Chicago: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s former aide arrested in Pakistan after fleeing US conviction

via Former aide to Chicago mayor arrested in Pakistan | Pakistan Today. h/t halalporkshop

A former aide to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who fled to Pakistan while awaiting sentencing in the United States on corruption convictions has been arrested in Pakistan and authorities there are deciding whether to hand him over to the United States, Pakistani officials said.

Amer Ahmad was detained on fraud allegations four days ago when he tried to enter Pakistan at the airport in Lahore carrying large amounts of cash, an airport official said.

We recovered $170,000 and 124,000 euros from him,” the airport official said on condition of anonymity as he was not authorised to speak to the media on the matter.

“We had already been alerted about his arrival and fraud allegations. He is still in Lahore but may be moved to Islamabad in the coming days.”

Ahmad faces up to 15 years in federal prison in the United States after pleading guilty in December to conspiracy to commit money laundering, wire fraud and bribery.

He was accused of conspiring with others from about January 2009 through January 2011 to use his role as deputy treasurer for the state of Ohio to direct official state of Ohio broker services business to a securities broker in exchange for payments from that broker. A sentencing date has not been set.

Ahmad, 39, had gone on to become a comptroller for the City of Chicago, where he lived with his wife and children while awaiting sentencing. He resigned as Chicago comptroller before his indictment in August on the Ohio charges.

A federal judge issued an arrest warrant for him last week for violating the terms of his bail agreement.

His wife, Samar Ahmad, 35, had sought an order of protection against him in Chicago on April 24, accusing him of verbal abuse, threatening to take their children and asking her to get him a fake birth certificate from Pakistan for a passport.

“He believes that (he) is not guilty and deserves a life with the children and repeatedly gets very angry if I say anything,” she said in the court document.

Mobasher Tirmizi, deputy director at the Federal Investigation Agency said, Ahmad has dual nationality, Pakistani and American.

“It is premature to say whether we will hand him over to the US,” Tirmizi said. “For now we will produce him before the court. It’s for higher officials to decide if he will be handed over to the Americans.”

We last posted on Ahmad in 2010, Ohio Dem Hanging with Islamic Extremists.

Deputy Treasurer Amer Ahmad, who has a habit of hanging around people who are well-known for ties to Islamic radicals and terrorists. Ahmad does so in his professional capacity, as well as in his personal life, choosing to attend an infamous mosque near Columbus, Ohio.

One of Ahmad’s most questionable decisions was to spend his July 4 holiday as the keynote speaker at a dinner sponsored by Amana Funds, a Sharia-compliant mutual fund company whose co-founder and current trustee Yaqub Mirza was targeted for terrorist connections in an FBI raid in 2002, as were two other longtime trustees, Iqbal Unus and Jamal Barzinji. (Barzinji left the board in 2001.)

According to an FBI affidavit, Amana’s co-founder Mirza was paymaster for an Islamic charity that funneled millions to Hamas. Mirza signed at least three checks totaling over $300,000 from the account of Safa Trust, which were given to the Holy Land Foundation. HLF was eventually shut down for supporting Hamas, and its founders were sentenced last year to lengthy prison terms for terrorism-related convictions.

6 thoughts on “Chicago: Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s former aide arrested in Pakistan after fleeing US conviction

  1. This FILTHY ISLAMIC SCUM have invaded every crevice of decent society. They are ALL corrupt lying FILTH.


  2. We allowed this by being PC, tolerant, blind, greedy and stupid. We must take responsibility, repent, ask God for forgiveness, then put on the armor of God and boldly take back our Judeo Christian country. Pray that it is not too late.

  3. Another one of Obama’s honorable jerks who helped get electeds Isn’t it funny how all these people tied to Obama have mid-eastern ties. Hell even Hillary and Bill have take money from the Muslims.

  4. How are these dots to be connected?? Emanuel is Jewish? and Ahmed is a muslim . Should be enemies instead of ah buddies. And the $300K would buy a lot of kebabs in pakistan. Seems to me a good case for Treason could be made for the duel nationals. Perhaps Ahmad was to buy a fake birth certificate for BO??????

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