New Jersey: When black magic failed, Muslim had wife shot dead

Update on these posts. via Email trail: Boonton murder suspect paid $4,500 for black magic to cause wife’s death | Daily Record

Suspected wife killer Kashif Parvaiz sought help from a black magic company in having his wife die in Pakistan where he believed the government was not likely to question the death of the woman, who wound up murdered on a Boonton street, according to pre-trial testimony Thursday.

Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Detective Supervisor Christopher Vanadia, a computer forensics expert, finished testifying before Superior Court Judge Robert Gilson in Morristown on the emails he recovered from Parvaiz’s personal computers after his wife, Nazish Noorani, 26, was fatally shot on Cedar Street in Boonton on Aug. 16, 2011.

Parvaiz, whose computer also turned up evidence that he was trying to buy a doctoral thesis, is accused of conspiring witparvaizh Antoinette Stephen of Billerica, Mass., to murder his wife and the mother of their two young sons. Stephen, who has admitted to the conspiracy, fatally shot Noorani and wounded Parvaiz to make it appear the couple was randomly attacked as they strolled Cedar Street during a Ramadan visit to relatives in Boonton.

County Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Troiano told the judge that Vanadia unearthed 72 emails between 2009 and 2011 that Parvaiz exchanged with four people or entities that claimed to have voodoo and black magic powers and could make individuals die or disappear. Continuing testimony that started last month about his forensic findings, Vanadia on Thursday said he discovered several emails from Parvaiz marked “urgent” and demanding answers as to why his wife was still alive.

Troiano wants the judge to declare admissible at trial the “prior bad acts” that Parvaiz allegedly engaged in before the actual death of his spouse in August 2011. The hearing will continue with more witnesses — possibly even Antoinette Stephen — on Jan. 13. Troiano said he wants to present to a jury about 25 of the emails that Vanadia uncovered.

“I want to know if you can make my wife commit suicide or die a natural death,” Parvaiz wrote to a voodoo website, Vanadia testified. “If she dies here (in Pakistan) it’s better for me because the government won’t question the death,” Parvaiz wrote.

Parvaiz wrote to four black magic or voodoo websites seeking help in getting his wife to die. In one email sent in June 2010, he wrote that he had seen no results despite paying $4,500 for services.

“Am I being scammed here or will I see results?” Parvaiz wrote to Spells at In another email to another company, he wrote, Vanadia testified: “I’m just very anxious about it and want it done ASAP. Anything you can do to boost the process, I’d appreciate it.”

No word yet from Chris Christie on the crazy sharia honor killing stuff taking place in New Jersey.

4 thoughts on “New Jersey: When black magic failed, Muslim had wife shot dead

  1. Black magic forbidden in islam, but still this guy goes for it when it comes to getting rid of his wife.
    Black magic only worked on muhamad. Muslims are fake characters

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