23,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11

TheReligionOfPeace. Praised by politicians and media the world over.


December 2013: 22,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11

June 2013:  21,000 deadly attacks by Islamic terrorists since 9/11 | Creeping Sharia.

December 2012: 20,000+ deadly terror attacks by the ‘Religion of Peace’ since 9/11

June 2012: 19,000+ deadly attacks by Islamic terrorists since 9/11

November 2011: 18,000 deadly terror attacks committed by the ‘Religion of Peace’ since 9/11

9 thoughts on “23,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11

  1. If Barack Obama has his way, Iran will join the nuclear club and multiply these powerful and destructive weapons by the hundred or thousands over the next decade or so.

    Islam, the “last hurrah”?

  2. It’s time we all listened to Joel Richardson, who clarifies Islam for what it is – a religion spawned by satan (“St Gabriel ” that Mohammed saw was not the real St Gabriel who appeared to the Blessed Mother, but rather was satan appearing as St Gabriel).

    Since God has Christianity, why should not the devil be a contender for souls and have also his own religion? His religion is one disguised as the religion of peace – Islam – founded by him (the devil) in a cave as he appeared to Mohammed in the form of St Gabriel the Archangel.

    The current elites babbling about Islam being a religion of peace despise God, Christianity, and Western civilization – they hate goodness, morality, innocence, the family, virtue – and instead throw it all over for evil – destruction, blood, beheadings, forced conversions, slavery (gee, I thought that we were supposed to be against slavery these days), beating and killing of women, etcetera, etcetera.

    Ah, so be it. We shall go back to the 7th century living in tents, wearing unfashionable clothing, no makeup, no cars, no electricity, women being slaves, men being dominant bullies, no forming of human character by goodness and virtue (those being mere concepts of the dusty Christian past) and the devil ruling the world.

    There’s only one problem with that – Christ said that He would prevail in the end, not satan. It matters not whether one believes in Christ as God…the fact is that He is, and there is nothing that the devil or Islam can do about it.

  3. Dont understand what the world is waiting for! ISLAM is slithering its way all over the world causing DEATH AND DESTRUCTION in front of their eyes and they just stand there like stones of no understanding of what is happening! Centuries ago they did something about it. Crusades corrected the problem then and could again if the people ever wake up! The core of ISLAM IS JOIN OR DIE!

  4. Since the beginning of the Monthly Jihad Report, when the mainstream media poo-pooed it, it has now blown up (pardon) into an undeniable monitor that I’ve seen cited all over the world as proof of the violent streak in Islam that Muslims are not inclined generally to apologize for.

    There is no CAIR to explain or offer condolences for the Boko Haram attacks, no civil rights lobby that tries to apologize and redirect a peaceful message of Islam to contrast this tally.

    There is if you can look continuous mass violence all over the world committed in the self-spoken name of Islam, and that is the message the West sees, reads, and hears. Even Team Obama is starting to hear it.

    Even Democrats who take money to spin for Muslim groups are starting to hear their constituents say “enough.” Bit by bit the liberal apologists have fallen away who try to take violence from Christianity’s past to make it equivalent to the Islam of today.

    More and more the liberals in the US are likely to be able to state the facts of the violence and human rights abuses against vulnerable groups in Muslim countries without trying to spin that that the abuses occur elsewhere, when it is obvious that the scale of the problem is inordinately greater in Muslim nations such as with gay rights, FGM, or violence against women and children codified into law.

    The world is taking off the blinders. This simple little counter helped to do it, as tragic as it is.

  5. I posted this figure on MSN or Yahoo yesterday and guess what … the liberal vermin there called me a liar. They wanted to know the source of my numbers. I told them that since they had already called me a liar, that they could f’ck off and find it themselves. I hope it makes them (even more) insane.

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