Philippines: Jihad displaces more than 62,000 in latest Muslim uprising

Religion of disturbing the peace. And death and destruction. via 56 dead as Philippine troops start to fight their way into rebel-held villages

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines — Philippine troops have started to battle their way into coastal villages in the south where Muslim rebels have held scores of residents hostage in a six-day standoff, sparking fierce clashes that have killed 56 people and displaced more than 60,000, officials said Saturday.

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said government forces surrounding about 200 fighters from a Moro National Liberation Front rebel faction have started to advance and slowly retake rebel-held areas and clear roads in villages in the coastal outskirts of Zamboanga, a major port city.

President Benigno Aquino III said more firefights were expected but assured more than 62,000 displaced villagers being sheltered at a sports complex in Zamboanga city that the rebels’ capability to sow trouble has been degraded and the government was working to end the crisis soon.

A sharp increase from a day earlier via the affected city’s Twitter account


Earlier in the week we told you the city was under siege from Muslim terrorists who want an autonomous Islamic region. Philippines: Muslims wage jihad, occupy five districts in Zamboanga City. Since then the Muslim “rebels” have taken more than 100 hostages and held them despite a truce.

via Philippine clashes erupt despite truce effort

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines (AP) — Muslim rebels holding more than 100 people hostage in the southern Philippines exchanged gunfire with government troops Saturday despite efforts by the country’s vice president to arrange a cease-fire and end the six-day standoff.

The standoff began Monday when about 200 fighters from a Moro National Liberation Front rebel faction stormed several coastal communities in Zamboanga city and seized residents. The military says 22 people, including 15 rebels, have since been killed in sporadic clashes between the guerrillas and troops who have surrounded them.

Vice President Jejomar Binay said rebel leader Nur Misuari agreed to a truce late Friday by telephone, and he relayed the news to Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, who has been helping deal with the crisis in Zamboanga city, a major port. Binay said he planned to fly to Zamboanga Saturday to help the negotiations.

But Gazmin said the rebels have continued to fire in violation of the agreement.

“Everybody wants peace, to stop this without more bloodshed,” Gazmin told DZBB radio network. “But as we speak, there’s firing so there’s no cease-fire. We agreed that government forces will not fire only if the MNLF will not open fire.”

President Benigno Aquino III flew to Zamboanga earlier Friday to visit government troops and some of the 24,000 residents displaced by the violence. He warned in a speech that his government won’t hesitate to use force to end the most serious security crisis his administration has faced since he came to power in 2010.

There was also fighting on Friday, and ABS-CBN TV reported that voices presumably of hostages were heard shouting “cease fire, cease fire.” One government soldier was reportedly wounded.

The Moro National Liberation Front rebels have been overshadowed by a rival group in talks with the government for a new minority Muslim autonomy deal.

Misuari signed a peace deal in 1996, but the guerrillas did not lay down their arms and later accused the government of reneging on a promise to develop long-neglected Muslim regions in the predominantly Roman Catholic nation. The government says Misuari kept on stalling and making new demands.

Misuari has not been seen in public since the standoff began.

“There are lines they should not cross,” Aquino said of the rebels. He said the government would be obligated to use “the force of the state” if those lines are crossed.

The U.S. has troops in the Philippines.


17 thoughts on “Philippines: Jihad displaces more than 62,000 in latest Muslim uprising

  1. They are self governing by Aquino! There are laws in phil that you cannot identify them as muslims (after the obama chat) Let them take CAIR of it themselves.

  2. Once again, we see the WORST OF MANKIND doing the only thing they know how to do:

    KILLING, KILLING, KILLING in the name of their pedophile “prophet”.

    Nuke them all now and set up intern camps for those that survive. Then, nuke the camps.

    Finally. Peace on earth.

    • yep, our ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ administration is AT war against Christianity already. Who do you think is going to end up in FEMA camps?

  3. If government and people of these disturbed places do not awake, these are the events that would increase and engulf the civilized societies in the world with hatred, killing and rape. Kill the Kafir (non-believers in the dogma of Islam) is the very objective of Islam as “revealed” to Prophet and millions have become the target of Islamists and laid down their lives through last 1400 years of its existence. What ever started must end, but by that time millions would have been killed in both sides, most will be of course Islamists. But then dying for Islam will yield each one them 72 virgins! Ha Ha! what a joke, as if there in the Islamic Heaven there are billions of virgins waiting for these murderers to ascend to the Heavens. Scholars estimate, however, that by 2060 Islamic fervor will be reduced and there will be less of bloodshed by Islam. Whatever it is, people of many African countries, who are the largest group of people killed, India, US., U.K., Europe, China and Russie must wake up and teach them that violence and religious intolerance do not pay.

    • @surendraullal, I have a good friend whose wife is from the Philippines. I remember about a year ago when I first learned about the Muslims trying to take over parts of the Philippines, I showed her an article. She informed me that this has been going on for years even dating back to when she was a little girl. If it was going on back then, we still had possession of the Philippines and nothing was done back then. Citizens of the Philippines back then are still U.S. Citizens and nothing is being done help them. It almost sounds like Nazi Germany all over again. We have the troops, equipment and the intelligence to wipe this problem out for them but we have a Muslim in the White House who will not go against his people. Bloody Hell! He needs to be made to do something about this.

  4. Again I’m asking, why isn’t the USA assisting the Philippine Military with this? Mr. Obama, is it because these Radical Muslims are your brother? Mr. Obama, have you forgotten that the Philippines was once a possession of the USA and many of it’s citizens are in fact U.S. Citizens? Remember this Mr. Obama, their blood is on your hands.

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