Georgia: Alpharetta ignores residents & zoning, approves mega mosque

via City of Alpharetta approves mosque expansion – CBS Atlanta

Alpharetta City Council Monday night unanimously voted to approve a proposal to expand a mosque.

The Islamic Center of North Fulton, located at 1265 Rucker Road, has been fighting to expand their mosque since 2011.

The city of Alpharetta voted not to change zoning laws that would allow that expansion back in 2011. Since that time, members of the mosque said they have worked with the surrounding neighborhoods and the city to approve their new proposal.

The mosque had 25 members in 1998, and now that number is close to 600 members.

Supporters said the mosque needs to expand to support its growing congregation.

“The mosque should be expanded to accommodate the growth of the community,” said Yusuf Mohamed, a mosque member.

Opponents complained a bigger mosque would create bigger problems.

They have prayer calls. That’s a disturbance. It’s a noise issue, and the traffic, of course,” said Silk Walker, a resident who lives near the mosque.

“We are literally shoulder to shoulder,” Moiz Mumtaz said.

Mumtaz is the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Islamic Center of North Fulton.

“We have no space. We make rows and have to kneel down and bow and get up again. That is the tiny space we are in right now,” Mumtaz said.

The center wants the city to change one rezoning condition imposed in 2004, which would allow the center to build two new buildings: a main, 6,300-square-foot building and a 1,600-square-foot communing hall.

The Alpharetta Planning Commission earlier this month voted 6 to 1 to recommend approval.

“Everybody is a winner here,” Mumtaz said.

One of the biggest problems, according to Mumtaz, was the size of the original proposal. Mumtaz said the new design is roughly 6,000-square-feet smaller than what they wanted to build in 2011.

“We are all making compromises,” Mumtaz said. “I think the city was more careful about what they were doing and heard those concerns, and we also want to forge forward rather than get stuck in one place.”

Unfortunately, compromise is not an Islamic term and to Muslims it simply means we’ll get what we want later. And if we don’t we’ll have the DOJ threaten another lawsuit.

What CBS and other media aren’t telling readers is what really happened. Sources who attended the meeting report this:

The news grossly has characterized what went down.

ALL voting members of the council gave summations that included that the reason they were voting for this was because of the pressure of the federal lawsuit pursued by the mosque and represented by mosque zoning lawyer and specialist Doug Dillard. Dillard is responsible for the forced mega-mosque in Lilburn, GA as well.

The Muslims in attendance were 99% male and over half of them did NOT raise their hand for the pledge of allegiance.

The people of Alpharetta fought a good fight with excellent points about the minaret, zoning restrictions thwarted, past agreements disregarded etc. The Muslims had no such strong arguments and relied heavily of talk of multiculturalism, and the greatness of diversity, and extended talk of the dreadful building (they have chosen) to be in up to now.

They have NO source of funding cited for their construction and expansion.

Councilman Kennedy noted that he had records of the Muslim board meeting in 1998 before they got the zoning permit in which the board member urged restraint in asking for the original two residential buildings. He said that they would wait till the time was right to ask for expansions and larger structures, contrary to what they told Fulton County in 1998 and to the neighborhood in 2004.

The news media have assaulted what really happened in the city hall last night. We spoke well. We had all the key points about their breaking of agreements and laws. But our city folded like a deck of cards.

And unfortunately the city of Alpharetta will never be the same and will only become more Islamic.

As we noted here, Georgia: “Compromise” reached after Feds intimidate city that denied mosque expansion:

Is it really a compromise when the community overwhelmingly does not want the expansion, when the city ruled against it and a court upheld the ruling only to have Obama/Holder step in (likely after being contacted by Muslims) and force the mosque on residents?

It is not. And there’s only one winner. The Muslims.

15 thoughts on “Georgia: Alpharetta ignores residents & zoning, approves mega mosque

  1. Either the City of Alpharetta, City Council Members have been “Highly Paid Off” or they feel extremely threatened by these Muslims to the extent that they have totally ignore the wishes of their Constituents, to the point of (from the way that I perceive it), have committing Political Suicide. I’m sure the Residents of Alpharetta have put their Council Members on notice and if they haven’t, then they are part of this “Parasitical Problem”

    • Have you ever wondered why there are so many judgements favorable to the muslims? The Blackrock financial companies have so much of the worlds wealth that they easily bribe those in power. Very often a tip will be given to buy an option on a small obscure company. Then one Blackrock Hedge Fund buys or sells the company to another causing the options to increase by thousands of percent. Millions can be transfered without any record of the islamic hand. (Blackrock named after the Blackrock of Mecca)

  2. The creeping crud is all over the U S A! This country had better wake up soon or it will be all over but for the shouting! These Mosques are a MUSLIM SIGN of conquring an area. THEY WIN WE LOOSE! Thanks to BOZO and the STUPID CONGRESS kissing SAUDI ARABIA’S ASS!

  3. If the infidels don’t want those terrorists building their training compounds, all the have to do is bury a couple of pigs in the ground there. muzzies are forbidden to build and worship on ground tainted by the swine. Spaniards are burying pigs to keep them away and it’s working.

  4. more proliferation of mosques means more places to preach terror so when the ‘call’ comes from allah they are mentally ready.

    read the muslim brotherhood project for USA and you will see that communities are falling for their lies daily; too bad for the USA.

  5. Apply for a large church built in all the Islamic counties, not one will agree. Why here in the West? Theyhate us, they want sharia laws , halal food etc They use our laws and use it against us. Do not further their causes by allowing mosques , minarets , food stamps and all the social benefits. they do not want learn English, do not assimilate, but insists for us to change. Let them go back from where they come from.

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