of it does score propaganda points on the Arab street with their supremacist value system, and you can’t simply project your assumptions upon those from a different culture as if they would respond to things in a similar manner as you and I would, so why are you so stuck on this issue?

  16. It’s clear your not able to give a simple reply on anything, isn’t it? a yes or no would have been good enough. you wasted your time and mine writing all that.

    • You are obviously a troll and your time is not of concern to me, nor are you the determinate factor as to what constitutes a waste of my time. That is my choice alone as is your continued presence and comments here are yours, subject to the good graces and moderating hand of the blogmaster of course. Assigning blame from oneself onto others is a hallmark trait of liberal irresponsibility and is patently absurd as you so effectively and arrogantly demonstrated with your statements, and really, playing the grammar Nazi (below) only shows how bereft you are of any intellectual acumen and gives one the impression that you may be a tad bit desperate and full of cerebral flatulence.

    • Randy is right in my opinion, and appearances do mean a great deal–you only have to go back to the first dozen or so comments to see a muslim (enzy) making political hay out of that photo.

      BTW, “you’re”–‘you are’. Again Randy was right and ‘you’re’ wrong.

      • Thanks Pete! Much appreciated my friend. BTW, how has the weather been in Canada this weekend? Not too bad here in T-town Oklahoma. All in all, a great Labor Day weekend weather wise. Great call on enzy, a textbook example of what we have been saying all along.

        • Weather ‘so so’ here on Vancouver Island. Glad you’re back amigo! I like Pope ‘Frank’, but then I like Argentinians Chileans and Uruguayans–not so sure about the rest. Still, as I said in a comment above, I don’t think ANYONE should be bowing to muslims, who are the dregs of the human barrel.

          Some would say that’s a pretty mean thing to say about a good looking chick who just happens to be a muslim, but my question then would be: Why is she a muslim? How could any ‘sane’ person follow the demented ravings of a murderous paedophile? Simple question, wouldn’t you agree? Cheers, Pete

          • A very good point, Pete. I think it is simply because she was born into it in Kuwait, a country I actually spent some time in as well as Egypt and Iraq. You’re right, she is quite the looker. A shame she has to be muslim, lol. I do, however think she is basically a decent person though, and a force against the rabid radicalization in her part of the world.

            Did you see the idiot’s comments below? Cute aren’t they. Oh well, ignorance is bliss I guess, since it shelters one from life’s harsher realities, but as a means of survival, it rather is a bad call, not to mention, irresponsible to the sufferings of so many of the truly innocent.

            You have a good day my friend.

  17. Wow! You guys are still at this almost 24 hours later. I stopped reading Randy’s reply after he said “you are obviously a toll…”. Another giant paragraph response from him isn’t needed. He’s just wasting my time and his own. I see a few other comments too. Didn’t even bother with most of them. Peter 35, I give you a bow sir for coming across as sane and polite in your reply at least!

    • I bet you read it lock, stock, and barrel, and it left a bad taste in your mouth too, didn’t it? I’m not responsible for your time, nor can I waste it. That’s on you buddy, it’s your choice whether to respond or not so grow the fuck up, and watch where you step next time. Remember it was you who set the tone of the conversation within the first sentence of your first paragraph by your snide “I see these comments as typical southern fried religion Bible Thumping,” A real “sane and polite” ice breaker, that one is, and indicative of entitlement mentality double standards too, isn’t it? If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the ‘effin blast furnace, it’s as simple as that.

  18. The pope knows full well what he is doing. Muslim women are not regarded as equal and are treated horrifically — here within lies a great symbolic gesture — to compare Obama with the pope is ludicrous….

    • I never thought of it that way, VocationMom. That actually could very well be a powerful message to oppressed muslim women world wide, and a courageous, heartfelt gesture from the Pope. I doubt many muslim males will see it that way, but an important message for the women nonetheless. I thank you for that insight. It is much appreciated.

