South Dakota: Muslim refugee gets life sentence for sex trafficking of teen girls

via | ‘House of Horror’ Sex Trafficker Sentenced to Life. h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch


SIOUX FALLS, SD – The Sioux Falls man authorities say ran a sex trafficking “house of horror” will now call prison home for the rest of his life. On Monday, Federal Judge Karen Schreier sentenced 45-year-old Mohammed Alaboudi to four life terms behind bars. He will serve those concurrently. Alaboudi took in teen girls and young women, gave them drugs and forced them into prostitution out of his one-bedroom apartment near McKennan Park.

Schreier essentially said this is the worst case of human sex trafficking she has seen because it involved more, “force and coercion,” than others. Four of Alaboudi’s victims who were repeatedly raped and tortured told their former captor how his actions have impacted them.

“They were treated, as Judge Schreier said today, in many cases, worse than a person would treat their own dog,” U.S. Attorney for South Dakota Brendan Johnson said.

And we know how Muslims treat dogs.

Federal prosecutors said Alaboudi preyed on, “vulnerable,” often homeless, young girls and women. He gave them a home, drugs and alcohol. Prosecutors said he often got them hooked on meth, and made them huff hairspray.

“He would bring in man after man after man into his home to have sex with these young girls and women. If they refused, they would be raped or they would be beaten,” Johnson said.

Victims called Alaboudi a “monster,” who would, “sit and laugh while the girls were raped.” One called their situation “hell.” Another victim hopes, “God decides to forgive him some day.”

Toward the end of the hearing, Alaboudi yelled at the judge and said he was innocent. He also called FBI agents and federal prosecutors liars.

“Mr. Alaboudi’s house of horror is closed.  Our mission as law enforcement is to make sure another one does not open its doors in the future,” Johnson said.

Until the immigration pipeline from Muslim countries is closed, expect more rape jihad.

15 thoughts on “South Dakota: Muslim refugee gets life sentence for sex trafficking of teen girls

  1. Hopefully, this piece of Islamic FILTH will be raped daily by at least 100 very nasty and dangerous dudes.

    Hasta la Vista, Islamic FILTH! The gravy train is over.

    • There seems to be alot of poor misunderstanders of Islam they must do a very poor job of teaching their beliefs in their mosque

  2. Thank you Obama for relaxing the already lax immigration laws for muslims so that we here in America can experience the same grotesque barbaric actions of muslim men as they do in their hellhole countries. By what criteria was this “refugee” let in? What danger was he in that he should be let loose on us? And when are our dhimmi cowardly politicians going to put a stop to it? Ever since 9/11/01 this country and others have been taking these criminals in, not speaking the truth about that death cult islam. Not telling our children the truth in school or in church. You can talk til you’re exhausted to your reps and it goes nowhere. Someday. Someday we’ll be taking care of this ourselves. Don’t expect the media to cover it. Why is everyone so scared? We are at war with islam because they are at war with us.

    • You need to understand Christians are excluded in this “refugee” program. As they are killed it is all ignored.The killers, however are able to use this program. Syria comes to mind.

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  4. Come on! The koran say he can take conquered people and do what he likes. You are trampling his mosque trained religious beliefs! The Democrats and politically correct stand behind him! I expect Erik Holder and Obama to come in and teach you all a lesson over this fine man! If obama had a son…… If Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein hear about this….. He probably gave his slaves free clitorectomies too.
    If you want to punish him, give him obamacare.

  5. Now he will go to prison and convert black thugs to islam, which will then be released out onto the streets. To the U.S. Attorney, muslims have almost as much disdain for women — more for infidel women — as they do dogs.

  6. Let’s not forget – this guy wouldn’t have been in business if it weren’t for the demand for this type of service. So while we consider him filth, we need to look around us and root out those who would abuse little girls and young women – because folks, they seem to be everywhere.

  7. This scum bag needs a blanket burka party. “If you see something say something.” There are so many of these pukes debasing young girls and we the public and help stop them.
    The Trucking Industry is working big time watching for sex traffickers in the truck stops. Several young girls have been saved.
    Don’t be afraid to call for help if you see some dude hurting a young girl. Time to stop them, and let them know we will do whatever to put an end to this filthy type of abuse.

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