Ohio: Four Somali Muslims arrested in $670,612 food stamp fraud

They sent the money overseas, likely back to Somalia. via Feds: Four charged with $670,612 food stamp fraud. h/t RRW

Four men from Northeast Ohio were charged in a five-count indictment with engaging in a conspiracy to defraud the food stamp and Women, Infants and Children programs from a store on Detroit Avenue in Cleveland, law enforcement officials said.

Indicted are: Bashir Mohammed, 31, of Cleveland; Yusuf Maalin, 45, of Cleveland; Ali Shire Ahmed, 54, of North Olmsted, Ohio; and Farah Hasan Warsame, 27, of Cleveland.

The indictment alleges that Mohamed, Maalin, Ahmed, and Warsame conspired to illegally allow customers to redeem food stamp and WIC benefits at Bashir Market, 8401 Detroit Avenue, in exchange for cash, ineligible items, and credit towards overseas wire transfers.

Mohamed, Maalin, and Warsame allegedly worked at the market and redeemed the food stamp and WIC benefits for the cash, unauthorized items, or credit towards overseas funds transfers. The credit for overseas funds transfers was tracked on a ledger kept at the market, according to the indictment.

Mohamed or Maalin would then provide Ahmed with cash or a check that Ahmed would take to Columbus to send overseas by wire transfer.

The indictment alleges that the conspiracy involved the attempted redemption of approximately $670,612 in food stamp and WIC benefits, according to the indictment.

The conspiracy took place between 2008 and last year, according to the indictment.

In addition to the conspiracy charge, Mohamed, Maalin, Ahmed, and Warsame are also charged with counts of food stamp fraud, unlawful food stamp redemptions, and WIC fraud. Ahmed is charged with one count of money laundering.


8 thoughts on “Ohio: Four Somali Muslims arrested in $670,612 food stamp fraud

  1. Now you know where Al Qaeda gets their funds to buy weapons and ammunition………….the American Food Stamp program brought to you by the Party of Food Stamps, better known as the Democratic Party and the head master in charge is Barack Obama!

    • That ammo shortage? Guess who sent it where…. They don’t need to buy any. Its being used to kill Christians, and the Syrians who do this are coming here as obama blessed refugees. Thank a Democrat.
      BTW: did you know obama is putting the internet under the UN? And thats now controlled by the OIC, a muslim group. Anyone spell hate speech? Guess what they will do with your free speech. Thank a Democrat.

    • Obama invited 75.000 Somali Muslims to come to some of the southern States. They would use some FEMA housing. Since they have no skills, are not employable, and are considered or, they will get food stamps. Guess where the stamps will end up, we actually aid jihad against us. We should take immigrants, that have skills are educated and bring something to our economy, these just bring their streets smarts, leaches on the America population. Now I understand why so many Muslims are in the food stamp business . Use the money to deport them back to their country! NO MORE IMMIGRATION FROM THESE COU TRIES,

  2. Obama prefers these over Christians and real Americans. The future does not belong to those who slander islam. –Obama
    Are you enjoying obamacare? Thank your democrats by voting them out.. Liberals are saying it does not make a difference in the voting coming up. PS: some places this crap is going to triple in price. That is set for after the election .

  3. Give them a free ride halfway back to Somalia and let them provide for the other half of the distance be it a breast stroke, dog paddle, or whatever.

  4. the muzzies sure know how to scam the system; they should be returned to the desert, quicker the better. yes, thank a democrat and obamahole for the downturn in our country; the rest of the world including all muzzies are laughing their asses off.

  5. Reply to YF,

    It is true we have our share of white American crooks. But why do we have to import more crooks? We brought some 80,ooo Somalis to the US in the 1990s. Now we have a mess on our hands.

    Your moniker speaks volumes about you.

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