Texas: Muslim shoots brother & sister, then self in triple killing

via Shooter ID’d in triple killing in Stafford | News – Home. h/t Under the Burka

STAFFORD, Texas – Stafford police have identified the shooter in a mass murder-suicide that claimed the lives of three children on Tuesday.

Investigators say Fahad Mughal, 18, used a shotgun and an AR-15 assault rifle to kill his brother, Faheem Mughal, 23, and sister Rebecca Mughal, 15, before killing himself. Police say the children’s mother found their bodies scattered through the family’s home in the 13100 block of Venice Lane in Stafford at around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Investigators say a motive for the killings may never be known, but there may have been tension within the family. Police say the children’s father, Jamil, had recently moved out of the house. Stafford police have responded to eight calls for service at that address since 2005, including disturbance complaints.

Dasleem Siddiqui with the Houston Pakistani-American Association says the killings sent a shockwave through Houston’s Pakistani community.

“The whole community is in sorrow and we are shocked. This is a big tragedy for the family and the community,” Siddiqui said.

A fourth child, a daughter, was attending classes at Houston Community College at the time of the shooting. Police say that probably saved her life.

Funeral services for the victims are scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday at Houston’s Al Noor mosque.

5 thoughts on “Texas: Muslim shoots brother & sister, then self in triple killing

  1. Of course. What else do you expect. Muslim FILTH killing, killing and killing.

    Eradicate Islamic FILTH NOW! Intern camps for ALL Muslims occupying the U.S.

  2. Here we go. This mad dog kills his siblings with an AR-15. That means the AR-15 jumped into the hands of this idiot and made him pull the trigger. So now the fight will be renewed to try to get AR style weapons banned so when the ISIS terrorists have enough of their members in America that slipped through the border, they will be armed better than we are. I can hear Obama now from under his desk, “Trust me, these ISIS are just misunderstood. They want to come here to be free and have a better way of life. King Abi Dobi bin Knobby told me so.”

    And I will say “Okay. No problem. Tell them to come ahead to my house. No need to knock. Just walk right in.” As I rack a steel shot shell into the chamber. At least it’s not an AR-15. The next is a slug.

  3. It was said above that ” the fourth child, a daughter, was attending classes at Houston Community College at the time of the shooting which probably saved her life.” No, it DID save her life – – no “probably” about it. Her being ABSENT from the scene absolutely DID save her life. The mass media are sometimes in a state of pitiful intellectual ignorance.

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