Muslims kill at least 83, wound 100+ in attack on Christian church in Pakistan

Interfaith outreach Islamic style.

Again we ask, when will the world have the courage to defeat this scourge? Pakistani government and media are already sounding like George ‘Religion of Peace’ Bush claiming this has nothing to do with Islam.

via Suicide Attack at Christian Church in Pakistan Kills Dozens –

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A suicide attack on a historic Christian church in northwestern Pakistan killed at least 75 people on Sunday in one of the deadliest attacks on the Christian minority in Pakistan for years.

The attack occurred as worshipers left the All Saints Church in the old quarter of the regional capital, Peshawar, following a service on Sunday morning. Up to 600 worshipers had attended the service and were leaving for a distribution of free food on the lawn outside, when two explosions ripped through the crowd.

Dozens of people were killed and more than 100 wounded, said Akhtar Ali Shah, the home secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The death toll continued to rise as rescue workers sifted through the damaged church property, said Hamid Ullah, a rescue worker with Al Khidmat Foundation, a rescue service operated by the Jamaat-e-Islami political party. He said his team had recovered 75 bodies.

The dead included women, children and two Muslim police officers who had been posted outside the church. Witness reported scenes of mayhem as rescue workers ferried victims from the church, which witnesses said was scattered with body parts, shrapnel and bloodied clothing.

“As soon as the service finished and the food was being distributed, all of a sudden we heard one explosion, followed by another,” said Azim Ghori, a witness.

It was the worst attack in years on the Christian minority in Pakistan, and coincides with a broader wave of attacks on religious minorities including Shiite Muslims this year.

Christians also frequently find themselves accused of blasphemy under Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws.

The All Saints Church is one of the oldest in Peshawar and was built during the British colonial era. It is at Kohati Gate in the city’s old quarter…

Killed even in dhimmitude:

So mindful were the Christians of Muslim sentiments that when they built Peshawar’s All Saints Church in 1882, they made it look like a mosque. Local artists were even hired to inscribe Biblical verses in Persian and Pashto.


The US Commission on International Religious Freedom has warned that the risk to Pakistan’s minorities has reached crisis levels.

A twin suicide bombing killed at least 78 people at a church service in northwest Pakistan on Sunday, officials said, in what is believed to be the country’s deadliest attack on Christians.

Yet they do nothing and worse yet, the U.S. gives billions of taxpayer dollars to Pakistan annually.

 PESHAWAR (Web Desk) – The death toll from Sunday’s twin suicide bombings near a church in Peshawar rose to 83 today (Tuesday) as two more victims succumbed to their injuries. Earlier on Monday, at least 67 victims were discharged from the Lady Reading Hospital after their condition was declared stable by doctors.

4 thoughts on “Muslims kill at least 83, wound 100+ in attack on Christian church in Pakistan

  1. Life for Islam is cheep,they all want to be martyrs, the more non Muslims they kill , Alah will reward them . The West has not yet truly woke up yo the danger of fanaticism, except for the tiny country of Israel. The Pope has to speak out, and every pulpit in the west that call themselves Christian should educate but not incite what in the name of Alah is done all over the world.

    • The courage to do something about it? On the 33rd day of the Month of Never. Unless we educate and activate the electorate to disrespectfully demand it. Who will show them QV 9:29 & 9:120? Who will fill the streets with men chanting curses, damning Islam?

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