Long Island, NY mosque funded jihad in Afghanistan

via Elder Of Ziyon h/t TROP

Which is bigger news: that a mosque on Long Island funded a terror group, or that a Brooklyn mosque didn’t?

The New York Daily News decided the latter:

When a Seattle man working in London with hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri flew to New York to raise money for jihad fighters in Afghanistan, a Brooklyn mosque told him to get lost, he testified.

Witness James Ujaama said a Long Island mosque chipped in to help Abu Hamza’s Supporters of Sharia group. “What was the reaction you received from the mosque in Brooklyn?” a prosecutor asked Thursday. “Not very supportive,” Ujaama said.

Abu Hamza, 56, is charged with aiding Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

EoZ concludes:

…shouldn’t people know the name of this Long Island mosque whose members happily fork over money to terrorists?

Yes they should.

That said, U.S. taxpayers are forking over (read: plunder) billions of their hard-earned dollars to Obama who forks it over to terrorists in Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and even the very same Afghanistan noted above.

Some background on Abu Hamza and the Supporters of Shariah and a backpost on Ujaama the Seattle Muslim turncoat who was almost beheaded by a real Muslim.

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