Michigan: Three Muslims charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; 4th tried to sell votes

via Three charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; more shenanigans to be revealed, former candidate says | MLive.com.

HAMTRAMCK, MI — A complaint by former Hamtramck Councilwoman Cathie Gordon may have helped expose election fraud in Hamtrmack’s August primary.

Gordon, who placed fourth among four primary candidates running for mayor with 12 percent of the vote, says that might not be the last of it.

The findings come weeks after Gov. Rick Snyder appointed Cathy Square the city’s new emergency manager tasked with elevating the city of near 22,000 toward fiscal stability.

State Attorney General Bill Schuette on Wednesday charged three Hamtramck men with a total of 41 counts among them of improper possession or return of an absentee ballot.

Armani Asad, a City Council candidate himself who supported Gordon in her campaign and still has one of her signs on his front porch, is charged with 14 counts;Salim Ahmed, 50, with 21 counts; and Russell Mohammed, 32, with six counts.

Each of the crimes is a felony that carries up to five years in prison.

Gordon, 66, said there were nearly 50 absentee ballots submitted and rejected by City Clerk Marie Kendzierski, who retired a month before the election. She filed her complaint after Kendzierski’s replacement, August Gitschlag, reversed the decision and recorded the votes.

It’s unclear if the votes that concerned Gordon are the same ones found to be fraudulent.

“During the August 2013 primary election, the Hamtramck City Deputy Clerk, August Gitschlag, found that three unauthorized people had allegedly delivered multiple absentee ballots in violation of state election law,” Schuette’s office said in a statement. “It is a felony to possess or return an absentee ballot unless you are the person voting, the voter’s family member, a mail carrier, or an authorized official. All Michigan absentee ballots clearly explain the codified election law regarding the proper procedure for obtaining, possessing, and processing absentee ballots.”

Gordon said she was “taken aback,” to learn that Asad, a “nice young man” whom she supported, was involved in delivery of the illegal absentee ballots.

Gordon has another complaint that she jointly filed with City Council candidate Darla Swift. It’s potentially more troubling because it’s an accusation against a currently elected official, who she says tried to manipulate the vote.

He offered her nearly 200 votes, “but you have to donate some money here,” she said was the proposed deal.

Gordon said she was approached by a group of men, one who currently holds office. Because the complaint is under investigation by Schuette’s office, Gordon declined to reveal his name.

According to statements Swift made to the Hamtramck Review (see story), Councilman Mohammed Hassan offered her 26 votes in exchange for her support of him in the African-American community.

Swift, who placed third among five candidates vying for two City Council slots, fell short of her goal by 26 votes.

The city council was already half Muslim back in 2009 in the Islamic enclave of Hamtramckistan.

6 thoughts on “Michigan: Three Muslims charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; 4th tried to sell votes

  1. What else did we expect . In their country they know in advance what candidate will win! They try to do this in our country. This is not a crime in their country of origin if it furthers Islam, Jail, monetary fines and depot the whole bunch together with the families. NO IMMIGRATION ANYMORE FROM ANY ISLAMIC COUNTRIES!

  2. Winston Churchill once remarked: “Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across the truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened.” I hope you won’t do that with this warning about the Islamic caliphate now forming around the world.

    Pray and protest against colonizing Islamists and the evil occupant in the WH financing and promoting them!

    For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth (Isaiah 21:6). I see the ISLAMIC BEAST RISING (Psa 83; Ezek 38-39; Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19) Islam spreads as the PC controlled government continues to ban criticism of it and the people comply with their silence.

    If you aren’t saved, today would be a perfect time to give your heart to the Lord Jesus. Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    Daniel 7:7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

    • “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last. Victory will never be found by taking the line of least resistance.” Winston Churchill

      “What the horn is to the rhinoceros, what the sting is to the wasp, the Mohammedan faith is to the Arabs of the Sudan-a faculty of offence. All the warlike operations of Mohammedan peoples are characterised by fanatacism” Winston Churchill

      Subscribe to Jihad/Campus Watch and the Middle East Forum/Quarterly, FrontPageMag.com, ClarianProject.org, Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and read Raymond Ibrahim and others.

  3. muslime vying for power in order to establish the totalitarian sharia law that makes females slaves to men, so called family values that does not respect the individual humane rights of each family member along with the legal right of the parents to kill & torture their offspring, the legalizing of rape including a child, cruel punishment for non violent crimes & over all injustice to it’s oppressed & brainwashed society to use violence on to though’s that do not follow the ways of a murderous pedophile so called prophet mohamed.

    All in the name of full filling a male lust full paradise of 72 virgins & males with pearls….

  4. what is the white hole complaining loser going to do? Turn Michigan around by whining her way into office? The Muslims did more good for Michigan in just a few years than any of these political donky riders could ever pull in 2 hundred years.And she should be grateful since she could walk to her home safely because of it.

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