Spain revokes asylum of refugee filmmaker who criticized Islam (video)

via Imran Firasat Asylum Revoked | Dispatch International.

6 thoughts on “Spain revokes asylum of refugee filmmaker who criticized Islam (video)

  1. I’d like to know one thing in particular, how many muslims and/ or muslim sympathizers have recently been elected to the local gov’t where this guy lives? Aye, there’s the rub! PROTECT OUR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AND OUR DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE–DON’T ELECT MUSLIMS!!!

    • Yes, and this is why Westerners and Americans in particular, need to stop seeing the so-called “peaceful” muslims as a non-threat! They’re all a threat to Western civilization–every last one of them, and their expressed goal is to subjugate the whole world under their diabolical Sharia! They enslave every culture of people where they establish a foothold! ISLAM AT IT’S VERY CORE IS INTRINSICALLY TOTALLY EVIL!!

  2. Firasat is a hero. “Islam is like anything. You can debate it. It can be criticized, analyzed.” Why are these words shocking in EUROPE and the basis for making deporting someone, making him stateless, essentially, or sending him to his death? Is Spain going back to the time of Nazism and Fascism?

  3. My family didn’t die fighting in WWII to have Europe sell out its free speech so easily. The US needs to sanction the EU for this as harshly as we sanctioned Putin.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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