Muslim DHS adviser claims US “an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution”


Taunting Americans with no fear that DHS might rein him in or drop him. Obama’s got his back.  h/t Jihad Watch who notes:

This recalls Obama saying: “If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Anyone still want to claim we aren’t being infiltrated and that Muslims living in the U.S. want sharia law?

This guy should be in jail for accessing and leaking classified information and interfering in an election.

20 thoughts on “Muslim DHS adviser claims US “an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution”

  1. How dare they mention or compare America with Islam in the same breath! Do you see public floggingb,women in hijabs or burka,beheadings stoning , maiming and etc cruelties. Barbarism,atavistic thinking and acting is not our way of life. We have freedom of speech , choice of any religion or no religion, equal rights. Obama please wake up, and listen to the public,

    • Obama is listening all right, but not to the American people! The White House occupant is an alien usurper, whose allegiance is to islam and the muslim brotherhood (lowercase intentional).
      His mission as a muslim is to destroy the U.S.A.– NOT preserve and protect it!
      To restore your country to normalcy, it’s imperative that Obama is removed from the stolen Presidency (The last election was rigged). It has to be done. . .soon!

    • Obama please wake up?? I.m sorry but are you for real?? Obama is FULLY aware of what he is doing, HE is the CAUSE of the Islamic infiltration into governmental positions of power in the White House.
      .And YES! according to Islamic principles , Eblibiary is right, America IS an Islamic country now and let me tell you why.!! First off when a MUSLIM is leader of a country, that country is considered a MUSLIM possession.. And to those who have not had a lobotomy, its plain to see that Obama is a Muslim..History attests that with each Islamic conquest of Christian, Hindu and Buddhist countries , a Muslim MINORITY( especially as seen in HINDU India) RULED over those Non Muslim MAJORITIES by taking over the reins of GOVERNMENT!
      In previous times this was done by the sword and terrorism. But TODAY in the West ,Islamic conquest is being achieved by infiltration and immigration, because the West is far too large and powerful YET, to be completely subdued.. It will take time as more muslims produce 8mtimes the average birth rate of the West…
      In the USA Obama has been used by the Sauds ( who sponsored him through Harvard Law to learn Constitutional Law) to facilitate the Islamic conquest, and this he is doing by appointing Muslim Brotherhood operatives, and unelected unapproved Czars such as Elibiary of all things, as an advisor in Homeland Security!! what a farce that is , !!
      And Obama signs into Law ,EXECUTIVE ORDERS daily that bypass the Congress ( the people) If that is not an Islamic dictatorship, then what is?
      Every Person in Congress should hang their heads in shame for what they have allowed , and are still allowing to happen to the US before their very eyes , But NOT ONE PEEP about this Islamic takeover from them OR the (Saudi and Soros controlled) Media !!
      Read the now exposed secret Agreement that Obamas muslim cousin Odinga, made with the Muslim minority in Kenya before the elections there( Obama actually travelled with Odinga promoting him) THAT is the plan for America, mark my words !
      In that Agreement Odinga IF elected as Prime Minister of Kenya ( Kenya is a 95% CHRISTIAN majority) would introduce Islam into the schools, ban Christian broadcasting and evangelism, promote Islamic Sharia law, and declare Islam the official religion of Kenya.
      Don’t doubt for a minute that Obama is not following this same agenda as his muslim cousin..
      During the 2008 elections, Obama phoned Odinga daily for news of Odingas election, where chaos reigned as irate muslims , angry that Odinga was not elected, went on the rampage , killing Christians with machetes,, burning them alive when they sought shelter in a church,destroying Christian owned businesses etc.etc
      Lately we had the Mall Massacre in Kenya, by Al Shabaab, compliments of Odinga, Obama, and Malik Obama( Malik recruits Al Shabaab future members from the refugee camps he runs as a charity,, funny that, seeing that muslim conflict against Christians have caused the refugee problem in the first place!!
      WHEN ARE PATRIOTIC RED BLOODED AMERICANS GOING TO HOLD OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE. HE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED SAP. Are there any heroes left to take your country back?? I hope so!..

    • There trying to say america is a Islamic country it is America and was america before they came maybe they should leave america if they dont like it.

  2. You islamify a country by permitting mosques. No mosque, its not an islamic country. To clean up a country like britain, you outlaw and close all mosques, and the muslims willl make a fuss, then leave. Of course, you jail the politically corrects as seditious traitors.

  3. id kick your goat fucking face in you slimebag! this IS THE United States of AMERICA………NOT islam! take your faggot mohammad and go blow him!

  4. We have GOT to get voter ID in every state before the next election, or we’ll have the same thing we had last time. We also need to get rid of the Soros voting machines. Not 1 state w/voter ID went for Obama, not a single one w/OUT voter ID went for Romney. 158% of registered voters in one Ohio district, voted for Obama. Can ANYONE explain how that was NOT thrown out????

    • It is imperative that we get voter ID in every state before this next election. It is shameful that Congress continues to sit it out and not do the job they are elected to do and rid us of this cancer in the White House. Investigations should be rampant regarding voter fraud and nothing is being done. Even when there are investigations, nothing is ever accomplished and no heads ever roll. Shameful.

  5. Mr. Obama’s existence is the most formidable accomplishment of islam. Democrats must be guilty of something. Treason? Stupidity? Betrayal? Perfidy? You name it.

  6. mohammed was a white guy who lied his way to a ” new religion he was smarter than the average arab so he could convice them to follow his cult or die idiots have tried to make a real religion out of a copy of jewish and christian beliefs he couldnt understand so he got it wrong now their sectarian fight is the seed of the muslim downfall who wants to stand by them?

  7. The U.S. was not founded on Islamic Jihad Shariah Law. The U.S. Constitution is in fact contradictory to these “principals”. Islamic Jihad Shariah Law and Liberty do not mix! Mohammed Elibiary is a liar!!

  8. OH MY LORD WHAT R WE GOING 2 DO?? This is horrible what’s going on!!! I hate Obama 4 what he is doing 2 r COUNTRY!!! Want to do something! What can I do, I am no body special. …

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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