Nigeria: Muslim Massacre in Predominantly Christian Gwoza Kills 100

More genocide at the hands of Muslims. The world watches silently. via Massacre in Predominantly Christian Gwoza, Nigeria Said to Leave 100 Dead.

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – After weeks of sacking villages and destroying church buildings around Nigeria’s northeastern town of Gwoza, Islamic extremist group Boko Haram on Wednesday (Aug. 6) killed an estimated 100 people in the predominantly Christian town, sources said.

The shooting, fire-bombing and slashing of men, women and children in Gwoza, Borno state, as initially the military reportedly fled before an insurgent force backed by international terrorist groups, began at about 4 a.m., producing eyewitness assertions that Boko Haram, which seeks to impose sharia (Islamic law) throughout Nigeria, had taken control of the town of more than 276,000 people. Local residents reportedly said at least 100 people had been killed.

The full magnitude of the attack and the Nigerian military response was unknown as most sources have been forced to flee to Cameroon or Adamawa state, but on the initial day of the assault Pirda Tada, a Christian resident of Saha village, told Morning Star News that Boko Haram gunmen arrived in Toyota Hilux vehicles and motorcycles and attacked houses with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and fuel-bombs.

Since December, Boko Haram has also attacked in the Gwoza area the villages of Mainok, Barawa, Chinne, Arbakko, Attagara, Ngoshe, Klala, Kunde, Hembe, Gathahure, Klala, Himbe, Amuda, Agapalawa, Ashigashiya, and Chikedeh, Mbala said.

John Gula, a leader in the Christian community in Gwoza, told Morning Star News by phone that 42 Christians were killed at Attagara village; 24 in Agajara; four in Angurva; 20 in Agapalwa; one in Amuda; three in Alavawa; 13 in Chinene; three in Arboko; one in Ashigashiya; and one in Ngoshe.

It is estimated that more than 300,000 Christians have been displaced from the greater area, forcing many to flee to neighboring Cameroon.

More via Christians told to ‘fight back brutally’ against jihadists

A former military intelligence officer who served with the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, Paul Hair…told WND Nigerian Christians might have to adopt the tactics of Christians and other non-Muslims in the Central African Republic.

“They might have to fight back brutally with whatever weapons they have. They’re going to need a high desire to achieve complete victory,” he said.

“What else can the Nigerian Christians do if they don’t want to be wiped out? If the government can’t help them, and it’s increasingly questionable if it can, then what use is appealing to it? The U.S. is heavily involved in Nigeria, but the Nigerian Christians shouldn’t expect help from the United States,” Hair said.

He said the American government is allowing its dislike of the Nigerian government’s social policies to interfere with helping counter jihad.

“The heavy U.S. involvement is complicated, and there are certain things the U.S. government doesn’t like about the Nigerian government that is partially hindering whatever working relationship the two governments have. Furthermore, the current U.S. leadership has bizarre priorities in Nigeria, like [Secretary of State John] Kerry’s concerns over Nigeria’s ban on same-sex marriage,” Hair said.

WND reported last week the Obama administration was withholding intelligence from the Nigerian government because of a policy difference over same-sex marriage.

4 thoughts on “Nigeria: Muslim Massacre in Predominantly Christian Gwoza Kills 100

  1. where is the Nigerian government? they protect no one from these savages hoko baram; jonathan goodluck needs to be replaced with someone who has the balls to destroy these islam terrorists; the villages have no defense, why???????

    • the villages have no defense because they are not supposed to.It’s not in the game plan.;they are all merely pawns to be eaten by the machine.Real help will not come;this is the likely scenario.The world shadow government wants a CRUSADE OF MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS in order to solidify a New World Order based on ancient Roman Fascist practices;that is to say;OLIGARCHY enforced by Sharia -type laws and a brutal reputation in order to deter opposition .The world is being systematically Conditioned to a accept a world police state similar to old Soviet practices via KGB.SOCIALISM +SHARIA =The new and ever emerging world order of natural axis power rule;It used to be called Monarchy.All in all you are just another brick in the wall.

      • Yes, Henry, exactly. It’s the truth that flies in the face of the lies with which we’ve been carefully programmed in the U.S. from public school to mass media.

        The AP yesterday in reporting on IS stated in article conclusion: “The militants [IS] have been using US military equipment that they seized from Iraqi Army forces.”

        Of course IS troops getting U.S. military equipment was part of the plan of the de facto Muslim Obama administration and the fellow quislings he has installed to act in concert with globalist oligarchic forces in play for the long looters’ game. (Just google the president’s public figure brother Malik Obama for where his real loyalties might lie.) The U.S. has been an oligarchic target since after the U.S. Civil War when Abraham Lincoln warned against the rising threat of international corporations as an oligarchic form of unelected government contrary to American freedom. Oligarchic fascism would prove just as devastating to regular decent people. Oligarchic socialism and oligarchic communism would be similarly devastating to the masses. Basically, when human leadership puts wealth and power over people into the idol’s seat as it typically does, the people are always screwed over and often to their deaths. (Monarchy, oligarchy, same thing, forms and names change to confuse the masses — which include me of course— and cause division among those who should honor their common cause.)

        History just never gets better.

