Montana: Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA misleads during “Islam Awareness Week”

The good news is Montana is the least Muslim state in the U.S. The bad news is the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Student Association is present and spreading its dawah…”in a place like Missoula, Montana.” via Muslim Students Association Addresses Misconceptions During “Islam Awareness Week” : UM News.

The 2010 U.S. Religious Census reported that Montana is the least Muslim state in the country, with only 0.034 percent of the population practicing Islam. The University of Montana Muslim Students Association reached out to non-Muslims last week to address misconceptions about the religion during “Islam Awareness Week.” Reporter Kyle Schmauch talked to members of the organization and found that while much of Missoula does not know much about Islam, Muslims are generally well-received by the community. The MSA has between 30 and 40 members and reports that around 100 Muslims live in Missoula, which is roughly one-third of the entire Muslim population in the state.

While Ferrara got one thing right, Muslims play the perpetual victim role, he seems to blatantly lie to his audience claiming “men and women who do these kinds of things” [jihad, terrorism, beheadings, bombings, honor killings, amputations, etc.] are “not the actions of Islam.” Odd that the Muslims who do those things always seem to be shouting Allah Akhbar while doing it, quoting verses directly from the Koran as their inspiration, and hailed as Islamic martyrs and heroes by Muslims after the fact.

The MSA has spawned numerous jihadists including from Ferrara’s home state. 

Alabama: Muslim Student Association Alum Tops FBI ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ List

Flashback: USC Muslim Student Association hosts Taliban (video)

The Muslim Student Association and the Boston Terrorist Connection

The Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA’s pledge of allegiance:

14 thoughts on “Montana: Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA misleads during “Islam Awareness Week”

  1. ISLAM is of LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES, AND KILLERS! Wake up Montana, purge your college and city of these BACK STABING PIGS as they would do you harm if there iMAM DIRECTS THEM TO DO SO! There are too many of these crud balls in the U S A already, including the OBUMMMERS GOVT.!

    • Your characterization is accurate. Moslems are enjoined to fit in as best they can until they have the numbers to change the society they find themselves in. When the islamites bring down the boots people are shocked and say,’they were always so nice!’

  2. ALL, repeat ALL Muslims are terrorists. There are no exceptions. Islam is made up of violent jihadis and stealth jihadis. All others are merely MINOS (apostates) and are not really Muslims at all. They just want to hang with the “group”.

    The apostates (the REAL small percentage you keep hearing about) are nothing more than future infidels that will be lumped in with all the other infidels when the Islamic SCUM get stronger.

    Civil war is the only thing Americans have to look forward to now that the cancer called Islam has invaded the country.

    You do know what they do with cancer cells, right?

  3. While the second video is stark and clear, there is no exposure as powerful as Islamic law. The book I am recommending specializes in the fiqh of Jihad. Page 18 contains an infamous quote from Imam al-Shafi’i in which he declares that offensive Jihad must be undertaken at least once in every year. Other parallel fatwa surround it. Find it here and share it.

  4. Montana good people are better than the islam crud being spread there. muslims are NEVER to be trusted. kick them out of the state as they are like slugs; come out at night and spread slime.

  5. Those nice cattle herders needs to get up a huge team and herd those savages out of the U.S. This has to be purged from our nation

  6. there are no moderate muslims! they may not all hijack planes & fly them into buildings & they may not all bomb embassies, tunnels, hotels, shopping malls, ships in port [USS cole], nor do they all commit honor killings by stoning, beheading & stabbing their wayward daughters & wives. but be assured, they are ALL indoctrinated, programmed & urged to occupy, live in & acculturate themselves in a country & “fit in” until the time is right when their numbers become enough to make a difference. it is then when they will turn on any “friends” they have made & start to over-take the country. in the USA, they are still biding their time for it is not yet time to make the move. they are growing by sending over students to occupy our universities & they are coming in droves as “refugees” w/ the blessing of the faux POTUS. [this is too long & wordy, sorry but you do get the drift.]

  7. The list of muslim organizations rooting themselves in our Country continues to grow. Strange. The World Trade Center attack occurs, and the immigration door is swung open for them to further infiltrate the Country. MUslim Brotherhood operatives in sensitive government positions. Muslim schools and mosques (the largest in the Western Hemisphere being built in Maryland as we speak). Your government thinks you are so involved in sports and porn that you won’t even notice. Every day is another assault of the American people by its own government. Today, DHS is considering repealing the restriction of Libyans coming here to train at aviation and nuclear facilities. Every one of these muslim groups should be classified as Foreign Terrorist Organizations, with all funds and assets confiscated, and all actors deported immediately for national security. But our POTUS has bigger plans. A grand-daddy of an attack is coming our way. Bio, chemical, EMP, whatever. Prepare. Our government hates us.

  8. The solution is simple: allow one Muslim organization in the US for every Christian organization in Saudi Arabia (why Saudi Arabia? Because they are home to Mecca, etc., center of Islam).

    But what? There are no Christian organizations in Saudi Arabia, you say? Right! And that’s why there should be no Muslim organizations here. Should be a two-way street.

    How about churches? Allow one mosque in the US for every Christian church in Saudi Arabia. You guessed it: there are zero churches in Saudi Arabia; it’s illegal. OK, two-way street. Shut them down here.

    “Congress shall make no law…” says the Constitution, and we must honor that. But there are state laws, zoning laws, and even Presidential executive orders as other options.

    The Constitution is not a suicide pact, but it is starting to look like one.

    • American culture should never be dictated by what goes on in Saudi Arabia or any other nation.

      It would fail for another reason: taqiyya.

  9. If an american does terrorism he is sick butifthesamethingisdoneby a muslim he is a terrorism islam is so true that quran has been here for 1400 years unchanged but quran has explained all the thing about space biology and geography for example planets revolve in orbits and why mountqins are made and how is a child born

    • The Prophet said: “Nobody who dies and finds good from Allah (in the Hereafter) would wish to come back to this world, even if he were given the whole world and whatever is in it, except the martyr who, on seeing the superiority of martyrdom, would like to come back to the world and get killed again in Allah’s cause.” (Bukhari, Jihad, nos. 2795, 2797; cf. nos. 36, 97, 2795, and 2817).

      You’re not going to argue with the Prophet are you? That would make you an apostate and even Muslims in St. Louis know the punishment for that is deadly.

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