  19. LOL.. Randy, I think you meant to say you “beat me”. I didn’t know this was a contest. I guess in your radical mind it is. And you say that I set the tone by saying “southern fried religion Bible Thumping”? I thought you admitted that you were agnostic. So why should you care about that comment? And after all, this comment section has the warning of “your comments are your legal problem”. So again why should you care? Yet it’s okay for everyone on this page to accent Islam with all kinds of comments and images far worse than anything I said! LOL.. Do you see how ironic that is? It actually makes me laugh. Talk about not being able to take heat! Guess you can take the boy out of Oklahoma but you can’t take Oklahoma out of the boy. You good ole boys get touchy on the religion stuff down in those parts no matter how you promote yourself.

    • Beat you? I don’t need to beat you, you’re already beat. Nor do I need to have the last word, so I’ll rest my case and leave you to simmer in your own bruised ego. ;)

  20. LOL.. Yet you managed to have the last word anyway with that comment. No ego. No harm. This is actually really funny to me right now because of the fact I know what state you’re from in addition to the comments. It’s a real good ole boys network down in OK. I loved it because everyone claimed they were so Christian and so pro-family. Yet I can’t tell you how many people I knew-both male and female- who headed for divorce because they got caught cheating on spouses. I thought “Well, it is Oklahoma. What else is there really to do?” Most of the girls were hot, but easy. It was actually a turn off because they claimed to be so Christian. LOL.. A friend of mine actually told me as his excuse once (and i wish i was kidding) “The Devil will use women to tempt a man just so he can ruin a marriage”. Last I heard, he was on his 5th marriage! Not as radical or deadly as Islamic radicals. But still a bunch of jackasses hiding behind a Holy Book to make excuses for their own behavior.

    • Pardner, just because your friend didn’t apply his knowledge of a Biblical precept to his own situation doesn’t mean we’re all hypocrites. I know many who have been faithful to their wedding vows for decades. Your point is taken, sadly enough, that the truth of the matter is the rate of divorce in the church is the same as outside the church. But the failure of humans doesn’t negate the truth of Scripture. Never has. It only serves to underscore the human condition, and the need for redemption. Check it out: God Hates Religion – http://definingthenarrative.com/god-hates-religion/

  21. Thanks ingrafted. I know there are exceptions to every rule. But the majority of people I had to deal with down in those parts where like this. It was crazy to me. It was like “I’m Christian and married. Wanna f**&? But don’t let my husband find out. Even if I think he already knows”. I get you about faith and redemption. But these people blamed The Devil himself for every mistake they made. And you know what was even more scary to me? Most of these people worked in law enforcement! How can you be an assistant DA and tell people “God spoke to me and told me to” and have cases taken seriously? Most places, if you say you’re hearing voices, you’re put on leave or fired. LOL.. Not down there. And I dont think it would fly too well if a murderer used the defense of “The Devil made me do it”. They wouldn’t take that seriously and he’d still fry.

    • OMG, we’re still going here! Guys, knock it off! We’re all on the same side, i.e. muslim and Obama, McCain, Kerry and Holder haters!
      Instead of attacking each other save our spleen for the real enemy, the truly delightful cult of islam.

      • Ok Pete, you’re right, but no group hugs, ok? I’ll absolutely draw my line in the sand on……OMG! I didn’t just say that, did I? Pete?
        Must get soap and a toothbrush quick!

        • Naughty! But seriously, did you see that obozo actually had the gall to deny he ever “drew a line in the sand!” SUN news made a liar out of him straight away by showing a clip of him “drawing his line in the sand”.
          Truly, Randy, this muslim president of yours (you’ll like that!) tells lies faster than a horse can gallop! I doubt if he even realizes he’s doing it, but hey, that’s what muslims do.

          I just loved his latest re the useless Syrian strike: “My credibility is not on the line here, it’s the credibility of the western world”. Bloody hell, you couldn’t make this up!

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