UN covers up naked sculpture to avoid offending Muslim delegation from Iran

United Nations Under Sharia. via AFP: UN’s naked male sculpture hidden ahead of Iran talks.


Before sharia

Geneva — A relief carving of a naked man at the UN’s Geneva headquarters was covered up on Monday, apparently to spare the blushes of Iranian diplomats ahead of fresh talks on the country’s nuclear drive.

UN officials would not comment on why the wall relief, inspired by Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, had been masked by a large white screen, referring questions to the Swiss authorities.

But Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve claimed that the aim was to avoid offending the Islamic republic’s delegation for the talks taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Iranian men are expected to cover their arms and legs in public, with women further obliged to cover their hair and wear loose clothing in line with the hardline interpretation of Islam endorsed by powerful clerics in the country.

Donated by Britain to the UN’s forerunner the League of Nations in 1938, the larger-than-life reclining figure was sculpted by Eric Gill, and tops the entrance to the building’s Council Chamber where the talks are due to take place.

Swiss officials declined to address the newspaper’s claim, telling AFP that the aim was to provide a neutral backdrop at the entrance to the meeting hall.

After sharia

After sharia


14 thoughts on “UN covers up naked sculpture to avoid offending Muslim delegation from Iran

  1. Good grief! I couldn’t even tell what naked man was being spoken about here! I had to look at both photos a couple of times.

    That? That’s what the fuss is about? What kind of a perverted mind would even notice something like that, much less be “offended” by it?

    Islam offends me. Can we hide it?

  2. In islam, pedophilia is ok but hey – no naked adults!

    I want islam covered up – how come no one cares if I am offended by islam?!?!?!?

  3. Now I heard everything! Switzerland is giving in to sharia! Will they serve halal food too? To much oil money in Swiss banks, so we sell our soul to Islam .In Geneva the streets are already marked in Arabic and Swiis. Leave it to the Swiss to get advantage of every situation. I do not blame the Iranian , they just laugh about them, but I have no respect for the coward Swiss government brown nosing the Islamic nations.

  4. OK let’s ban all things offensive to ISLAM- all of you just shoot yerselves in the head right now-of course after you slaughter your whole family first- think Muz will be happy then? fulfilled? NAH- then they will continue to blast each other – kill and rape their kids and women- and invent nothing– just pure shitria forever- a manmade hell as dreamed up by Mo-ham-head

    • You’re so right! Islam is a misogynistic, penis-worshipping cult, so why are they embarrassed?

      Oh, I forgot, they take offence at EVERYTHING in the west. (except our money, benefits, houses, cars, planes, cell phones, computers, etc., etc……………………..)

  5. Switzerland gave in a long time ago. They even arrest people who speak the truth about islam. Freedom of speech does not exist there.

    • Aren’t you talking about SWEDEN? The Swiss have forbidden the building of minarets and know they have a problem.

      Not the Swedes, THEY have forbidden any criticism of islam, and changed the Constitution without the permission of the Swedish public. Sweden has practically become a closed country, nothing badmouthing islam is ever published in Swedish papers—I know, I monitor some of them.

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