Video: What Every American Needs To Know About Islam

via William J. Federer  h/t Click play and scroll through the headlines of the last few weeks.

What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an – A History of Islam & the United States by Dr. Bill Federer…

Islamic Conquest-Past & Present -A Captivating 5-part DVD series…

Not to be confused with this Video: What the West Needs to Know About Islam

13 thoughts on “Video: What Every American Needs To Know About Islam

  1. I generally don’t like to comment on archived posts, but THIS GUY IS BRILLIANT!!! He speaks something called the ENGLISH LANGUAGE! He’s got his ‘ship’ together – but why, oh why, does he seem to offend some of you bloggers here???

    It’s beyond me – but I’ll bet you a pound of Fort Knox, it’s because he really has DONE HIS HOMEWORK!!!!


    Better to remain silent and be thought a FOOL, than to open one’s mouth and REMOVE ALL DOUBT!!!!!

  2. Tey this is a nation Muslim religion to kill the people only damn his wants to survive only them is right nobody like them I so live kill missing kids

  3. well to be honest almost nothing he says is as it comes in the Quran, all he did was manipulate facts to suit his idea of islam. He was invited to Madina because the people believed in his teachings, one. They robbed what was robbed from them,.two. I could go on and on. This guy is just spreding his own idea of whats going on. Anyone could have done the same with Christianity or any other faith. a faith with such a significant amount of believers cannot possibly be the faith this man is talkimg about.

    • @Myrza. I don’t suppose you have given any consideration to the fact that the overwhelming majority of muslims in the world today (as well as during the time of mohammed) had no choice whatsoever in becoming muslims! It was convert or be killed! I’ve never yet seen a TV broadcast, or any other meeting, where some imam extends an open invitation to non-muslims to “come forward and receive allah as your loving god”. So you tell me how that there is no compulsion in islam (to quote your ‘all-wise’ leader)??? What’s more, muslim women breed like rabbits! Their ‘husbands’ see to that, especially the ones who have multiple “wives”. Myrza, it’s not this guy who is fabricating the facts of islam, but I bet you can figure out who is doing that. Try real hard, I dare you to actually THINK for yourself–or is that haram??? BTW, from the time of Christ (over 2000 years now) until the present day, there has never been so much as one valid FORCED conversion to Christianity–NOT ONE!!!! That’s because Christ’s Kingdom is founded on brotherly love and respect toward one another and toward God. Have you ever experienced the overwhelming tenderness and lovingkindness and forgiveness of God in your life, or is that a completely foreign concept to you? Christians are even exhorted to “love [their] enemies and do good to them who despitefully use you”–a direct quote from Jesus Christ Himself! You never saw armed guards herding the people to the platform during the Billy Graham meetings of 20 or 30 years ago. You can have your koran with all of it’s confusion and bloodshed–JUST GIVE ME JESUS!!!!!       

      • Have you ever read the bible from cover to cover I guess not them read luke 19-27. Your loving Jesus is said bring the one’s who don’t believe and SLAY THEM. know your religion before you blab in public or the verse in the Bible which says bring all the children, men, women and donkey and slay them. Please read those verses then you will come to know

        • @ hawa. There’s not ONE WORD in your book of confusion which promises mercy to the unbeliever! If God, i.e., the Lord Jesus Christ, were to judge me by my works, I’d be a damned soul–AND SO WOULD EVERYBODY ELSE, EVEN YOU, ‘ hawa’ !!!! I know a lot more about your book of confusion than you might think–and I know that it’s the work of Satan, incarnate! You lecture me about the words of Jesus Christ which are found in the New Testament, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. The passage to which you referred is speaking of the Last Day Judgment Seat of Christ (your koran spells it ‘Judgement’, whatever!). Tell me this, ‘hawa’, DOES GOD ALMIGHTY HAVE THE RIGHT TO SLAY HIS ENEMIES ON THE FINAL JUDGMENT DAY???? I suspect that He does, especially whereas they “DID NOT WANT [HIM] TO REIGN OVER THEM”! I would admonish you not to lecture me about stuff that you are totally ignorant of–that way I won’t need to point out to you all of the inconsistencies that I have found in your book of confusion , and I assure you, I have found plenty of them–inconsistencies, that is!!!! P.S. You muslims always like to point out the “violent” passages found in the Bible, which is the only true and living Word of God. Problem is, those passages are (or were) always directed to a particular group of rebellious people, at a particular time in history. The God of the Bible is kind to the good and the bad, offering all people everywhere the opportunity to repent. His judgment NEVER precedes His mercy! Your koran, on the other hand, is rampant with words of condemnation and judgment for all non-muslims–a judgment, I might add, that is meted out, not by the hand of God, Himself, no, no, but by those who call themselves muslims! It’s no wonder that muslims cannot live in peace with each other, nor with any other social group. There simply is no such thing as mercy or tolerance for the offender. Offenders must be eliminated, and despised–no Golden Rule here! I’ve even read a passage in your koran where the offender is offered the chance to “repent” after his hands and feet are already amputated! Wow, some mercy that is!!!! Your ‘god’ is a merciless, hateful tyrant!!! In plain English (or in any other language you might prefer) that’s a concise and precise definition of Satan, tyvm!!!!!          

        • @hawa. ” Crusades– military expeditions, beginning in the   late 11th century , that were organized by Western Christians in response to centuries of   Muslim   wars of expansion. Their objectives were to check the spread of   Islam , to retake control of the Holy Land, to conquer pagan areas, and to recapture formerly Christian territories….”   Ya know, ‘hawa’, your age-old mantra about Christians slaughtering muslims during the Crusades really is exactly that–OLD!!! Historical records (at least the truthful ones) all bear witness to the fact that THE CHRISTIANS HAD NO OTHER CHOICE–THEY WERE DEFENDING THEMSELVES AGAINST MARAUDING MUSLIM THUGS!!!!!    There are several key phrases that you need to recognize in the above link from Encyclopedia Britannica: “…in RESPONSE to centuries of Muslim wars of expansion….to CHECK the spread of Islam…to RETAKE control of the Holy Land…and to RECAPTURE FORMERLY CHRISTIAN TERRITORIES….”    You see, ‘hawa’, your whole concept of why the Crusades were fought is FULL OF HOLES! muslims were doing what muslims always do–beheading, slaughtering and subjugating INNOCENT Christians, for no other reason than that they were CHRISTIANS!!!! There you have it–ISLAM IS SATANIC, CARTE BLANCHE!!!! Now, as for your super-duper, all pious version of muslims being obedient to parents and stuff like that–tell me this, ‘hawa’, have you ever heard of “HONOR KILLING”??? Yeah, ya know what, ‘hawa’, I’d be an obedient little dubie too, if my father threatened to stab me through the heart, while my mother held me down as he was doing it, i.e. the ‘honor’ killing of Palestina (Tina) Isa, 1989, in St. Louis, MO!!!!! Wikipedia —   Well, of course, you can say that Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia are run by the kuffars and therefore are suspect sources of valid info–HAVE IT YOUR WAY! I’m just showing you the facts–believe whatever you will! Like I said before, JUST GIVE ME JESUS–He’s my valid Source of information!!!!        

  4. Every verse of the quran begins with the mercy of Allah. We are thought to love and respect every one. To be dutiful to our parent’s. To be kind to our mother and to give charity to the poor etc. I invite you to read the quran and listen to the life of the prophet then you will know what Iislam teaches. The crusade that took the lives of many innocent people was not done by Muslims but Christians. The lives of thousands of Bosnia Muslims was done by Christians I can go on n on.

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