Michigan: After voter fraud detected, Muslims fail to win Hamtramck elections

Recall a few weeks ago we posted this: Three Muslims charged with election fraud in Hamtramck; 4th tried to sell votes. Apparently without the fraudulent Muslim absentee votes, the Muslims couldn’t win two more seats including mayor.

On that absentee ballot fraud via Atlas: Despite DoJ interference they failed to elect a Muslim Mayor in Hamtramck, Michigan

On Monday, Deputy City Clerk August Gitschlag counted at least 170 people who streamed into Hamtramck’s City Hall, all informing his office they would not be in town on Election Day and needed absentee ballots.

The barrage of requests startled Gitschlag and his staff of one. Typically, when he worked during election seasons in Brownstown or Commerce Township, he would see no more than a handful of folks wanting to vote absentee the day before the election.

This office gets like three of those kinds of requests” on Mondays, Gitschlag said.

Monday’s last-minute absentee ballot seekers all appeared to be of Arab or Bengali descent, Gitschlag said. (Detroit News)

Despite the fraud and the city council being half Muslim since 2009, and remaining so, Arab media still play the victim card claiming Elections leave Hamtramck with no Arab American representation. Seems the Arab Muslims don’t trust Bangladeshi Muslims to represent them.

The Nov. 5 municipal elections left the Arab American community in Hamtramck with no representation in the City’s incoming government.

The two Yemeni American candidates, Dr. Abdul Algazali, who was running for mayor, and Rashad Almasmari, who was running for city council, lost by a small margin in an election where only 24 percent of the city’s registered 11,859 voters cast their ballots.

Hamtramck, which is almost completely bordered by Detroit, is one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse cities in the country. According to the 2010 Census, 41 percent of the city’s 22,000 residents are foreign-born. Thousands of the city’s residents are of Polish descent, and it is also home to large African-American, Yemeni and Bangladeshi communities.

Algazali, who is currently serving his second term as a city council member, lost to incumbent Mayor Karen Majewski by 98 votes. He could not be reached for comment by The Arab American News. He became sick in the week leading up to the elections and was reported by two supporters to be still struggling with illness.

Algazali finished first in the August mayoral primary.

Algazali came under attack from his opponent for owing the City property taxes on one of his buildings.

Almasmari, who fell 34 votes short of a city council seat, told The Arab American News that racial and religious divisions helped shape up the recent elections.

“There are divisions among the people in the city,” he said. “Certain groups work together and many people based their votes on the background of the candidates, not what they can do for the city.”

Almasmari, who has a degree in criminal justice from Northeastern Illinois University, added that he was not disappointed with the Yemeni community’s turnout.

“The campaign was great, and people in the Yemeni community voted in large numbers,” he said. “The result was not expected.”

Almasmari acknowledged that there have been political divisions within the Yemeni community in the past, but he stressed that the community was united in this election.

He added that the shortcomings of the election could be overcome by educating the youth about the importance of political participation and encouraging them to get involved in government.

He said that Yemeni and Bangladeshi candidates, who are Muslim, were working together. He added that he did unexpectedly poorly in absentee ballots, sent by mail, which made the difference that resulted in his loss.

Diversity failure alert.

However, Almasmari criticized ethnicity-based campaigning, saying that politicians should appeal to and work for everybody in the city.

“Government officials should represent everybody in the city, so Hamtramck can be one community,” he said. “I tried to work with all people, but race still exists as a factor in politics here.”

After the reelection of Mohammed Hassan and the election of Abu Musa, three of Hamtramck’s six-member City Council will be of Bangladeshi origin.

Almasmari called on Hamtramck’s elected officials to ensure greater diversity in the city’s departments by hiring Yemeni-Americans.

“There are posts that qualified Yemeni-Americans can fill,” he said. “We also want the City to facilitate opening new businesses and treat everyone equally.”

8 thoughts on “Michigan: After voter fraud detected, Muslims fail to win Hamtramck elections

  1. Exactly. If you have to have representation for being a Muslim and not for being American. Then something is wrong with you. Sounds like they were stealing amove out of Obama’s playbook. Steal the election when you know you are going to lose.

    • And that will never happen the nation doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So the government and the Muslim in chief bows to the wishes of a minority voting group like his fellow Muslims. You can always tell a Muslim politician. They are the ones that talk past the issues not about them, and when you ask them a question they do not want to answer, they start going on about how the questioner hates Muslims, that Islam is a “Religion of Peace”. Islam is a “Religion of Pieces” they will cut you to “Pieces” if you disagree or insult the pervert and child molester, Mohammed. Yes Islam is a cancer and Muslims are carriers. There is a cure for this cancer. It has been lost over the years but it is coming back……it’s called “We The People”.

      • Yes, for sure: “we the people” …subtitle: “the crusades” brought to you by the neo-knights templar! (There needs to be a ground-swell of patriots who are willing to band together all over the country to rid ourselves of this scourge).

        • It will take what it takes. The problem is we all have our own level of tolerance when we each say enough is enough. And that level is reached at different times. Obama is the Muslims’ best friend. He sure is not a friend to any American. Sure he ordered Osama to be taken out but that was not for America. That was simply clearing out the leader so that he could move up in the ranks. Why else would everything he has done in his first term and what he has done so far in his 2nd term has done nothing but weaken America or damage our relationship with our only true ally in the Middleeast, Israel. Even Vladimr Putin recognizes that the Muslim issue is a major problem. The difference between Putin and Obama is Putin refuses to allow the Muslims to get their way of life transplanted to his nation and the Russian people will back Putin in that. All Obama has backing him up is his corrupt followers and the Muslim population in America. It doesn’t help that Obama was born without a spine so he needs something to prop him up. It is Islam that is doing that. Islam allows and even encourages it’s followers to lie and deceive the infidels so long as it protects and furthers the spread of Islam. If Obama is Christian then I am Fozy bear of the Muppets. The Boy that would be King thinks that if the Islamic Caliphate can be brought to rule the globe and he helped for that to happen in America, they will install him as Ruler in North America. We shall see what happens and what Americans do about it. We can only hope that the people do not sleep through it and wake up when it is too late to act.

    • But they won’t be because if they were deported it would affect the permanent voter base of illegal aliens and Muslims that are guaranteed to vote Democrat for their own personal gain and that of their group. Watch for Obama to start campaigning for repealing Amendment 22, Term limits for the Presidency. He will taunt the lack of term limits for Congress. There should be term limits for Congress as well. It would eliminate the career politician problem we have in government. Our forefathers only intended them to serve their term and then go back to regular life and a regular tax paying job with the rest of America, not make a career out of leeching off the money of the People as a government official. Rather than repeal Amendment 22, they should put term limits on Congress and leave 22 as is. Otherwise Obama will run and win again and again because of his permanent voter base of welfare cheats and illegals dependent on the handouts without having to break a sweat with a single hard day work to earn it.

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