Anaheim: “Little Arabia” Now an Official Tourist Attraction

Little-Arabia-thumb-550x299 The big Arabia is becoming a big caliphate. Now this in Caliph-ornia. via Anaheim’s Little Arabia: Now an Official Tourist Attraction! | OC Weekly. h/t UNDER THE BURKA

After months of courting local communities, politicians and convention officials, Little Arabia marked another milestone yesterday. The ethnic enclave of family-friendly Middle Eastern restaurants and markets mostly along Brookhurst Street in Anaheim is now recognized as a tourist attraction by the city and the Anaheim Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau. A profile of the district went live online on the latter’s website making things official!

The vision began to take shape and initiative at a luncheon event where Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait visited with residents at Papa Hassan’s Grill. The Weekly dubbed it the ‘Shawarma Summit,” helping set off a media blitz as countless profile pieces followed. Jay Burress, President and CEO of Anaheim Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau, left the summit impressed. “It really has so much potential,” he said of Little Arabia at the time. “There’s a million dollars every hour spent by visitors in Orange County. We need to make sure this area is getting its share as well.”

Through a partnership with the Arab American Chamber of California, that aim is closer to becoming reality and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Throngs of summer tourists are coming into Anaheim and its surrounding areas for treks to Disneyland. For those coming into the area from the Muslim world, Ramadan is also in full effect. What better way to break a religious fast at sunset while on vacation than with an epic iftar buffet in Little Arabia?

The District is a few miles west of the Anaheim resort, but plans are being made to connect the two. “There will be a future partnership with the Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) and the Yellow Cab,” says Rida Hamida, Executive Director of the Arab American Chamber of California. “We’re actually going to get the tour bus into Brookhurst.” Taxi cab drivers can talk up the grub spots and if passengers are intrigued by what they hear, they may direct their dining destination on over to Little Arabia District.

All the Weekly faves are featured from Kareem’s Restaurant to Olive Tree. “The most important thing is to get an authentic flavor of Anaheim,” Hamida says. “No matter who they are, where they come from, no one can complain about Arabic food! It brings people together.”


 Written like a true dhimmi.

A quick search reveals “Anaheim” popping up in dozens of Creeping Sharia posts.

13 thoughts on “Anaheim: “Little Arabia” Now an Official Tourist Attraction

  1. What a great idea!! I hope they have striven for full authenticity and included the more or less obligatory stonings, beheadings and market-place explosions of suicide bombers.

    Who needs Disneyland when you can have Jihad-Land?!!

    It may not be the best of days out, but it will almost certainly be your last.

    • OMG! Amerikastan! Caliphorniastan! La la la la la la la….

      Our country cannot survive this! Talk about feeding the 1000 lb gorilla in the room! Caliphornia – land of the fruits and nuts and camel piss in your coffee!

  2. I grew up riding my bike up & down
    Brookhurst St. It was a good place
    to grow up in the 80s & for exploring
    as a kid. The people in my neighborhood
    were solid & well meaning. My childhood
    friends from OC went to the US military
    academies on 4.0 GPAs. IMO, it was a
    good model of what the American experience
    should be.

    To the stupid politicians who sold out their
    own citizens in OC & around the country:

    You are treasonous traitors. You are lower
    & scuzzier than any political leaders in the
    history of human civilization. YOU politicians
    chose to implant the US Muslim population
    ground zero in one of the most prosperous
    locations America ever had. A whole new level
    of stupid. Do you think these good ragheads
    on Brookhurst have any children wanting to
    pick up where I left off, riding my bike on Brookhurst?
    No! I don’t think so. They are not well-meaning
    people. Their race hasn’t been positive for anything
    in the past. And their race will not contribute anything
    good in the future. You know it, I know it, we all
    know it. Ya know, sometimes it’s not all about making money…FOOL! How about survival & freedom? You POLITICIANS know in your hearts that the REAL citizens deserve that before you prop up your little
    BS Arabia….or are you that stupid & soulless?

    of American citizens.

    in OC &

    • And BTW, I grew up with in a community
      of many races. And we all got along with
      each other pretty well, despite our local
      cliques. But we had freedom of conscience
      in common & we didn’t hate on people for
      their beliefs.

      You just wait until “Little Arabia” becomes
      a little bigger. Then you will see a truer face
      of their culture. A face not of progress, assimilation,
      love, tolerance, nor decency.

      • “Their CULTURE?” islam has no culture, it’s just an ever-expanding aggregation of sub-humans pushing their murderous cult world wide on to a masochistic, cowardly western populace.

        I understand your anger; I would be livid to visit my small, down-under hometown and see mudslimes walking the streets.

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