Michigan: (Another) Catholic college designates prayer room for Muslims

As Muslims slaughter Christians worldwide, Catholics pander to Muslims.  via The Arab American News h/t Islamist Watch.

DETROIT — Marygrove College, a private Catholic school, has established an interfaith prayer room, which will serve as a space for prayer for Muslim students. Marygrove’s president and staff, along with students and representatives from the Muslim community, celebrated on Wednesday Jan. 15, the grand opening of the room, reflecting the college’s diversity.
President of Marygrove College Dr. David Fike said the celebration of the interfaith prayer room is “symbolic” of our coming together as diverse communities and individuals in the journey of life.
Imam Hassan Al-Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America stressed the common spiritual goal of all religions.
“All roads lead to god,” he said. “We worship him in different languages, and he’s the one who understands all languages. By celebrating the grand opening of this chapel, we are celebrating our commonalities. And I’m sure our commonalities outnumber our differences.”
Alia Zeidan, a Marygrove graduate, started attending the college in 2008. She said it was hard for her to drive 30 minutes to Dearborn to pray when she had morning and afternoon classes.
Shouldn’t she have thought of that when CHOOSING a college?
Zeidan proposed the idea of the prayer room in 2011 at a business class.
“We have chapels in the school. I thought to myself why can’t Muslim students have a place to pray,” she said. “I talked to [director of campus ministry] brother Jesse Cox about the issue, especially that the number of Muslims on campus was growing because of the soccer scholarships and the international studies program.”

Zeidan said she did not actively push the project, as she was busy with her academic life. But at the same, the school was following through with the proposal.
Janice Machusak, Marygrove’s director of mission integration, voiced Zeidan’s demands to the school’s leadership. The college consulted community organizations in Dearborn to pick an appropriate room.
In the Fall semester of 2013, which was Zeidan’s last, the room became available to students. Zeidan said she raised about $600 for rugs, prayer dresses and Qurans for the room.
“I was very excited. I wanted to see it happen before I left,” she said. “This room makes us feel equal. They have a place to pray; we have a place to pray. We believe in the unity of all religions. This school is like a family. You never feel alienated because of your faith.”
Zeidan said she could not obtain the exact number of Muslim students at the school while proposing the project because it is optional to declare faith on the college application. But according to her estimates, about 100 Muslims attend Marygrove.
Zeidan thanked the school for its efforts to accommodate Muslim students and singled out  Machusak in her gratitude.
Noor Hussein, who moved recently to the U.S. and is pursuing a degree in social studies at Marygrove, said she did not expect to see a Muslim prayer room in an American Catholic college.
Marygrove is sponsored by The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (I.H.M.), a Catholic religious institute based in Monroe, Michigan. The school was established in Detroit as a 2-year college in 1905. Today 984 undergraduate and  1,713 postgraduate students attend the school.

27 thoughts on “Michigan: (Another) Catholic college designates prayer room for Muslims


    • sooooooooooooooo right on hamfibhamfib and sick also! as a cristian just try to go to a muslim school you will get chopped up for food!

    • They have to pray for forgiveness for all the Christians killed and beheaded, including a priest and a bishop in Syria, see videos, What does the Vatican say ? NOTHING, NOT A WORD, silence however says they approve and they switch from Jesus to Mohammed!

  2. The Roman Catholic hierarchy isn’t bowing down to Islam. They agree with it. That is one of many reasons they signed an Interfaith Agreement with them. There is NOTHING Christian about Roman Catholicism…

    • As a Roman Catholic, I am offended to hear you say there is nothing Christian about Roman Catholicism. I would say that most Catholics are not in agreement with this one sided interfaith agreement. Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life based on hatred and violence and calls for the murder of infidels. Moderation is nonexistent and all must bow to Allah or face torture and death. It’s disgraceful that any Catho-
      lic School would submit to any pressure exerted by Muslims. If they don’t like it, they can go somewhere else. Obviously, these schools worship money more than God. Shame on them for crucifying Jesus once again! As far as Alia Zeidan goes, tough sh*t. Find another school you evil spewing Bitch. Islam condones lying to infidels in order to spread it’s message of hate and intolerance. Did you stand up for the Christians being denied the right to practice their faith in their own countries? No, you kept quiet because you know that to speak against Islam is to request your own painful death.We do NOT want Sharia law in this country. Go and defile some other country but get the Hell out of ours

  3. muslims enrolled to prove they can ‘infiltrate’ any place they please. I feel sorry for the Catholics who have stooped so low as to help a muslim who would think nothing of slipping out the knife and slitting the throats of any Christian or non-muslim.

  4. This is so stupid! I cannot believe the administrators can’t see how disgusting catering to muslims at a Catholic university is.
    In two hundred years, the Roman Catholic Church will no longer exist — because of muslims. The gates of Vienna have been breached.

  5. Qwazini said (to non-Moslems): “All roads lead to god,” he said.
    Either he is a liar or an apostate because his Moslem god in the Koran clearly says:
    1 – The only religion acceptable before God is Islam. 3:19
    2 – If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him. 3:85

    For Moslems, there is only one road to God, and that is Islam.

  6. This another reason why others groups in the Christian world see the catholic church as demonic in nature. I am also glad to say I stopped being catholic decades ago due to abuse. The catholic church also has been selling they’re churches to muslims who take hammers and torches to cross, reliefs and other iconography. The church has been liquidating buildings due to hemmeraging of membership and paying out lawsuites for pedophile priests. This is a to great benefit for all Saudi funded mosques which are popping up all over New York City including my block with out any community approval. There is definitely dark things going at this particular mosque. The government fully funds and supports this group. Anyone who a Christian or believes in in little or nothing will fall victim to they’re own government for the sake of these terrorists. Nuff said…

    • Use whatever excuse you need to justify why you left Catholicism but don’t put the blame on anyone. You chose to leave and that’s it.Christ taught peace love and forgiveness. He did not teach anyone to compromise their beliefs for anything or anyone. If the leaders of any church have made money and politics their new god then they will answer when they face Our Lord. That’s their problem and I refuse to trade my beliefs because too many have fallen and succumbed to the evil in this world. Christianity is based on the teachings of Christ and belief in one’s religion does not mean you condone the ways of your brother. It’s important to lead a good life but it is more important to do good.and speak for those who can’t. The people of the world have become selfish and complacent. Fight for what’s right and don’t lose sight of what Christ taught.

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    • I’m a Catholic but these Catholics are living in a land of make believe and no more practice their faith than they practice Islam. These are the ones who want to sound progressive and spout out all kinds of trash and then behind closed doors make deals with the devil. God is watching

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