Florida: Muslim arrested after runaway Illinois teen found – pregnant & committed to Islam

via Man arrested after Illinois runaway teen is found in Wesley Chapel | Tampa Bay Times. h/t Under the Burka

They met at the mall in her small central Illinois hometown. He came from Turkey and ran a kiosk in Bloomington. It was either June or July last year, detectives say.

She was 16. He was 39.

Tiffany kept her relationship with Sezer Gok a secret from her parents, authorities said. She began working for him. He named a new kiosk for her: Tiffany’s Balloons.

Gok had been working days, if not weeks, in advance to close down each of his kiosks. She left high school and family behind.

Before anyone even knew, they were gone.

“By the time we caught up with them leaving,” Rena said, “we were about 10 steps behind them.”

Tiffany was reported missing Nov. 12. Evidence showed she left willingly with Gok, Rena said.

At some point they were married in a Muslim religious ceremony, a Pasco sheriff’s report states. They first stopped in Pittsburgh. There, the report states, Gok read a news story alleging he abducted Tiffany. He got nervous and took her to Tampa.

Tiffany never told her parents where she was, Rena said. During the two months she was missing, she called them once, just before Christmas.

Back in Bloomington, Rena worked with U.S. marshals to track Gok’s location.

The couple moved to Glenwood Mobile Home Park on Habersham Lane east of Tampa. Then on Jan. 12, they rented a house at 5909 Azure Drive in Wesley Chapel.

Rena would not reveal investigative techniques, but marshals located Gok. Authorities went to the home at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and arrested him.

Investigators interviewed Tiffany, now 17, who told them she was seven weeks pregnant with Gok’s child and that she was “fully committed to Muslim faith,” said sheriff’s spokeswoman Melanie Snow.


Tiffany was taken into child custody. Her father has since picked her up, Rena said.

Gok, now 40, remained in the Land O’Lakes jail Wednesday on charges of interfering with custody and sheltering a runaway. More charges are pending against him in Illinois.

U.S. Immigration and Customs had placed a hold on his release.

That means he’s an immigrant. It also means somewhere in the U.S. an imam married them – probably at a mosque. Where? And what state was the marriage consummated in? Legal age?

11 thoughts on “Florida: Muslim arrested after runaway Illinois teen found – pregnant & committed to Islam

    • Please, this scum is not an animal, animals do not worship devils and commit crimes. He should be hanged for his crimes,

  1. This is what happens to American youth when their parents omit teaching them about Christ. They become the Devil’s playthings.

  2. When the gov. Has the biggest terrorist group musilim brotherhood and federal judges no longer cares about constition and want us to live under sharia law it’s gonna get sick.

  3. Is Tiffany wife #1,2,3, or 4? How many siblings does Tiffany’s child-in-progress already have? Is Tiffany aware that Gok will be entitled to full custody of her child under shariah and may seek such custody when he takes said child abroad to meet the extended family? Tiffany would be well advised to take this time to reconsider the repercussions of the hell her petulance and momentary desire has let loose on her personal future, her family, and her child by submitting to Islam and athe whims of a 40 year old M us lim/pedo.

  4. Like I said before folks, they’re stealing our women by deception and promising them the world only to lead them into a lifetime of Muslim Slavery and converting them not to a religion but to a blood cult. Tiffany was not an adult nor is she now. She is a child and this is what this sick sect wants. Fathers, protect your daughters, mothers, educate them about the evils of Islam. No wonder Islam is growing so rampantly in Western World Countries.

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