Baltimore: Mosque to sound call to prayer in area targeted “to make Islamic community”

Another no-go zone emerges.

“…establishing Islam within the borders of the Gwynn Oaks area of Baltimore City, in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah”

Baltimore City’s First Masjid Built from the Ground Up to Serve Existing Muslim Neighborhood

via Build It, Because They’ve Already Come.

 He shovels the fresh snow, and sprinkles salt on the driveway. It is the first snow of the season and Mustafa Sharif is getting ready for the Gwynn Oak Islamic Community (GIC) Masjid’s Open house.

 Driving past suburban roads, past Liberty Heights Avenue, past the under construction Shoprite and serene Gwynn Oaks Park, past friendly neighbors helping each other park stalled cars on the icy roads, the cream and teal building is a magnificent sight in the snowfall.

A welcoming community in Baltimore City; a model community with a model masjid which resonates with the call to prayer. Centrally located near the beltway, there is optimistic talk of growth in the brand new masjid, of the school district making the high school into a magnet school, of quiet streets, historic homes, open green spaces, and convenient commute to the city without the congestion.

 Of the ShopRite opening at the corner of Liberty Heights and Gwynn Oak Avenues. The grocery store will have a whole aisle of Halal meat, says the president of Howard Civic Association, Shadid Tamir Abdul-Rahim. He announces that the congregation should submit suggestions for grocery items so that they can be stocked at the store. The community looks forward to more development in the area.

“Seeing 40 houses on a 1/4 acre plots of land for $40,000 to $50,000 dollars, we targeted this area to make an Islamic community,” he conveys.  3500-4000 sq ft homes at extraordinary prices 13 years ago -now a brand new, renovated home costs $200,000.

 $40,000 can still buy you a home, according to Cason, if you are ready to renovate.

 He is the nephew of John (Yahya) Cason, the man behind much of the redevelopment activity. His father and uncle spearhead many of the civic initiatives in the area. Conservatively fifty Muslim families live in the area, he says, who are involved with the Gwynn Oak Islamic Community, but there are a lot more.

Down the street is the Maine Avenue, otherwise known as Islamic Way. “It’s not completely Islamic, but there is a concentration of Muslims on this street. Wholesome is the word that you will often here to describe the lifestyle Muslims have brought to the area,” said Mercedes Eugene, a former president of the civic association in a Baltimore magazine article- copies of which were handed out to visitors at the masjid.

 Former drug houses were bought and renovated. There used to be a liquor store at the corner of Gwynn Oak and Rogers Ave. When it became a hub for drug dealers, Yahya Cason purchased the building and refused to rent it to the liquor store. The builder of the new supermarket evicted another liquor store, and New York Fried Chicken stands where the third liquor store used to sit.

Sharia in action.

 After 4 years, the masjid is near completion. The community has raised over 1.3 million dollars; GIC must raise $40,000 more to complete the masjid construction. A fundraiser is scheduled on the first Saturday of January, 2014.

Three stories high, the masjid is American suburban, with a salute to an Islamic aesthetic with teal arches over the entrance. An elevator leads up to the third floor, which will house the gym and youth rec area. A commercial kitchen, 3 classrooms on the first floor, a musallah on the second and “a lot of attention paid to the bathroom and wudu areas.”

 It’s not a huge building but it fits the immediate needs to the community. To bring Islamic life for their future generations, the community bought a house and expanded it into a masjid. After it was condemned, and to comply with current zoning laws, they decided to raze the house and build a new masjid from the ground up– a first for Baltimore City–symbolic of the new community.

 “We want to raise men who are worthy of our daughters and daughters who are worthy of being mothers of our sons,” says Presley Cason, “as we grow we could easily be the majority in the area.” Working class and professional Muslims live and worship together.

 A homeschooling co-op, a small Islamic school and Al Rahmah School are all options for children’s education.

Hand in hand, the Gwynn Oak Islamic Community is establishing Islam within the borders of the Gwynn Oaks area of Baltimore City, in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah, “where the character of [people of other faiths] is being influenced by our children’s upright characters.” Engaged civically and politically, these indigenous converts are raising generations of born Muslim children and asking others to join them.

 And so it goes. Influenced by foreign Muslims and gone abroad to learn the true meaning of jihad and sharia. Now they are converting American neighborhoods into sharia-compliant Islamic enclaves. In the years to come, when the area is “completely Islamic”, non-Muslims who venture into the area will be accosted just as the author of this piece states blacks were in the ’50’s.

