Florida: 2 Muslims arrested for selling synthetic weed to infidels

And many more Muhammad’s arrested around the country. via 2 arrested for selling synthetic marijuana at Fort Myers’ convenience stores | The News-Press


Two Fort Myers men were arrested and charged with selling synthetic marijuana at two convenience stores.

Salem Seleiman, 18, was charged with four counts of sale and possession of a synthetic narcotic after Fort Myers police say he sold the banned substance, known as “spice,” to an undercover agent at Sunoco, 2907 Cleveland Ave.

Mohammed Rahman, 47, faces one count of sale and possession of a synthetic narcotic for selling to an agent at the Super Stop Food Store, 3485 Fowler St. Police say Rahman is in the country on an expired work visa, so a hold has been placed pending a federal hearing.

Police said today there is one other suspect from another store, but he has not yet been arrested.

These arrests follow the seizure of more than $1 million in synthetic marijuana from stores across Lee County earlier this month. That sting led to the arrest of several store clerks.

Lest you think those are the only Mohameds arrested recently, here’s a brief roll call:

Anyone see a trend? Arrests of “Jihad” becoming more frequent in the U.S. too:

3 Responses

  1. Are these moslemites allied with organized crime? gangland? I wonder about this beacuse of the number of articles like this. Their crime protfolio leaves very little out, except murder and even this is dicey.

  2. Keep smiling Salem Seleiman, you won’t be for much longer im sure bubba will wipe it off your face!!!

  3. I believe we are In deep trouble. They are deep in the White House and deep in the universities….and they own thousands of neighborhood stores…..our neighborhoods !

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