California: 15-year sentence for Taliban-supporting bank bomber

via 15-year sentence for man who wanted to bomb bank – Wave Broadband.


U.S. District Judge Virginia Gonzalez Rogers said Thursday she was satisfied that the sentence — spelled out in a plea deal between Matthew Aaron Llaneza and federal prosecutors — struck a balance between acknowledging the 29-year-old San Jose resident’s mental condition and punishing him for actions that “by their nature are terrorist.”

Llaneza was arrested last February near a Bank of America building in Oakland after he tried to detonate an SUV loaded with chemicals he secured with the help of an FBI agent posing as a Taliban go-between.

Both the vehicle and the inert chemicals loaded inside were supplied by FBI agents after Llaneza allegedly made contact with an undercover agent who pretended to have connections with the Taliban and helped him build a phony car bomb. He was arrested near the four-story bank building in Oakland after he pressed a cellphone trigger to try to detonate the explosives, which he believed were real.

The FBI alleges Llaneza hoped the explosion would be blamed on anti-government militias and prompt a government crackdown that would touch off civil unrest in the United States. He also allegedly bragged that he had experience in guerrilla warfare and expressed a desire to join the Taliban in Afghanistan after carrying out the terrorist plot.

5 thoughts on “California: 15-year sentence for Taliban-supporting bank bomber

  1. What mental condition , they the terrorists are all mentally brainwashed by their mullahs to kill the infidels. 15 yrs is a shame, life sentence or death sentence would be the justice they desereved. If that car bomb would have detonated, how many lives innocently would have been lost?Once a terrorist , always one. Eradicate them from this country, stronger sentences and even if they are citizens, their families should be deported, as well as friends, We cannot cuddle them and make excuses for the why a lower sentence applies to these scumbags. We the citizens and tax payers and PATRIOTS can only take so much.We should declare sharia laws on them, and rid the west of this pestilence.

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