Ohio: More Muslims Arrested in More Food Stamp Fraud

via Grove City Men Accused of Food Stamp Fraud – WSYX ABC6. h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch

GROVE CITY — State agents cracked down on a gas station shop owner and his employee, who allegedly cheated taxpayers out of hundreds of dollars in a matter of days.

Taxpayers lost $3 billion every year in food stamp fraud, according to an undercover video.

Mohammed Aqel and Ahmad Hijazi are accused of contributing to that figure by trafficking food stamp cards in Grove City.

The men were apparently accepting the cards even though their Marathon shop on Broadway is not certified to take the welfare.

Undercover agents with the Ohio Investigative Unit said they posed as customers at this Marathon more than twice in the last few weeks. They said they sold the suspects three EBT cards for more than $100 cash.

The benefits on the cards amount to five times that price.

Agents said Aqel and Hijazi spent it all. They suspect they either bought groceries for their own homes or stocked the shelves at the business.

The duo faces felony charges and risk losing their liquor license.

How much of that $3B+ has been reported here previously?

5 thoughts on “Ohio: More Muslims Arrested in More Food Stamp Fraud

  1. Show me one nation where follower of islam are loyal to the nation All work for islam. Islam ideology is destruction of all who are not following ISlam .Death of USA under islam is written and follows. New laws needed to curb their rights of all who don’t believe in the nation they live.

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