Video: Toronto Cops Shut Down Anti-Islam Protest

With cops like this who needs terrorists?

via EuropeNews (Warning foul language… and cowardly enforcement of sharia blasphemy laws)

More from Muslim Tarek Fatah: Jihadi battle cry adorns mural outside Toronto mosque

According to Ibn Katheer, the 14th century Islamic scholar, in the verse “The Battle Array” (Al-Saff) Muslims are told that if they are willing to sacrifice their lives and possessions in the service of Allah, then not only will they find Paradise after death, but the conquest they desire over their enemy will be theirs very soon after they confront the enemy.

Another contemporary Islamic scholar, Mufti Muhammad Shafi in his nine-volume “Comprehensive commentary on Holy Qur’an”, had this to say about this verse.

“There is one blessing that will be granted (by Allah) in this world. Which is the Divine help and imminent victory, that is conquests of enemy territories. If the word Qarib (near) is the opposite of Hereafter, it would include all later Islamic conquests of Arab and non-Arab territories.”

Which begs the question. Who is the enemy this Toronto mural wants Muslims to fight against? Where is this non-Arab territory that this mural wishes us Muslims to conquer and be victorious over? Could it be Canada?

Those are rhetorical questions, right Tarek?

Elsewhere in Toronto back in September, we waited for media or police verification on the suspects motive, but none came. Man charged with murder after allegedly stabbing firefighter in the head ‘without provocation’ at Toronto café. Sudden jihad syndrome?

19 thoughts on “Video: Toronto Cops Shut Down Anti-Islam Protest

  1. All the responses in this site are of law grade reflicted by the down graded language which reflicts the status of this site, I was wishing for educated comments so I can respond . oh well that saves me the trouble of commenting

    • Feel better now A.Enzy? People are getting heartily sick of the double standard of islam and it’s cretins. The thing is YOU do not understand that. But we DO understand islam. Word from word [from the qur’an]. Shit, we can read and comprehend,thing out of context here, go figure.NS

    • Before you lecture us on our abysmal IQ’s and lack of education, you might learn how to spell some simple words like “low”, “reflected” and “reflects”. And, typically, periods are placed at the ends of sentences and sentences typically begin with a capital letter.

      Apparently, you’re a typical, arrogant, illiterate Muslim idiot. But, please, continue to bless us with your infinite wisdom.

    • You must be speaking about the muslims who comment here. Its not their fault. Its all the inbreeding you know. I apologize for the low IQ the muslims have.

  2. Canada is slowly becoming like the U K in allowing these MUSLIM PECKER WOODS worm their way into there Country! The constabularies are now having smoke shoved up there ASS’S by this ISLAMIC SLIME BAGS! We also have here in the U S A A MUSLIM SLIME BAG LEADER whose dream with THE STATEMENT: DRASTICLY TRANSFORMING AMERICA : means turning AMERICA INTO AN ISLAMIC SATELITE! This is his final goal as I see it with all his CODDELING OF THESE BASTARDS!

    • Toronto is being overrun by muzzies. Every day I see more and more of them, and they breed like roaches.
      Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, by his own admission, knows nothing about the true, conquering nature of islam and its programmed Zombies. The general Canadian population is equally ignorant, and too busy with their daily lives to understand why muslims are being poured into the country.

      Unless there is an awakening by the political elite, Canada could very easily turn into a sharia Hellhole!

      • I disagree. Stephen Harper is a decent man who IS enlightened about islam—one of the few western leaders so endowed.

        That said, I see you live in Toronto; ’nuff said! Most of us in Canada know by now it is our “Dearbornistan”. (Or is Dearborn America’s Torontostan?)

        However, I’m not laughing, since Calgarians are about to RE-elect an arrogant, muslim loud-mouth as mayor!

  3. The Mariful Qur’an is available at, but most of the volumes are scanned images. You need the index volume to locate verses and commentary thereon. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is available with a search engine at It is possible to verify the accuracy of the quotes. It would be good in these posts, to include direct links to the relevant pages in the pdf files.

  4. Toronto used to be such a nice clean town many years ago when I visited Canada. I often wanted to go back and visit Toronto again, but I will not be returning for sure after seeing how it has changed. Thank you for the post.

  5. To you all how does this look to you? after all it is a q from your book not by me but by a cock roach like you in tweeter, here ; “But your servants will pass over, every man armed for war, before the LORD to battle.” (Torah: במדבר Numbers 23:27)”

  6. Allahu akbar, eh?

    Stupid converts make me want to puke.

    A Caucasian Canuk Muslim in blue jeans. Now there’s a character for a David Lynch movie for ya, eh?

    The cold must damage their brains.

  7. On the other hand, now that Moonies and Krishnas are out of style, what else do disaffected, lost, low self esteem ‘tards have to do?

  8. I guess I don’t understand what happened. Was the Caucasian guy with the little Muslim hat protesting against the mosque or was he a Muslim promoting Islam. I can’t tell from the video.

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