Video: Muslim group says kidnapped Christian schoolgirls now Muslim

via AFP.

Boko Haram released a new video on Monday claiming to show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls, alleging the teenagers had converted to Islam and would not be released until all militant prisoners were freed.

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4 Responses

  1. Obama supports them. Looks like the media is turning though.

  2. If you tell 99.9% of any people that we are going to kill you if you do not do what we want they will do it, and young girls who have a whole life in front of them, all they are thinking of there families and love ones, and the Love that Jesus Christ can only give.

    I can paint a Elephant pink and glue wings on it and tell it its a bird…is it a bird, can it fly….if your a muslim you’d say its a bird, no doubt!

    Those girls are, and will always be Christian until they freely under no pressure of death except the religion of satan aka islam.

  3. Oh yeah Obama did send help to get those girls, there is a picture of his wife holding a sign “Save our Girls” do you think he would intervene and stop the religion of peace from raping and torturing those girls there Christian, he’s muslim.

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