Obama begins importing Syrian Muslims to Georgia, USA

Thousands more expected, all at taxpayer expense. The future is dim America. via First refuge family from Syrian civil war resettling in Georgia | www.myajc.com. h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch

Ahmed — a Sunni Muslim who asked that his full name not be used to protect his remaining relatives in Syria — said he fled to Jordan in 2012 after militiamen aligned with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad wrongfully accused him of attacking them.

“I don’t have any positive hope for Syria, even if Bashar Al-Assad will go,” said Ahmed, 30, a bearded man who looks older than his age. “There are so many parties fighting and everything is destroyed.”

More than 162,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict so far, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in England. Millions of others have been displaced by the war, a United Nations report shows.

The International Rescue Committee has been calling on the federal government to welcome 12,000 Syrian refugees this year, plus 3,000 more next year. Only about 100 had been resettled in the U.S. as of February. But the Obama administration is expecting to begin receiving thousands of referrals from the United Nations this year to resettle Syrians in the U.S. Most are expected to begin arriving during the next two years.

The federal government provides refugees with funding that partially covers the cost of rent, furniture, food and clothing. Private contributions supplement that funding. Refugees may work in the U.S. And they are required to apply for permanent residency after a year and are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship after five years.

Tens of thousands to come, none will ever leave. All funded by U.S. taxpayers. Mass infiltration is occurring from all angles.

For those who think there’s nothing to worry about in Georgia (other than Ebola), see Georgia: An Islamic diaspora grows in Lilburn and check out the category link below.

16 thoughts on “Obama begins importing Syrian Muslims to Georgia, USA

  1. the moslems might be shooting at each other but they do that to each other. The real victims of all sects of islam are the non-moslems and those are the ones – if we are to bring them here – should be the ones we bring over. All ovomit is doing is seeding our country with the worst crap in islam. Today they wail and whine that their own aimed at them and tomorrow they will take aim because that is what islam teaches for them to do. And quite often it is the 2nd generations and on that are the ones who we see going down the path of violent jihad.

  2. he should take them in at the white house; he loves islam so much and embraces their ideology to the T. sad, sad, sad, idiots voted for him twice

  3. The Syrian Sunnis are already being protected by al-Nusra, ISIS, etc., so there’s no point to bring them here. The Shia/Alawites are protected by Assad, so ditto. They only Syrians who would be legitimate refugees are Maronite Catholics and Druze.

  4. This is so sickening at its best! The bumbling Muslim Brother HOOD in the oval office is giving arms to the ISIS in SYRIA and now wants to bring them here! Must be part of his private army that he wants to make stronger than our ARMY! Are there no more true AMERICANS in the GOVT. any more????? I now consider my time in the AIR FORCE A WASTE OF TIME with what is happening now here! Pretty soon we will all be having a camel in our garage instead of a car if this keeps up!

  5. I wouldn’t worry about Muslims in Georgia shoving their religion down people’s throats. That’s the m.o. of Protestants there. It’d be astounding for anyone but a Protestant to get elected to statewide office in Georgia.

    • You are way off. The jihad is all over the state. Sharia in most suburbs and cities. Hijabs and veils everywhere. Mosques rising up in every city. What you don’t believe is exactly what is happening.

  6. Making of the USA into an Islamic nation! These breeders of 10 wives/first cousins and 100 children will build mosques, build rape gangs, attack churches, bring burkhas, child marriages, clitorectimies, and make really nice Sharia “No Go” zones. If they come, their wars will surely follow. Expect violence, disease, hate and destruction to follow. You will change to accommodate them! Seeds of O’muslim

  7. There are many people affected by the Syrian crisis. Do not assume all are muslim! I have had many conversations with a collegue from Syria. He is a citizen with an American wife and is not muslim. When this all began, he expressed how many of his loved ones had already become victims of the civil war. He wanted the US or international community to intervene before it got out of hand. At an open panel in a college setting, however, he was told by “American experts” how he was wrong about what was happening in Syria. I watched him graciously be called a liar and turn the other cheeck. Refugees are a mixed group. I know we must be careful who we let in, but do not pre-judge them all.

  8. Why is it that with Muslims slaughtering all other religious minorities all over the world, the refugees being admitted to the US are….Muslims? I think we really are entitled to an answer.

  9. There are many Muslim nations in the world so why is it that non Muslims countries are always the places these refugees head for? Like for example, they by pass Indonesia and Malaysia to make the long hazardous journey to Australia.

  10. This message came to me concerning Damascus: ‘Look, Damascus will disappear! It will become a heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer will be deserted. Sheep will graze in the streets and lie down unafraid. There will be no one to chase them away. The fortified cities of Israel will also be destroyed, and the power of Damascus will end. The few left in Aram will share the fate of Israel’s departed glory,’ says the Lord Almighty” (Isaiah 17:1-3, NLT).

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