        All of the skirmishing and prevaricating and changing direction and making it appear that this or that is such and so by Obama about IS or Sharia onslaught du jour — just taqiyya tactics. Obama’s a good schemer, like Columbo the iconic TV character skilled especially in making people underestimate him.

        It’s all so predictable.

        The globalist oligarchs have covertly joined with the Islamic terrorists to do the dirty work — call it the Islamoligarchy — in their shared disdain and/or hatred for the masses of people who, if substantially reduced as a population, will leave the world’s resources for the greedy looters.

        The Islamoligarchy will change its tactics according to what the rest of the world does or does not do to call them on their conquest agenda, but their end goal remains the same — conquest of the masses of people and taking the world’s resources for themselves.

        Actions by Obama and cabal that seem marginally correct to the masses of decent people will occur only to the extent that the Islamoligarchs have to make some show of being responsive to what the masses of people in the U.S., for example, believe are Constitutional principles of freedom and personal if not religious standards of morality, for example, opposing genocide.

        As soon as the Islamoligarchs believe that they can act through their various decision matrices to kill off as many people in places where there are valuable resources as possible, they will. It might be infectious disease, EMP, limited nuclear strike, the IS army against a largely undefended U.S., orchestrated cross-continental terrorism strikes after the “hudna” (since the 4/15/13 Boston Marathon bombing) while Obama renders us more defenseless and curtails anti-terrorism intelligence operations directed to the key source (Islam and the deceptively scheming and violent directions of the Quran) as if Quakers are as likely as Muslims to become terrorists.

        There could be multiple contingency plans and scenarios for conquering the non-Muslim American people and those who aren’t well-connected to the oligarchy (i.e., conquest of about 300 million people). Whatever it takes — the Islamoligarchy is planning to implement martial law and corral huge numbers of the population into containment centers where the killings (or the deadly vaccinations, or whatever contingency under the circumstances is selected) can start.

        Think of all the despots responsible in history for killing millions of people and don’t think it cannot happen here. The difference today is that unlike WWII when the American military from the Judeo-Christian U.S. nation went to Germany to stop the Holocaust, the majority of Americans today in a vastly demographically different U.S. have been sold out by a traitorous presidential administration since 2008 and will lack any global allies to come and defend the Christians and Jews subject to genocide in the 21st century.

        Gee, that sounds grim. But I’m expecting an American genocide that will make the “young Turks” Muslim genocide against the Armenian Christians seem like nothing.

        The killing of Christians by IS in the former Syria and Iraq are the test cases to assess and extrapolate how much if any world outrage there will be at the genocide in America. (Very little global outrage currently about the IS genocide against Christians, and much of it from Bible-based Christians in the U.S. whose pastors are aware enough to let them know to exercise their conscience against genocide both against Christians by the IS and against Jews by Hamas. This has prompted Obama’s air strikes that are doing so little against IS.) Obama can, now that he’s imported Ebola to the U.S., position the propaganda to have the world quarantine against the U.S. on the false claims disseminated by UN WHO that Americans are dying from an Ebola epidemic. (That’s one possibility for how some of it might play out.)

        The Hamas war against Israel is a test case by the Islamoligarchs to show how little world outrage in 2014 there is against Islamic terrorism, instead Hamas with UN, U.S., European and propaganda press assistance waging a propaganda war for public opinion that already slanted into anti-semitism as if the world is WWII-era Nazi Germany.

        Now why aren’t I heading for the hills? There’s no longer anyplace to go where you can’t be tracked in the high-tech 2014 world. Other countries don’t accept immigrants easily; none have the unsecured borders or imported Ebola that now exist in the U.S. so why would they want Americans long term if at all?

        But as bad as the outside picture becomes, God is bigger and eternal, Jesus Christ loves and graces my being, the Holy Spirit unlike Allah comforts and holds me close. Miracles of love among people who know the real God are still happening where I live. My place in eternity is assured, even if there’s no fighting our way out of Islamoligarchy. I hope and pray the same assurance for you.

        Self-defense will be fine in response to Islamic violence when it arrives large scale, and not volunteering to be a victim. And it never hurts to speak out and write in hopes of preserving to every extent possible our Constitutional freedoms as long as we can.

        But whenever they come for us, Islamoligarchy’s enforcers (the IS or whoever by whatever name like them) are going to have much bigger guns. They just are.

        Also the U.S. law enforcement and military apparatus of the traitorous Obama administration will be behind them — or whoever are the next traitors in service to the worldly wealth and power of the conquering Islamoligarchy. Like climate change, it’s too far gone to be stopped. Like the Fukushima (what a name) disaster, it’s too far changed in the Pacific to come back. The world’s “doomsday clock” is at five minutes to midnight. [See bulletin of the atomic scientists – The problem of evil is not just Islam and jihadists. It (being an extreme form of evil invading everything) is everywhere.

        Shalom. I’ve moved to the winning side where God always is, eternal love and joy forever. It’s a good time if you’re not already right with Jesus Christ to ask Him to show you who He is, to consider inviting Him to be your Savior. (Why not try it? He will surprise you, in the good way.) It’s a good time to learn a little more about Christian end-times eschatology, to see how current events are lining up with biblical prophecy.

        Because Islam isn’t going to last forever.

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