Detroit: Muslim Democratic state rep caught in tax fraud

Five years running.

Tlaib with CAIR radicals

via Tlaib blames ‘broken’ system for failure to pay Dearborn school taxes | The Detroit News.

A Democratic state representative from Detroit who helps her constituents prepare their income taxes acknowledged Monday she has been erroneously claiming a homestead tax exemption on a second home in Dearborn for about five years.

State Rep. Rashida Tlaib blamed a “broken” property tax system that allowed her and her husband to double-claim principal residences in both cities, lowering their annual tax bill on the rental house in Dearborn by 18 mills and shortchanging the Dearborn School District by about $350 annually.

Tlaib, who is running for the state Senate this year, said Monday she was working to quickly pay off the tax debt and any penalties.

“It’s kind of sad where we have a broken system where somebody can have two personal residences and nothing gets caught … and you can have two drivers’ licenses and they catch it,” said Tlaib, who vowed to sponsor legislation that would catch the problem for people with second homes. “If I wasn’t running for office, I’d have never caught it. … This is a big mistake, and I’m going to address it.”

Tlaib said the double-counted exemption came to light because of “opposition research” conducted by an opponent in her 4th District state Senate campaign. A spokesman for her main Democratic primary opponent, state Sen. Virgil Smith of Detroit, declined to comment Monday on Tlaib’s tax issue.

Caught by an opponent.

Tlaib who is Michigan’s only Muslim lawmaker, was chosen to nominate Obama at DNC.

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2 thoughts on “Detroit: Muslim Democratic state rep caught in tax fraud

  1. There you go it’s someone else’s fault when they get caught. The victim mentality. She was smart enough to milk the system and deceive taxpayers until she gets caught. Different set of values! They should now check the tax returns she’s been preparing, bet she has been less than honest preparing those and stealing taxpayer money?

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