Missouri: 2 “Middle Eastern” military trainees try to abduct 12-year-old girl for sex

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via Deputies: 2 military trainees try to abduct 12-year-old in St. Louis area | khou.com Houston.

Two men training at Fort Leonard Wood are in custody after deputies say they tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl in Pulaski County Friday afternoon.

Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh, 34, and Antoine Clela, 31, were charged with enticement of a child and harassment.

The victim told police she was playing with a sibling in her yard when Mefleh and Clela approached her several times and tried to lure her into their vehicle. She told officers they kept asking for sexual favors.

The suspects are with a foreign military in a middle eastern country and are part of a training mission at Fort Leonard Wood, just a couple miles from where the attempted abduction took place.

“There is no diplomatic immunity, they are guests and if they were diplomats it would be different, but they’re here on a training mission so we treat them like any other citizen charged with a crime,” said Sheriff Ron Long with Pulaski County.

Military officials are not yet commenting on this case although Sheriff Long said they are cooperating with investigation.

Deputies who responded to the scene located the suspects. They were arrested and remain at the Pulaski County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

More:  Men Stationed At Fort Leonard Wood Charged With Trying To Lure A Child For Sex

 A couple of men stationed at Fort Leonard Wood have been arrested and charged with trying to lure a 12-year-old into their vehicle for sex.

 The Pulaski County Sheriff says the two men are from Middle Eastern decent and are in their 30-s.

The girl says she was playing with a sibling in her front yard when the two men approached her on several occasions asking for sexual favors.

 Both men are in jail and are being held on a $200,000 bond.

Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh and Antoine Chlela had been temporarily stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for military training.

Update: Two Men Stationed at Fort Leonard Wood Charged With Harassment, Enticement

Thirty-four-year-old Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh of St. Roberts and 31-year-old Antoine Chela of Waynesville are jailed in Pulaski County on $200,000 bond on charges of harassment and enticement. No attorney is listed for either man in online court records.

The girl told police she was playing in a yard with a sibling when the men approached her several times.

A release from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department says the men are temporarily stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for military training purposes.

2 men are accused of trying to lure girl into car in Pulaski County

This report was the latest of several reports over the past week of similar occurrences throughout the county in which men tried to lure girls into their vehicles.
Sheriff Ron Long asks parents and guardians to make sure children are aware of possible dangers, and educate them on how to protect themselves from becoming targets for predators.

A reader reminds us of a similar incident now in court: Saudi sergeant arrested, admits raping 13-year old boy in Las Vegas hotel.

And there was this too 5 Iraqi immigrants arrested in Colorado gang-rape.

Conclusion: Muslim immigration means sexual jihad.

17 thoughts on “Missouri: 2 “Middle Eastern” military trainees try to abduct 12-year-old girl for sex

  1. We have a pattern Huston!
    So the pedophiles are not just the backward savages living in a war torn area. The pedophiles are the Sharia Islamic Muslims best and brightest that are chosen to come to the USA as guests and train for their military that are also savages.

    This driving in pairs and trying to con little girls to get in the car is exactly what the savages do in England.

    I ask again… Do we protect our Christian and Jewish girls by putting a hijab on them since the hijab acts as a flag to remind savages to go after the infidel?

  2. Odd. Usually they want 6 year olds like their profit. 12 is so old. It couldn’t be? Syrians under the zero-bama program? It would make zero look bad if it got out.

    • The article stated they are here ‘for training’. The USA does a lot of this training of non-Americans. Being ‘guests’ means they can be tried, sentenced, and serve time’ in US prisons. I would go further with a NO EXTRADITION clause until sentence is completed to the fullest letter of the law-I might add in the roughest prison with word to inmates just who these people are.

  3. This isn’t the first time; CS ran a story of a 14 year old boy raped in a motel occupied by a Saudi muslim who was pilot training at an AF Base in Nevada. How much more does this have to go from obama inc and our wimpy PC military commanders obeying his every command? I Live in St Louis and suprised News 4 released those islamic references..

        • so you are defending attempted CHILD RAPE??? or just proud only one of the pervs is Muslims– maybe he is Shiite so you can try and justify it as not a part of your sick ISLAM called incorrectly a religion

          • Isahiah, he’s a muzz-turd, as you know, and that says it all. Poor sod has no morals, no brains, no culture, no hope.
            Just a dumb muslim wombat. (actually, that’s being nasty to wombats!)

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  5. Give them to “Bubba” and the boys down at the nearest prison so they can get a sample of what they had in store for the little girl. After they’re good and bow legged send them back to the backward toilet of a country they came from! It wouldn’t hurt to tattoo “Allah is a homo” on their forehead either…

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