Michigan: Muslim newspaper runs fake photo of Syrian boy, forced to remove

 Al Durra in Michigan. via Muslim Observer newspaper apologizes after fake photo of Syrian boy. h/t HalalPorkShop

Michigan newspaper The Muslim Observer published a fake photo of a Syrian boy sleeping between two graves.

The photo was published on the Muslim Observer’s website along with a Reuters story titled “Death Toll in Syria’s Civil War Above 150,000: Monitor.”


iMediaEthics previously debunked the photo as fake in January of this year.

The photographer, Abdul Aziz al Otaibi based in Saudi Arabia, confirmed to iMediaEthics at the time that the photo was part of an art project. The boy shown is his nephew, and al Otaibi said he created the fake graves using stones. The photo was taken near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

See below a photo of the boy posing, from al Otaibi’s Instagram.

The photographer al Otaibi posted this photo on Instagram of his nephew posing


The Observer says on its website it is a news organization created in 1999 focusing on “matters pertaining to Islam and Muslims.”

They were forced to make a correction. But who reads corrections?

5 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslim newspaper runs fake photo of Syrian boy, forced to remove

  1. even if it were real – if the moslems stopped killing then there would be peace. They just love using children – propaganda, hiding behind them, hiding among them, sending them out to be bombs, using them to sweep for bombs, making more for their sadistic purposes.

  2. the Muslim media exists to INCITE violence and hate…………….

    truth has no relevance in that..
    the lie, once out there, becomes as real as if it were true. Sucessive denials and retractions never make the headlines and happen way to late to matter

    Thus in Middle East you have 1.5 people educated and thoroughly invested in LIES (well of course they also believe in a more HUGE lie called Islam so…)

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