Colorado: Iraqi immigrant on trial in brutal Muslim gang rape

Previous post with more details on the Iraqi Muslims who drugged and gang raped an American woman – 5 Iraqi immigrants arrested in Colorado gang-rape.

via Clashing portrayals in Colorado Springs trial for Iraqi immigrant accused in brutal rape.


An El Paso County jury on Wednesday heard clashing portrayals of Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon, a 21-year-old Iraqi immigrant accused of “shoving” his hand into the rectum of a semiconscious woman, causing severe internal bleeding.

Charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, Ramadon – also known as Jay Hendrix – could face up to the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

His trial, which is expected to last two weeks, comes after an 11-month delay during which the case was held up as the Colorado Supreme Court considered an evidentiary dispute between prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Charged in the July 2012 assault at a west Colorado Springs apartment complex were Ramadon and four other Iraqi immigrants, all of whom were brought to the United States with the help of military members after assisting troops in Iraq.

One co-defendant, Sarmad Fadhi “Levi” Mohammed, 26, is serving 16 years to life in prison after a jury convicted him last year of placing his penis in the woman’s mouth. Three others were accused of lying to police about what they knew of the rape and ended up with misdemeanor convictions.

During opening statements Wednesday, prosecutor Michael Allen identified Ramadon as the man who brutalized the woman – inflicting an injury so severe that doctors say she could have died without medical intervention.

He said the woman’s ordeal ended only when “the unmistakable odor of feces filled the room,” prompting Mohammed to demand that she and Ramadon leave their apartment.

But according to Ramadon’s public defenders, their client wasn’t present when the woman was injured.

While all four co-defendants lived together and looked upon each other as brothers, Ramadon was an “acquaintance” and an “outsider,” said attorney Kim Chalmers, arguing that her client became a suspect only after police allowed his four co-defendants to ride together in a car, without an officer present, on their way to be interviewed about what happened.

“Believe it or not, they came up with a story,” Chalmers said.

Prosecutors said witnesses will help tie Ramadon to the crime, including a neighbor who said Ramadon knocked on his door in the early morning hours after the assault with the bleeding woman at his side.

One of Ramadon’s co-defendants is expected to testify that he witnessed the attack and saw fecal matter on Ramadon’s hand as he withdrew it from her body, Allen said. He said the woman wasn’t drunk but has no recall of her ordeal.

Prosecutors didn’t mention a claim heard at previous court proceedings that the woman was drugged.

The woman didn’t know the men but went to their apartment after witnessing a fight between Ramadon and soldiers in the complex parking lot, prosecutors said.

Ramadon is being tried under the name Hendrix, which he adopted after being brought to the United States with the help of 1st Sgt. Daniel Hendrex, whom Ramadon helped hunt down insurgents, including members of his own family.

In December it was reported that, Colo. Supreme Court suppresses Iraqi evidence.

The Colorado Supreme Court says a judge correctly tossed evidence against an Iraqi man accused of violating a woman in a sex assault case.

Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon, who helped U.S. soldiers hunt insurgents in Iraq, was among five Iraqi men charged after a 2012 attack on an unconscious woman. He is being held on $250,000 bond pending a hearing Tuesday after his trial was delayed pending the evidence review.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday a judge correctly suppressed evidence against Ramadon after police told Ramadon he could get sent back to Iraq and possibly killed if he lied to them. Ramadon told authorities he helped the woman after the assault, but did take part.

Ramadon’s attorney did not return a phone call seeking comment.

3 out of 5 Mohameds. All Muslims. None yet deported. Three free and roaming the streets.

25 thoughts on “Colorado: Iraqi immigrant on trial in brutal Muslim gang rape

    • i agree 100%! we have to do something about this or it will only increase and get worse. no mercy, swift justice! we don’t need muslims in our country, none!

      • And I’m sure the few native Americans that are left feel the same way about the white man Christians pretty much killed an entire race of people because they wanted their land educate yourself

        • Does this woman have anything to do with what took place in the past?The wrongs of past generations does/ should not apply to a new generation unless the wrong deeds are still a part of their actions. If you do believe that they are as guilty, then the sins of the father are past on to the son. In my opinion, you should be judged and be responsible for your own actions, even in speech.

          • Do all Muslims have anything to do with what happened to this woman? No. Sin has been passed on since Adam and Eve. Wasn’t Jesus sent to wash away our sins? All people, no matter what their national origin, skin color, religion, or sexual orientation, should be judged on their own actions and not the actions of the rotten apples. Is everyone forgetting about our own terrorists? What about Timothy McVeigh? Was he not a white christian born and raised here in the United States? Didn’t he commit a terrorist act and kill a bunch of children along with adults? Wasn’t he executed on 6/11/2001 for terrorism. The Oklahoma Bombing was the deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the September 11 attacks and remains the most serious act of domestic terrorism in United States history.

        • Wise man, change your pen name, it does not fit your posts. You need to stop thinking in a one way track and try to realize the context of the conversation. The past can not be changed but it is a great teaching tool.

          • I think outside the box. The pen name is wise person not wise man. I am an intelligent individual so I think I will keep it.

        • Stay on the present subject, and do not preach,we all know what happened in the past, and we want to prevent it. Wise person , you are living in the past, wake up and join the present world.

  1. Why is our State Dept allowing muslims to enter our country by the millions, when they clearly do not appreciate or understand the concepts a democratic society, after coming from those islamic hellholes.
    It’s like importing cancer into our body politic.

  2. Just save time hang them , many of us would like to help. They do not respect their mothers, sisters and wifes. What type of society is this? Devil worshipers , antichrists scums. We do not need them in this country, these bastards of society need to leave, we just had enough of their barbarisms. Americans, patriots let us unite and vote these Islam worship government out , send the back to live in the hell where they belong.

      • Honor killings , multiple wife I divorce you 3times, and divorce is final, beating their wifes allowed by Koran and it is done, making them wear this sack like clothes, no where in Koran it says they have to, etx. So better inform yourself,however I agree that many are more considerate and humanistic esp. If educated in the West!

      • That’s what they tell you, and you’re so ‘wise’ you believe it.
        Got a soft spot for muslims, have you? Despite all the stonings, honour killings, beatings, rapes etc., or have we got it all wrong?

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  4. .” Three others were accused of lying to police about what they knew of the rape and ended up with misdemeanor convictions.” So, lying to police is a misdemeanor? It looks like the prosecution has seriously bungled this case. And no mention of the woman being drugged? No toxicology report? No effort made by any one of the defendants to either prevent this crime, to leave the crime scene, or to report it to authorities? Then in my estimation, all are equally guilty. And all 5 defendants should have been tried together.

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