Florida: Another Muslim food stamp fraud busted, robbed taxpayers of $2.8M

via Grandma’s tip leads to 2-year food stamp fraud investigation;… | www.palmbeachpost.com.

A tip from an angry grandmother triggered a two-year food stamp fraud investigation by local and federal authorities that Monday saw warrants issued for 60 people who authorities say cheated the system of $2.8 million.

The three men who ran the mom-and-pop grocery, Fajita’s Meat and Fish at 3921 10th Ave. North where the alleged scam took place were arrested last week and face federal charges, according to court documents. Ali Jaber, Hadi Jaber and Daniel Velazquez have run the grocery since 2006.

Investigators say people who qualified for federal food stamp cards went to the market and rather than buying groceries for their families swiped their cards for cash — an illegal use of the cards.

The market took a cut, charging a 50 percent ‘fee’ for lying to state and federal authorities about the purchases.

h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch who adds:

If you suspect food stamp fraud in a store near you, go here for information on how to report it.

2 thoughts on “Florida: Another Muslim food stamp fraud busted, robbed taxpayers of $2.8M

  1. Lying,cheating is in their culture and by now genetic probably. Do not support any business owned and operated by Muslims. Even better do not give them licenses to own a business. Deport them after they payed back and after their jail sentences.

    • I disagree. Go in and try for cash. Then have the authorities do a sting on them. I would rather see them in jail than robbing our systems.

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