42 thoughts on “Baltimore: Mosque to sound call to prayer in area targeted “to make Islamic community”

  1. With all theser MOSQUES growing all over the USA via Saudi Money, it wont be long till all hell breaks loose here like in the UK, and Europe! Thanks to the DAMN IDIOT MUSLIM in the Grey House! S tand up AMERICA TIME IS RUNNING OUT! GO AFTER CONGRESS AND KICK THEIR ASS’S TO STOP THIS ILLEGAL IMMAGRATION OF SEDITIOUS CRAP FROM MUSLIM COUNTRIES! Nothing but usless wellfare rats!

  2. imagine all of the terror camps,Islamic communities ,and CULTURAL CENTERS are BLACK WATER dots dropped on blotter paper.Watch the dots exspand TOWARDS each other….Connect the dots.This is all a professional strategy

  3. This is actually good, keep them all in groups, it’s easier that way. Ask any pest control expert, the best time to clean up is when they are all in their nests! Just remember where they are and wait!

    • are you that naive to think they will “stay” in one place? this is exactly what happen in the UK, England, and other western countries that Muslims have moved to and now look at thous countries? look at Holland, Switzerland, OMG you need to REALLY wake up

  4. When ‘American’ Muslims have weekly kafir killings here………..I go to Israel.

    A person 18 years of age or older may acquire Israeli nationality by naturalization if he meets these criteria: (1) is currently in Israel, (2) has been in Israel for 3 of the 5 preceding years, (3) intends to settle in the country (4) has some knowledge of Hebrew (former Palestinian citizens are exempt from this provision), (5) renounces any and all foreign nationalities, and (6) takes an oath of loyalty to the State of Israel. Completion of all of the above requirements is not essential in all instances, however, as the Minister of the Interior at his discretion has the power (for a special reason) to waive requirements (1), (2),(4), and (5) above.

    5. By grant from the Minister of the Interior to certain categories of minors.

    The law provides, in addition, for a discretionary grant of citizenship to minors who are not Israeli nationals but who are residents of Israel.

  5. Notice they are doing this in a state where concealed carry permits are a tough issue. It will make harassing non-muslims easier. Mostly liberal their anyway, enjoy libtards!

  6. Administration to allow 100,000 Muslims to immigrant here for the next five years, or half a million, what are your thoughts on this? Have you Goggled “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” yet today?

  7. I submit that Islam satisfies Oliver Wendell Holmes’ threshold of “clear and present danger”.

    I want the threat of Islam, and the certainty of Islamic violence, removed from my country. Our right to be safe trumps any purported grievance or assertion of legitimate prerogative. This is accomplished by removing all the Muslims. It can be accomplished in less than a year.

    All it takes is the will.

    • Absolutely right, J-a-r, but try to get any leftist/Democrat/ Liberal/ Communist to see it that way!

      I think ‘leftist’ and ‘loony’ mean the same thing, right?

      • You are wrong, it is not the democrats or leftist we all are Americans, and we do not want these atavistic hordes and their false beliefs here in the West. It is our Government that fails us, because they are infitrated by the Moslem Brothehood, and our Ptresident bows to the oil and desert King. We have to vote them out, or we will be riding camels .

        • It would seem overall a poor strategy to persuade people with insults, so it’s more appropriate to be enlightening rather than vituperative. The point is to create an awareness of crucial trends, the implications of these trends, especially and exactly the demographics of our beloved country, and a positive interest in having the West determine its own future.

          Foregoing cheap shots helps. Maybe we can make better progress if we hold our tongues and push for what helps us most immediately, which inevitably involves immigration.

  8. all POLITICS begins at the LOCAL level- grouping this way – they will get a Muslim reps in Congress etc- all the better to achieve their stated goal- destroy us from the INSIDE

  9. i can’t believe this website exists, a bastion of Islamaphobia and racism.

    “when the area is “completely Islamic”, non-Muslims who venture into the area will be accosted just as the author of this piece states blacks were in the ’50′s.”

    keeping muslims from forming religious communities to prevent future hypothetical ‘accosting of non muslims’ is an act of violince against muslims.


    • So, you think that sharia law should be the law of the land? Above the Constitution? You think that muslims that come here have move rights than citizens? Is that what you think? If it is you are the problem with the country. You are either a muzzie or a dhimmi either way your mindset would have America looking like England, and that is not going to happen, not by a long shot!

  10. Thanks for the (mis)information on this site. I thought most of what you said was accurate. However, I did some research of my own and then sought answers from many practising Muslims. Your site unfortunately is full of lies or half-truths, and thus it promotes hatred. Don’t believe me? Anyone who reads this response should do their own research and not rely on FOX or CNN or THIS SITE!

