Colorado: Fort Collins now marked by 70-foot minaret at new mosque

“The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets. Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom.” ~ Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan

It’s happening all across the U.S. via Muslim community invites Fort Collins to new mosque and Islamic Center | The Coloradoan

Islamic Center of Fort Collins will host an open house Saturday to introduce a new building and reintroduce the area’s Muslim community.

The 18,000-square-foot Turkish-style mosque and Islamic Center, 925 W. Lake St., opened in late 2013 as a beacon of hope and visibility to the city’s roughly 2,000-strong Muslim community. Muslims have been in Fort Collins since 1952, according to the Center’s website. The first mosque was established in March 1980.

Saturday’s festivities begin at 10 a.m. and will allow people to tour the facility — which includes hand-woven carpet from the Middle East, gender-specific wudu rooms for washing hands, feet and face before prayers, and traditional mihrab to echo prayers and sermons throughout the building, — and participate in interfaith dialog and cultural exchange.

The Islamic Center’s previous building was just more than 2,500 square feet without many external identifying features at its Peterson Street location. The new building features a 70-foot minaret and 50-foot dome, both topped with crescent moons.

To have such a building as this is just really unimaginable,” said Islamic Center member Elizabeth Siddique, 80. Siddique has been in Fort Collins since 1964 and said her family was one of the first Muslim families to stay in the area permanently.


“I think it’s going to be, for the most part, an introduction to who we are and what we stand for,” she said.

No introduction needed.

We’ve posted previously on Islamic dawah in Fort Collins via taxpayer funded exchange students.

And Anwar al Awlaki bilked taxpayers to attend school and begin spouting jihad against Americans in Fort Collins, not far from where Muslim Brotherhood leader Sayyid Qutb Denounced U.S. Greed, Sexuality.

11 thoughts on “Colorado: Fort Collins now marked by 70-foot minaret at new mosque

    • 1952? Your facts are well off, my fellow American. Muslims were been in the colonies since before the American Revolution, when the slave trade brought them here against their will. It is almost certain that slaves who practiced Islam before their arrival fought in the Revolutionary War to gain their freedom, and establish yours. Consider that our founding fathers supported religious freedom – Thomas Jefferson’s own qu’ran is kept as a national treasure in the Library of Congress and George Washington spoke of the value of Muslim citizens of these United States. Consider also that the structuring of citizenship in the US Constitution specifically used the acceptance of citizen Mahometans, as Muslims were colloquially identified then, as the litmus test for a free America. Consider even further that the crescent appears on graves throughout US national cemeteries, marking the graves of Muslim service men and women who practiced Islam, fought for the US, and died. Yes, Muslims are fewer in number in the US than those who practice other religions, but does that make them less deserving of the respect you consider yourself worthy of? How is a minaret any different from a church steeple? Should we outlaw the ringing of church bells too (even though minarets are simply an architectural element in US mosques and not actually used as a platform for announcing the call to prayer to the community, as is done in dominant-Mulsim communities overseas). Shall we topple the clock towers of US train stations and civil buildings built in Itialianite architecture style, because these elements were inspired by minarets of the far east? Should we stop using Arabic numbers to count? Shall we stop using astronomy, the roots of which were founded in Mesopotamia, to track the travel of the sun and moon, and crawl back into our caves? Open your eyes and perhaps you’ll see that Islam in the USA far pre-dates the narrow-minded civil belief system being espoused here.

        • @ Bryan Bohn. Not for nothin’, Bryan, but you’ll forgive me if I call you a ‘Bohn-head’! First place, Jefferson kept a koran on his bookshelf because he wanted to educated himself against the TYRANNICAL muzzlum pirates who were threatening and attacking the British trade ships which were bound for America! THAT’S THE VERY REASON he established our Naval forces for defense! What’s more, if any ‘muslims’ came to America during the colonial times, they would have had to be African slaves who were forced to become muslim by the Arab slavers who sold them to the Middle Passage ship captains. YOU’RE A MIXED-UP SOB, ‘Bryan Bohn’–head!!!!!              

  1. what a shame to ruin the landscape with an islam emblem; pure trash and should be removed immediately; just another place hide and plan terrorism

  2. Islam is a religion of conquest and it looks like the US is their latest victim.. we only have to look at Europe and the UK to see what the future holds for us. We have to really and remove Islam from our country before it’s to late.

  3. amazing that we embrace this with open minds and hearts. people have been conditioned to believe the Islam is a religion of sorts. it is a political ideology based upon conquest and plunder. Islam means ‘submission’. People need to study history and check out the facts.

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