Chris Christie appoints Islamist convicted of credit card fraud to Muslim outreach committee

Ryan Mauro exposing Chris Christie’s Dirty Jersey via Chris Christie Bent on Including Islamists in Security Forums

On November 15, 2012, Clarion released the names and backgrounds of four committee members, including a Hamas-linked imam named Mohammad Qatanani whose deportation is sought by the Department of Homeland Security. Christie has long defended the imam, describing him as a friend in July 2012 and attacking his critics as “bigots.”

Disturbing information about fifth committee member, Khader “Ken” Abuassab of Paterson, has since been found. After the controversy over the NYPD’s intelligence-gathering in N.J. began, Abuassab said, “I would tell people not to cooperate” with law enforcement because “I can’t promise people they will be safe or not be spied on again.”

Abuassab pled guilty to credit card fraud in 2002 after using over 40 cards to make $615,000 in purchases. He then declared bankruptcy to have the debt wiped out. Two years later, he was sentenced to 13 months in prison; a request for a delay so he could make the pilgrimage to Mecca was rejected.

Abuassab organized Paterson Mayor Jeffrey Jones’ declaration of May 19, 2013 as “Palestinian-American Day” and the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s flag flew over City Hall. The chosen date coincided with Israel’s Independence Day holiday. About 120 demonstrators protested in Paterson, which Abuassab says is called “Little Ramallah.” (Ramallah is the seat of governance of the Palestinian Authority in Israel.)

Read it all at link above and much more on Hamas-imam protecting Chris Christie in our previous posts.

7 thoughts on “Chris Christie appoints Islamist convicted of credit card fraud to Muslim outreach committee

  1. There is an acronym for K.I.S.S.=Keep It Simple Stupid. When a religious figure yells Allah Akbar killing 13 of our military personnel and DEAR LEADER and Holder call it work place violence why would we believe this administration about Muslim Brotherhood/Beghazi/Syria???

    • I only hope this will not be forgotten and let us keep it in mind athe time of election . We should have a list of all officials who support Muslim brotherhood and their like.

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