    • Please point out specific “lies or half-truths” by copying/pasting and placing in quotation marks and then refute them with links to reputable sources proving otherwise.

      PS: Muslims are permitted to lie to you – a kufr an infidel – to protect their religion. Taqiyya. Or are you a Muslim doing just that to intentionally distract readers?

      Odd someone from Ontario would post such a comment on a story about Baltimore.

    • *@Matt Johnson.* How ironic of you to berate this website about alleged inconsistencies on the very day when Baltimore is being overrun by muslim thugs, c.f., >> Baltimore: Crips and Bloods pose in solidarity with Nation Of Islam <<

  11. No go zones are blatantly illegal. Those are public streets. If the new investors start to make sounds as if it is a no-go zones, the police have probable cause to increase patrols and enforce the rights of visitors and local residents to use those streets just as they did before. In fact this would be a good idea to initiate right now. If people in that area now try to enforce “no go” zones, they should be arrested en masse.

  12. All part of Obamas plan. All I can say is stay armed or become armed. Never allow your children to date a Muslim. My sister married an Egyptian and he calls our family infidels. Told my sister she cannot visit. He tapped her cell. Tells her how to dress. Got her fired. Tells her she’s worthless. Made a Will where she gets 10% and their sons 90%. Tried to turn our family against me when I fought him to see her. He’s pure evil. I swear he is tied to ISIS.

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  14. MASJID? why not call it a mosque! The islamic lexicon is designed to confuse westerners as they fall into Dhimmitude under sharia. The concepts of deceit and treachery in islam is beyond the understanding of the Western mind. Dozens of concepts of lying such as Kitman, Taquiyya etc. The koran commands muslims to lie to advance the destruction of civilizations.
    obaaama said” The sound of the muzlim calls to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth”.

    Obama is STOCKING them

    “STOCKING” Like when a
    farmer stocks a pond with bass or he stocks a field with quail. Obama is
    “STOCKING” this country with Muslims and other undesirables knowing
    full well that they will multiply like rats and wild hogs AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE
    and cause mayhem forever into the future of this country.
    Could there be any more proof that Obama hates this country.

  15. I’m sorry. Did I miss something? Sounds like they are making it a better community. They are getting rid of drug houses and liquor stores and building houses of worship and grocery stores. What is the problem. Sounds like an ideal neighborhood.

    • Oh geez,Katie flower child, who would EVER insinuate that maybe, just maybe, you had ‘missed something’???? First off, you’re only a little over a year LATE with your comment here on this article. And second, WELL….., just think how BEAUUUUTIFUL this neighborhood will sound now with this EAR-SPLITTING, mind-altering CRAP coming over the LOUD speakers from this RATHOLE (oh, ‘scuse me, I mean “mosque”)! Here’s a thought, Katie, flower child, GO TO SYRIA–or better yet, Go to hell!!!! Here’s a little ditty for you, that I KNOW you’ll enjoy!!! “They’re coming to take me away, ho ho, he he, ha ha, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re coming to take me away…”

      • I didn’t realize they let you have internet in the mental institution wellborn.. Perhaps someone should be monitoring your usage though.

    • #MrCatman6. Not for nuthin’, my friend, but I’m sure you’ll probably agree with me that — Who the hell gives a flyin’ flip what language the MUZZTURDS use to call their “temples” of BLOOD-N-GUTS Torture-training, hate-the-kufar nut-houses? — EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING THEY SAY OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS, IS A LIE ANYWAY (You sure got that one RIGHT!) Oh, btw, yeah, that little tidbit goes out to certain other bloggers here, who seem to have “missed something”!!!!! They tell me there’s more of them ‘out than in’ — if ya know what I mean…..

        • OH BUT — me and MrCatman, WE KNOW! Ya better watch out, ya better not cry, cause me and MrCatman, WE KNOW a lot more than some ppl who seem to have “missed something”! Oh yeah, WE KNOW, and we can see the “forest” AND “the trees”–and the whole g-damnd mess is going to MUZZTURD HELL in a handbasket!!!! Oh yeah, you better believe it!!!!!

  16. Don’t worry, our President Trump has something planned.. it’s already started. Remember, he isn’t the type of President that gives a heads up to his plans. He is very calculating. Trump is very systematic. He is intelligent and means to handle this in a way that we as a nation, will no longer need to be concerned about them taking over and bringing sharia law (doesn’t deserve capitalization) to our country, The United States Of America! God Bless America!

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