NY: CAIR gets man fired from Walmart, re-educates him now wants re-hired

Welcome to life under sharia law Mr. Earsing.

This is what happens when American companies and government officials listen to terror-linked, sharia-wanting Muslims. Especially when they don’t do their research first or have all the facts first. They make rash and foolish. Obama was made a fool of by Vladimir Putin and Walmart by Hamas-linked CAIR. Will Walmart submit to CAIR again?

via Muslim group asks Walmart to re-hire manager fired over Facebook posting – City & Region – The Buffalo News.

A national Muslim organization has encouraged Walmart to rehire the Hamburg store employee who was recently fired after he posted derogatory comments about Muslims.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations wrote a letter this week to Walmart executive William S. Simon expressing hope that the retail giant will accept an apology from the employee, Terry Earsing, “and if possible provide him employment.”

The letter, dated Wednesday, followed talks between Earsing and two representatives from the council.

“He was very apologetic,” said Sadyia Khalique, operations coordinator for the New York chapter of CAIR. “We appreciate his coming forward and speaking with us.”

He should have spoken to a lawyer.

Walmart last week fired Earsing from his assistant manager job at the Southwestern Boulevard store in Hamburg after he posted on Facebook a photograph of two Muslim women dressed in full cover in Walmart, along with the written comments: “Halloween came early this year … do they really have to … dress like that … your in my country … get that … off!!!!!.”

CAIR had urged Walmart to pursue “appropriate disciplinary action” in addressing his Facebook comments.

But Khalique said this week that the Muslim organization never sought to force Earsing out of a job.

They just want him, and all Walmart employees, to submit to sharia blasphemy laws. For the rest of their lives. Sounds like CAIR is fearful of a lawsuit and is backtracking. But it also sounds like “Terry” is a full on dhimmi who has fallen for CAIR’s taqiyya and dawah.

“What we want to try and do is make sure this doesn’t cause a huge damper on his life,” she said. “We hope through this whole process that Terry is still able to continue working in his full capacity.”

A call and email to Walmart representatives were not returned Thursday.

Earsing said he was grateful for the letter and for the conversations with Khalique and Ryan Mahoney, board president of CAIR’s New York chapter.

“They’ve accepted my apologies, and we’re friends,” he said. “Like I said before, I’m just sorry that all of this happened. If I could take it all back, I would.”

Earsing said he doubted the letter would prompt Walmart to rehire him.

“I violated a company policy,” he said. “I violated their trust.”

He has interviewed for other retail jobs since his dismissal.

The Buffalo News story last week on Earsing’s firing drew a heavy reader response, including those who supported his right to make the remarks and derided the retailer for its reaction.

“I appreciate the support in one way,” Earsing said. “But in another way, I don’t, because what I did was wrong.”

Instead of glorifying these Muslim legal jihadists who openly advocate for sharia law in America, you should be vigorously defending your right of freedom of expression. Learn about the foreign-funded unindicted co-conspirator before partnering too far with them. Here’s some primers:

By the way, how many Walmart employees were on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites spouting the most vile and racist hatred and threatening death during the Zimmerman – Martin show trial? How many were fired?

12 thoughts on “NY: CAIR gets man fired from Walmart, re-educates him now wants re-hired

  1. there is a double standard being perpetrated here. the burqa and hijab should not be allowed in this country; many have used this clothing to commit crimes. we all know cair is nothing more than a front for terrorism and they yell everytime some muslim is offended; who cares. if they refuse to assimilate go back to the desert where you will fit in.

  2. Hatred has no part in my agenda, but skepticism does, because of the Islamic agenda. Did CAIR brainwash or “educate.” To Western minds the garbs are a little ridiculous, especially the “masks.” However, I would tolerate them much better if I knew there was no “stealth jihad.”
    If a person can’t put an opinion online, American freedom is gone. People say wicked things about Roman Catholicism all the time with no repercussions.

    Isn’t it also interesting how an American flag can be burnt as a right to self-expression but a book cannot. I don’t want to burn either, but something is lopsided about this matter.

  3. Did mr earsing just come out of hospital after having a frontal lobotomy or was he placed in the dhimmfiying machine and brainwashed???
    One moment he is pulling the shit out of the muturds next minute he completely bends over for them….there goes his right to free speech!

  4. The People of Hamburg N. Y. need to stand up and NAIL WAL-MART AND C A I R and set them straight on the BILL OF RIGHTS AND THE CONSTITUTION. CAIR NEEDS TO BE ATTACKED EVERY WHICH WAY to force them to shut up and assimilate or get the hell out of our country. TAKE YOUR DAMN SHERIA LAW AND SHOVE IT UP WHERE THE SUN DONT SHINE ON AWAD AND HOOPER THE INSTIGATERS OF THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA!

  5. America will ALWAYS be at war with Islam. The hate is building daily in America. Every day, mor and more REAL Americans are discovering the REAL Islam. Internment could be the future for Muslims living in America. I hope so because none of them can NEVER be trusted.


    • Not only America, but every nonislamic country and democracy, we just do not trust them , they do not trust us, and their Koran orders them to kill every nonmuslims , and eternal jihad. Western life style is not acceptable by them , but all want to come to any western country because life in their country is miserable. Once out of their miserable existence, they want the same thing in the west. I cannot understand this mentality.

  6. What gets me on this is once again, an employer is telling an employee that his Constitutional Right To Free Speech is null and void if you want to work for us. What Mr. Earsing did, he did on his own time on his own Facebook Account. Let me ask this question openly to Wal-Mart. Does Wal-Mart feel they have the right to govern an employee on and “Off” duty? Wal-Mart may be the largest employer in the USA but people have to remember that Wal-Mart has also done the most damage to our country and the American Dream.

  7. The dude should probably not posted as a Wall Mart associate;however perhaps Walmart should fire Islam for trying to take over majority stock!

  8. Earsing exercised Freedom of Speech in a good way and should make enough money for the rest of his life off Walmart’s Sharia Law enforcement. I keep a copy of the CATO US Constitution in my lunchbox. It’s still law in America called the First Amendment. CAIR should read it.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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