New Jersey: Another food stamp fraud busted, another Muhammed arrested

The strangest coincidence in the multi billion dollar food stamp fraud biz.

via N.J. Dollar Store Owner Admits to Food Stamp Fraud | NBC 10 Philadelphia. Again h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch. Follow them on Twitter to see the affects on your state via @RefugeeWatcher


Authorities say the owner of four dollar stores in northern New Jersey has admitted to a scheme in which patrons were allowed to make more than $5 million in fraudulent food stamp transactions.

Essex County prosecutors say 49-year-old Muhammed Farooq of Somerset pleaded guilty Wednesday to theft by deception and agreed to forfeit $832,830.

He faces up to seven years in state prison when he’s sentenced Jan. 6.

Authorities have said Farooq allowed patrons to use food stamps to buy nonfood items, such as electronics. They say the purchases totaled roughly $5.2 million and went on for nearly 2 1/2 years.

Farooq owns two stores in Newark, one in East Orange and another in Elizabeth.

And in Boston, it was a Hassan indicted on EBT fraud charges.

In Maryland, it was Issa indicted for stealing medication from military hospitals.

Obama wants to focus on immigration (amnesty for illegals) and entitlements (redistribution of wealth), unfortunately his focus will only lead to more of the above.

9 thoughts on “New Jersey: Another food stamp fraud busted, another Muhammed arrested

  1. Filthy Islamic scum! Nothing blood suckers – all of them! But what do you expect when your “HOLY” books tell you it is OK to lie to the non-MUZZIES?

  2. There are a LOT MORE of them , Keep LOOKING. They think because Barack is a Muslim they can get by with anything.
    Time we try out how to show Barack for the Whore he is, he is sleeping with 1/3 of the Homosexuals we have in the WH, He has a LOVER IN the HOUSE OF REPRESITIVES ,look it up it is TRUE and they will be opening that door real soon.
    There Orgies will be exposed . the only reason Michelle puts up with it is she will not have all the money she is making pretending to play the roll of being his wife, that was the deal when she married him. We have the misfortune of having TRASH in OUR HOUSE in DC.
    This is TRUE , do your home work before denying it.
    He is the BIGGEST MUSLIM LIAR so far.

  3. Really want to know about the PHONY WANNABE PRES., then look up his buddy Rev. Wright .com and read about the : DOWN LOW CLUB” ! Real interesting reading on how RIGHT took care of his homo/lizzy group of members!

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