Virginia: Two more Somali Muslims sentenced in attack on USS Ashland

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A federal prosecutor said a Somali man convicted of piracy stood ready to launch a rocket-propelled grenade at a Navy ship four years ago.

The man, Mohamed Abdi Jama, was sentenced Thursday to 41-1/2 years in federal prison for his role in the April 2010 pirating attempt on the dock landing ship Ashland. Another Somali, Abdicasiis Cabaase, was sentenced to 42-1/2 years in prison for his role in the attack.

They were the last two of five Somalis convicted and sentenced this week for trying to hijack the Ashland.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ben Hatch said Jama held an RPG that day, but that it was broken and incapable of firing. Still, the sailors didn’t know that. The captain may well have believed that the pirates were capable of blowing up the bridge, he said.

“It’s a very threatening weapon. I do believe he stood ready to perform,” Hatch said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office had sought life prison terms for each of the five Somalis, but the judge ruled that would violate the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment. He equated the case to attempted hostage taking.

U.S. District Judge Raymond A. Jackson said the sentences handed out this week, though less than life, “send a message to those who commit piracy.”

It’s cruel and unusual punishment for Americans taxpayers to have to pay to feed, cloth and give special Islamic treatment to foreign Muslims who attack our sailors.

6 thoughts on “Virginia: Two more Somali Muslims sentenced in attack on USS Ashland

  1. Piracy on the high seas is a DEATH PENALTY! The Captain of the ship should have held court on the ship and HUNG THIS PIG FROM THE YARD ARM! QUIT WASTEING MONEY ON THESE STINKING PILES OF PIG DUNG!

  2. Anyone want to ask the imam at the mosque about him uttering muslim terrorist threats against America to his congregation?

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  4. This gut got 41 1/2 years. Great. No time off for good behavior. Couldn’t play nice while he was out here.

    One down and only 50,000,000 to go, roughly. Add in the children brain-washed that we are the Great Satan, minus the suicide bombers that think they are supposed to practice.

  5. Hey, Somali pirate scum. Get in the cage, wear what you are given, leave the pillow case on the pillow or lose the whole thing. No, you are not going to be supplied with a towel to wrap around your head. No, you will not be given Halai compliant food. Eat this crap that all inmates get or do without. Hunger strike? Okay. You will get meals delivered to you each day and it will be given to the guy in the cell next to you with instructions to eat in plain sight so you can watch. You pass out from hunger then we will wake you up with the firehose or Big Bubba fresh out of solitary. He’s awful lonesome!!!! You choice, the only choice you will ever be given on anything. It’s prison, not the Ramada Inn. Koran? No thanks. I don’t read smutt. Recite it from memory but don’t wake up Bubba, he’s awful lonesome.

  6. I think of all the hungry kids who could be fed, the infrastructure that could be repaired/rebuilt, the schools that could be upgraded, the elderly needing health care, the job training that could be done, the taxes that could be lowered, but nooooooooo, let’s waste money on arresting, incarcerating, trying, incarcerating, feeding, etc., this Muslim vermin.

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