New York: Pakistani kills wife, young sons, self

Muslim gun crimes just don’t seem to make national news. via Shocked business neighbors say pharmacist seemed happy | The Poughkeepsie Journal  h/t Pastorius

HYDE PARK — The last time they saw him, business owners who knew Abbas Lodhi say he seemed content.

“He was happy,” Shirley Lansing, co-owner of L&L Assembly on Violet Avenue here, said of the Hyde Park pharmacist police say shot his wife and two sons before killing himself.

Lodhi, 49, and his younger son, Zain Lodhi, 9, were found dead of gunshot wounds in a car in front of a Pleasant Valley supermarket Thursday, state police said. His elder son, Mujtabah Lodhi, 13, was found dead at the family residence in Pleasant Valley later that day.

And on Friday, his wife, Sarwat Lodhi, 43, was found dead of a gunshot wound on Route 376 in Wappinger.

Police described the incident as a murder-suicide.

Would they describe it as an honor killing-suicide if it was?

There were few signs of family strife, say the business owners who operated next to Hyde Park Pharmacy, a small, unassuming storefront in Haviland Shopping Center.

State records show the business was established Jan. 26, 2010, and that Abbas Lodhi was licensed as a pharmacist in 1993. His license was current through March 31, 2014.

“Great neighbor,” said Mark DeLucca, co-owner of Haviland Auto Repair. “Good customer. Very friendly.”

Not as much is known about the victims, Sarwat, Mujtabah and Zain Lodhi.

Sarwat Lodhi was a homemaker and was not employed, state police said.

Abbas Lodhi enrolled his two sons in the Sunday Islamic School at the Al-Noor Mosque on All Angels Hill Road in the Town of Wappinger about two months ago, said Nasir Mahmood, who attends the mosque regularly.

4 thoughts on “New York: Pakistani kills wife, young sons, self

  1. He was happy? Muslim SCUM are NEVER happy until they do the JIHAD!!!

    The family didn’t want to go the jihad route as preached at Al Noor – they argued and he shot them for “abandoning” Islam.

    And he was right. They abandoned the TRUE Islam. They were becoming infidels and had to be eliminated.

    FILTHY SCUM. Happy he is a dead POS.

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