Muslim attacks killed 1,000 Christians in Central African Republic

via Bangui Christian-Muslim Clashes Killed 1,000 – Amnesty International

At least 1,000 people were killed in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, in just two days of violence earlier this month, according to Amnesty International. The figure is significantly higher than an earlier UN estimate.

Seleka, a Muslim-militia outfit, ousted Christian President Francois Bozize in March and installed their leader Michel Djotodia as the country’s interim president.

This sparked a sectarian conflict as Anti-Balaka, the Christian militias loyal to Bozize, raided Muslim neighbourhoods and killed about 60 Muslim men.

Following this, Seleka’s men unleashed retaliatory attacks, killing 1,000 people in Bangui.

Earlier, the UN had estimated that about 450 people were killed in Bangui, while another 150 died in separate incidents in different parts of the country.

“The de-facto government forces, known as ex-Seleka, retaliated on a larger scale against Christians in the wake of the attack, killing nearly 1,000 men over a two-day period and systematically looting civilian homes. A small number of women and children were also killed,” the Amnesty report said.

Violence has also spread to other parts of the country. Bossango, 300 km north of Bangui, is also deserted due to the religious violence in the country, Pakistan’s Dawn reports.

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7 thoughts on “Muslim attacks killed 1,000 Christians in Central African Republic

  1. what happens if a 1000 muzzies are killed; Obama sends in our army to help them; as much money as we’ve given Africa they could have rebuilt the whole country, but instead the warlords and so-called terrorist leaders keep the money for themselves and do nothing for the citizens to protect them from the murdering muzzies. this idiocy has to stop and that means destroy the muzzies.

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  3. It is a tragedy ! How many more will be killed in name of Allah? Why does the civilized world not speak out ? Is this the religion of peace?

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